Hillhead: A Decade of Experience and Sales Excellence

Hillhead is the UK’s biggest Quarry, Construction and Recycling Exhibition. MVIS has the honour of returning after 2 years.

Two years ago the MVIS team attended Hillhead for the first time. This provided the perfect opportunity to explore the market in greater detail. After showcasing at the event and gaining new customers, 2024 gives us the chance to return to Buxton for the next instalment of Hillhead, becoming part of the UK’s biggest Quarry Exhibition show.

Meet the Experts

After 2 years of extensive research into the quarry sector, we now know that there is a need for our Intelligent Quarry Safety Solutions such as our original VMS, CCTV and traffic management equipment. This year, our dedicated and knowledgeable team will be on hand to find the perfect solution for your quarry or landfill site. 

Who are these experts:
Commercial and Operations Director, Anne Ashman:

Bringing over a decade of experience to the Hillhead Showground, Anne was at the show two years ago. Sharing her knowledge with potential customers, ensuring they walked away from our stand well informed and ready to make a decision as to whether they will be purchasing from our friendly sales team.

Since then Anne has been able to do supply VMS to quarries around the UK and helped improve the safety on their site and improve efficiency.

R&D Manager, Tom Hooton:

The brilliant mind behind all of MVIS VMS and ITS, he is the best person possible to attend the show and answer all of those small technical problems. Tom is also a problem solver being able to take a unique problem such as a lack of signal on site for our VMS, implementing a Remote Controlled Fob so you can change VMS using pre-uploaded messages.

Tom has worked tirelessly to ensure that we are showcasing new products that have all the correct accreditations and can withstand day-to-day site conditions.

Business Development Manager, Juliette Wright:

Bringing  years of sales experience in VMS to Hillhead, Juliette is great at finding solutions to potential problems on your site and rectifying them with our products. Juliette is also well versed in customer service and is easy to talk to and can explain our products clearly and precisely.

Marketing Executive, Ben Ashman:

After 4 years at MVIS, Ben has helped put together all promotional content together for this years show. He also visited numerous sites across England giving demonstration of MVIS products to quarries. Combine this with 2 years of market research into the quarry sector and Ben is confidently able to come to Hillhead, helping customers solve their quarry traffic management issues.

What are we showcasing?

Off the back of two years extensive market research, we have been able to put a tailored selection of products together that are perfect for the quarry sector. Our line-up includes:

  • VMS-C – Trialled and tested in local Quarries, this product has proven useful to improving efficiency through traffic management on work sites.
  • Solar IP – Compound Site Security, the key words that have been making an impact across all sites, ensuring your sites have a watchful eye over them.
  • HD Compact – Small and compact to have on site with all the power and efficiency of a VMS-C.
  • Solar Barrier – Perfect for controlling traffic on site, with ANPR is inbuilt meaning you can whitelist and blacklist unwelcome visitors to site.

New Partners

As well as these amazing MVIS products, we are also delighted to be partnering with Solar Gates, Ador and Intelligent Traffic Solutions. Providing products such as:

  • Solar GatesInstaboom Go – a portable, remote controlled, and solar powered automatic stop/go board allowing traffic to be controlled in an instant.
  • AdorVehicle Activation Speed Sign – a highly efficient and cost-effective traffic calming device suitable for all types of roads. Its pole-mounted radar speed display offers excellent readability from a distance of 300 meters.
  • Intelligent Traffic Solutions LtdNissen LZA Solar Traffic Lights – Offering 2Way, 3Way and 4Way Traffic Light solutions with the option of double heads and fully integrated Pedestrian Lights of up to 4 Crossings.

Festivals and Events: Struggles and Solutions for Advertising

Of all the Sectors affected recently with economic changes, the Events Sector has been hit the hardest. 

Why Is That? 

With issues such as the ‘Cost of Living Crisis‘, people are not allocating parts of their monthly budget towards Events. Because of this, Events companies and Festivals are struggling to bring in the important revenue that can be allocated towards advertising. 

The Effect. 

Without Events budgets being allocated to advertising, they are receiving no exposure. Meaning people are not informed of events being hosted in local areas. Meaning they are relying on word of mouth and Social Media to get their message across. 

Without important Banners, Leaflets or Signage being placed on roadsides or in certain local stores, Festivals and Events are missing out on an older audience. 

Posters or Banners are also one use so is it worth designing a new banner for one use?  


The Solution: MVIS VMS. 

MVIS VMS are programmable over any length of hire or sales using the handy WebStudio Webpage. Meaning, you do not have to stay to one message, they can be programmed to have pictograms, slogans, or details on purchasing tickets or dates. 

MVIS Customer Relations team will deploy and Collect the VMS. This way Festivals and Events companies do not have to collect promotional material. It is sorted by MVIS’ Team. 

What are the other benefits of MVIS? 
  • Recognised Safety – Our products are safety solutions, being on any worksite ensures that you are practicing safety and means that you will be recognised as a safe event by customers and officials. 
  • Wayfinding – our products are not only great for advertising but for helping you find your way to parking or to specialised areas within your event. 
  • Site Security -  our ITS Product, the Solar Powered Barrier is fit with ANPR. Uploading a White/Blacklist to WebStudio ensures that only certified people are entering. Our range of CCTV also ensures a watchful eye over your site. 
  • Environmentally Friendly – All of our products are Solar Powered and refurbished in our workshop. Meaning Festival and Events organisers can shout about an environmentally safe festival. 
  • Long Battery Life – As mentioned, our products are solar powered. So our battery life spans the entirety of your Event, long or short. 
  • Cost Effective – Hiring VMS does not hurt budgets as much as is assumed. 


Hillhead: Your Complete Guide to the Quarry Exhibition Event

What is Hillhead?

Hillhead is a bi-annual exhibition event, hosted in the Hillhead Quarry in Buxton, Derbyshire.

2 years ago the team at MVIS visited the event exhibiting our Intelligent Quarry Solutions to potential new customers, breaking into a new sector.

Having experienced the event and witnessing Hillhead, this is the ultimate guide to Hillhead.

Visiting MVIS at Stand B13

No sunny Hillhead day would be complete without visiting the MVIS team at Stand B13.

This year we will be demonstrating the best of MVIS products including: the MVIS Solar IP, a range of Variable Message Signs and the all new MVIS Solar Barrier.

MVIS Staff would like to invite you to the stand for an educational demonstration of MVIS premium products

Completing your day with a smiling face and a friendly chat from our team is the best way to send you home happy. This also gives you the opportunity to learn more about MVIS ITS Solutions and see them in action.

MVIS location on the Hillhead Floorplan

Travelling to Hillhead

Being just outside of Buxton, there is a multitude of ways to get to the showground:

Route Directions

The exhibition site is 3km south of Buxton off the A515 (Ashbourne) road. For route directions to Hillhead use Google maps.

Postcode to use for SatNav systems: SK17 9PR


Free parking is available adjacent to the showground. Shuttle buses will operate on show days to and from the Registration Pavilion.

Buxton train station is 3km from the exhibition site. For details of services to and from Manchester visit National Rail Enquiries.
Things to Take

In June of 2022, Britain was in the heat of the fourth hottest summer on record, reaching heights of over 40 degrees. Meanwhile, Our Sales and R&D Team were demonstrating the MVIS products to a brand new audience at Hillhead.

As it is predicted to be another scorching event, it is imperative that while visiting the show, you bring these essentials:

  • Water – Whether you have a refillable bottle or you have a stash of plastic ones, it is important that you keep yourself and your team well hydrated. Keeping hydrated is good for refreshing yourself, keeping you muscles energised and your brain on top form.
  • Shade – if you are exhibiting it will benefit you to ensure you have a tent or stand that has plenty of shade keeping you out of the sun, doing so lowers the risk of skin cancer and quickly becoming hydrated. It also gives delegates and excuse to come and stand in the shade of your exhibition.
  • Sun cream – Being out in the sun all day will take a toll on your body, as much as it is exciting to get out of the office and into the glorious sunshine. Bringing Sun cream will be perfect for application throughout the day, assuring a lower risk of Skin Cancer and preventing Sun Burn.
  • A Bag – this is essential for carrying you Sun Cream, Bottle and Sun Hat, it is also important so you can visit the MVIS stand and pick up a brochure and some goodies to take home with you.

What Can You Do With An MVIS VMS?

The MVIS VMS is a versatile piece of equipment, made in the UK to meet UK needs.

Our VMS are commonly seen on the side of the motorway, but the potential of our VMS is endless. With a wide range of uses our VMS has many different areas of expertise and applies to many different sectors of business.

Here are just a few examples of what VMS from MVIS are suitable for: –



MVIS’ leading product is most known for being seen at the side of motorways helping the UK to achieve safer highways. MVIS provides a scalable, responsive, and cost-effective solution to the problems within the sector of traffic management.

These are but some of the perks of hiring a sign from a company such as MVIS, the VMS keeps traffic moving and the roads safe, but also with the MVIS environmental sensor you can measure the impact your scheme is having on the local area, these can be attached to any of our ITS products.

Our VMS are also equipped to tell you the length of potential travel times accordance to the work on the highways, a simple yet effective use that will affect a road users’ journey.  They will be able to adhere their journey in accordance to the lead times given to drivers to ensure they get to their destination as efficiently as possible while also keeping them informed while on the UK’s roads.

VMS-A’s are tailor made for Roads that have a speed limit of under 50, where as a VMS-C is made for those High Speed Jobs that require you to see the sign before you have passed them on A-Roads or Motorways, roads over 70MPH.



MVIS’ VMS signs are created to inform, this can be informing of upcoming traffic problems in any sector.  For example, at an airport, it’s easy to imagine that airport car parks get busy, especially around the school holidays. The solution…use one of MVIS signs, they are the perfect solution to the problem of overcrowded parking lots. It is easy to program a sign to redirect traffic to a different lot or even to express the potential wait times.

The importance of getting a message across is one of MVIS highest priorities, if an airport is in need of getting important information across to customers, such as the changing of a gate or the cancellation of a flight, why not do it at the beginning of their holiday at the entrance to the airport?



Site safety is important! As an employer, the number one priority is to keep the team safe and to look after a competent workforce, MVIS are one of the leading SME companies in prioritising the safety of their employees and the safety of their customers sites.

A VMS from MVIS is perfect for a construction site whether it be on the side of the busiest motorways or in the city centre. VMS’ can keep the area around the constructions site clear and decongested meaning constructions workers are able to perform their tasks in a distraction free but most importantly safe environment for them to be able to produce the best work possible.

All our VMS can be fitted with a radar to ensure that motorists driving around the sites are watching their speed.  If a vehicle exceeds a certain speed the VMS can display a speed roundel advising of the site speed and a message saying “SLOW DOWN” on the screen ensuring drivers adhere to the sites speed limits.



Quarry sites contribute materials for construction to a wide variety of companies across the nation.

Over time when quarries have served their use, they are transformed into Landfill sites, helping local councils eradicate their litter problems and preventing sites from overthrowing and hurting the environment.

Where does MVIS play apart in this? We are the leading company in Traffic Management on sites across the UK. Trucks will come into a site and will get stuck in Traffic waiting for one way routes to be cleared, an MVIS Intelligent LED Sign is used to direct traffic with messages such as ‘Next Truck’ or ‘Wait at the Bottom’.

We have been able to implement this across many Quarry sites and it has proven to work keeping quarry managers happy and HGV drivers safe.



Stand out from the crowd with responsive, high impact event communications.

If an event is being a planned whether it be a Festival, Sporting day, Pride, Fun Run for charity, a farmers’ market at the peak of popularity or a corporate event that the big sale relies on. There is no better way to make sure that the event goes without informing customers, hiring a sign from MVIS promotes your event.

VMS signs have many ways of being a help to any event, they can display timings of the events and when they start, allocate parking spaces for customers or even to advertise an event to make it as successful as a customer wants it to be.

With a proven track record of effective deployment and success, MVIS products have been tried and tested on some of the biggest events this country has ever seen, such as the 2012 Olympics, Brighton Pride, V Festival, Silverstone and The Grand National.



A journey to the port ready to set sail on a fantastic holiday is a nice way to spend hard earned time off work, but a port can also be an unsafe area.  Most port workers struggle to allocate traffic management and to enforce speed zones in the area to make sure that port workers are in the safest environment they can be.

Not only can MVIS ensure worker safety, but passengers setting sail on the high seas can get all the information they need such as where they need to park, where their boat is docked and how they need to get there.


Our VMS have many uses in all sectors and are adaptable to all situations.  As a result of its flexibility, It is easy to understand why a customer would want to hire a VMS from MVIS and why customers keep coming back to us for both hire & sale.

As well as award winning customer service, an MVIS VMS has all the extras and much more. As a company, MVIS has a lot to offer in accordance with safety and keeping workforces in top condition so they can continue to keep the UK running.

Hire VMS from The Best at MVIS!


See us at HAUC UK Convention 2024

HAUC UK will welcome delegates & visitors for the 2024 Convention on Thursday 18th April at Old Trafford Cricket Ground in Manchester. Over the years, they have focused each annual convention on an arching theme and a message relevant to the communities attending.

Last year they focused on the Infrastructure Race, the Safety Challenge, the Role of Data in Defining Legislation, Guidance and Delivery and the Road to Net Zero.

This year is no different, with the focus on… People, Priorities and Performance. Examining how we must work together to ensure the people in our sector have the correct training and skills to achieve the best, as safely as possible.

There is no better example of this ethos than the team at MVIS. Over 12 years, our staff have become highly trained and experienced to work on both the high speed and Local Authority networks, adhering to the strictest codes of safety and professionalism.

If you want to discover more about our extensive accreditations and memberships, make sure to visit Graeme Lee at the MVIS’ stand.

If you fancy seeing our products close up, we will have a HD Compact fitted with an Environmental Sensor showcased at the convention so you can learn more about our VMS & other Intelligent Transport Solutions for your project.

If you are heading to HAUC UK 2024 and would like to arrange a meeting with Graeme, you can avoid disappointment by emailing him at graeme@m-vis.co.uk. to book a slot prior to the event.

MVIS Team Up With AGF

MVIS have been working closely with events organisers for over a decade. With our solutions becoming a pivotal element to Festival line-ups and playing a key role in the safety of some of the biggest events this country has seen over the last 12 years, by delivering VMS (Variable Message Signs) and CCTV. Our portable, solar powered solutions having been developed by our in-house Research and Development Team.

As we continue our journey towards becoming carbon neutral, we also strive to help other businesses achieve their own targets. With the help of our Environmental Sensor, we have helped organisers monitor their impact on the environment. In keeping with our initiative to help other businesses, we have become a member of A Greener Future’. A not-for-profit organisation working to help venues and events become more sustainable and reduce environmental impacts.

Becoming a member of this group ensures that we will continue to help make Events and Venues environmentally sustainable helping companies improve their carbon footprint. Our signs are Solar Powered, and our batteries are recharged at our Hubs across the UK. As a result, there is no wastage on batteries. The relevance? We can supply our signs knowing that whilst they are on hire, they are not causing harm to the environment.

Working with a company like AGF means we can ensure that our environmentally friendly initiative can continue into new and exciting events across the UK. With our strategically located hubs up and down the UK, being a full-fledged member means we can connect with organisers of Events and helping to ensure that they are well supported in their quest to becoming carbon neutral.

2023 Review: Takeovers, Trails, Treecycles & TRUST – all to a tee (Part 2)

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s time to reflect on a landmark year for MVIS.

From sustainability initiatives to community engagement and technological advancements, not to mention a major acquisition, we have had a very significant year.

Looking back on the last 12 months, here we delve into some of the key highlights that defined our year:


July – Investing in Education and Community

Corporate Social Responsibility took centre stage in July, as MVIS paid a visit to The East Manchester Academy.

We spoke to a year 8 class about career paths and gave them a brief lesson in programming messages to display on its VMS via our web-based editing platform Web Studio.

Group Commercial & Operations Director, Anne Ashman & Marketing Manager, Ben Kettell spent the afternoon giving pupils an insight into MVIS, and the company’s journey since 2011. Both Anne & Ben then fielded questions from the group regarding everything from our technology, how to enter the industry, and how their career paths brought the duo to where they are today.


August – Cycling Championships in Glasgow

August marked a flagship event in MVIS’ history as the company provided VMS unit support for the 11-day World Cycling Championships.

The event served as a global platform for showcasing our innovative solutions and technological prowess, as well as our ability to power major international events when it comes to delivering information and aid with crowd control. With over 1 million spectators across Scotland during the event, only the very best would do.


September – Emergency Services Show

An event debut in September for us, as we exhibited at the Emergency Services show at the NEC Birmingham.

MVIS had its friendly team on hand to showcase its latest solutions for the blue-light sector, and introduced its brand-new fire sign, a product that can assess its environment and alert people to the risk of fire in the area – looking to prevent a crisis before it even happens.


October – Highways UK 2023: Shaping the Future of Transportation

Event season continued into October, as MVIS took the roadshow to Highways UK 2023. The event has become the leading exhibition across the Highways sector over the last few years.

Centre stage was our brand-new Solar Barrier with a built-in ANPR Camera, as well as some key MVIS innovations of the last 12-18 months such as the HD Compact, Compact CCTV unit, and Environmental Sensor product integration.

November – Bake Off & Charity Total 2023: Blending Fun and Philanthropy

In November, staff took part in a company bake off – its latest fundraising endeavour for Ashgate Hospice.

MVIS invited David Storer & Natalie Bell from Ashgate as guest judges. After a lot of tasting, deliberation David & Natalie crowned Jacob Spencer, MVIS’ Technical Apprentice as 2023’s Great MVIS Bake Off winner.

The competition brought MVIS’ charitable efforts for Ashgate to a close for 2023, with all initiatives throughout the year raising a whopping £14,982!


December – Road Expo Scotland

MVIS exhibited at its final exhibition of the year recently, The Road Expo Scotland event at the SEC in Glasgow and Sales Director Graeme Lee spoke to us about the company’s experience:

“We had a great time at Road Expo Scotland.” Graeme said.

“Seeing our existing customers is fantastic and it’s always exciting to make some key new connections and be able to showcase MVIS and our product range.

“It’s an important exhibition for us, as our North hub is just south of Scotland, and so we’re set up to support contracts better than ever before in terms of both geographical locations, as well as the number of units in our fleet. It’s brilliant to be bale to go and spread that message and make people aware of just how well our service is as seamless as our products for the region.”

As we reflect on the year gone by, MVIS emerges as a company that has thrived, leaving an indelible mark on the industries it serves.

With a commitment to sustainability, innovation, and community engagement, MVIS looks forward to 2024 and beyond with continued success and growth.


Read about MVIS’ monumental year and the first six months of it here.

Come and find us at Road Expo Scotland on Stand C25.

On 28th & 29th November, Road Expo Scotland welcomes MVIS Ltd as we take our place at Scotland’s only dedicated Roads & Mobility Event. Road Expo is Scotland’s largest dedicated road, transport and mobility event for Scottish Local Authorities, Government and it’s commercial suppliers.

The event takes place in Glasgow and sees the industries fellow industry big hitters get together including Kier, Markon & Transport Scotland. This will provide us with a great chance to further raise awareness of our products & presence North of the Border on the back of our involvement in the Glasgow World Cycling Championships which took place back in August.

The event provides the platform for debate and discussion around the areas of:

  • Adaptation to Climate Change
  • Future Mobility
  • Decarbonisation
  • Asset Management & Resilience
  • Road Safety
  • Delivering safer roads
  • Roadworks

Visitors to Road Expo Scotland are invited to pick up a brochure and head over to stand C25 to discuss MVIS’ capabilities, with our strategically placed hub in the North East of England which facilitates the ability to build and deliver more units for our sales & hire fleet.

Our Sales Director based at our North Hub, Graeme Lee commented:

“We’re looking forward to heading to Road Expo Scotland and seeing both our existing customers, and potentially, some new ones too. With our North hub just South of Scotland, we’re set up to support contracts better than ever before in terms of both geographical locations, as well as the number of units in our fleet”.

MVIS debuts at the Emergency Services

MVIS are proud to announce that we will be joining over 500 exhibitors at the Emergency Services & Emergency Tech Show at the NEC in Birmingham on 19th & 20th September.

10,000+ ground-breaking products are exhibited each year and our products are being added to the long list of innovations to be showcased.

Over the 2 days, exhibitors will be presenting their products and giving hands-on demonstrations to delegates, all in the interest of helping the emergency services, save more lives. Delegates will have the chance to source new equipment along with technology and training, discover new solutions to operational issues and network with colleagues as well as create new contacts in the industry.

MVIS will be at the show for the first time with our dedicated and friendly team on hand to showcase our latest solutions, perfect for the Blue Light sector.

We are introducing our brand-new fire sign, a product that can assess its environment and alert people to the risk of fire in the area.

MVIS and the Ashgate High Peak Trail.

On the 30th of April, Ashgate Hospice hosted their annual “High Peak Trail 17 Mile Sponsored Walk”, raising vital funds for the hospice.

Over the past 2 years MVIS has sponsored the walk by supplying VMS prior to the event, allowing promotion to a wider audience and also on the day to give supportive messages to the walkers undertaking the 17 miles.

Participants of the walk and the team at MVIS has helped to raise over £30,000 for the hospice.


MVIS are proud to sponsor events the Ashgate team run as they work tirelessly to give end of life care to those who need it.

David Storer at Ashgate Hospice said:

“MVIS are a pleasure to work with. They are always on hand to provide support across all of our fundraising events and go above and beyond to offer solutions that enhance our reach and help us to promote our brand across the region.

Anne and the team have provided VMS for multiple events.  The VMS have really helped to raise the awareness of Ashgate Hospice and the vital end of life care that we provide across North Derbyshire. Huge thanks to MVIS from all of us at Ashgate Hospice!”

MVIS sponsors the Ashgate High Peak Trail.

For the past 2 years MVIS has sponsored the High Peak Trail. An event taking place this year on the 12th of March, the walk takes place through our Derbyshire countryside and will follow the former Cromford and High Peak Railway. The walk is a scenic experience for all the family to enjoy.

This year, Ashgate has introduced two new routes. One that is a family friendly 3.5 miles, something that you can bring children on so you can have a day spent with family traversing the ever-stunning route, another route is the 11 mile walk and the final walk the full 17 miles. Participants meet at Cromford Meadows before being transported to the starting line.

We had the opportunity to see the trail on which walkers will be undertaking over the weekend in March.

MVIS are proud to sponsor the team over at Ashgate Hospice and are glad to always be there to assist with their events. As a company we appreciate their work and are admirable of the amount of time, effort and inclusivity they present when holding events such as the Sparkle walk or the High Peak Trail. As a company it is about teamwork and raising money for the people they look after. While also showing a strong love for the community and the county that surround their wonderful hospice.


MVIS are always proud to say that as a company we support Ashgate Hospice. Our partnership started in 2021 and since then we have managed to maintain a consistent string of charity work, participating in the Sparkle Walk to running a Bake-Off competition in aid of Ashgate Hospice.

Ashgate Hospice is a charity dedicated to providing palliative and end-of-life care, they look after those that live with life-limiting illnesses such as cancer and end-stage heart, kidney, and lung diseases. They have worked for years to ensure patients are well informed, supported and pain free.

MVIS works with Ashgate Hospice as a local charity that offers so much to local people.  The charity always takes perfect care of those who are nearing the end of their life and ensures that loved ones get to spend as much time with them, be it in the hospice or their own homes, making the last few days as comfortable and calm as possible in this type of situation. They also go on to work hard to look after families that are in grief and have lost loved ones.

MVIS visited the hospice in recent weeks and was taken on a tour around Ashgate, this benefitted our team as we could see the impact that they have on the local community, it was also beneficial for our team to see the impact us as a company have on them as a charitable organisation.

David Storer- Ashgate Hospice Events Organiser: “M-VIS are a pleasure to work with. They are always on hand to provide support across all of our fundraising events and go above and beyond to offer solutions that enhance our reach and help us to promote our brand across the region.

Anne and the team have provided VMS’s for multiple events and appeals that have really helped to raise the awareness of Ashgate Hospice and the vital end of life care that we provide across North Derbyshire. Huge thanks to M-VIS from all of us at Ashgate Hospice!”



Tree-mendous Charity Work Continues

After spending the festive period lighting up your homes and housing Santa’s gifts to you, Christmas Trees are left next to the dust bin to decompose and hurt the environment. Thanks to the team at Ashgate Hospice, they have found an innovative way to raise money for the Hospice as well as using your Christmas Trees to help the environment surrounding them. The trees are collected by volunteers and given to local farmers so they can be chipped and recycled.

A handful of the local communities pay £15 for volunteers to collect their trees, then Ashgate plan routes accordingly and send truly generous people to ensure these trees get to the farm. The same farm that will chip the trees and convert them into biomass fuel.

Last week, MVIS team members Jon Larkins and Ben Ashman took the service van and collected trees in and around Matlock. Together, they collected 29 trees helping the team to raise the equivalent of over £400 in tree collections.

This is not the first time MVIS have volunteered their time to help this ingenious idea. MVIS have worked with Ashgate for over a year now and always like to find new ground-breaking ways to help the charity from taking part in the Sparkle Walk to Car-Boot Sales.

When all the trees are collected, they are converted into biomass fuel, a known way of making use of Christmas Trees after spending the festive period making your house look bright and vibrant for the big day. Using photosynthesis trees use carbon dioxide to help them grow and flourish, but when the trees die and begin to rot, they release carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere as well as trace amounts of methane, a gas 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Biomass as a source of energy means that gas is used as energy as opposed to being lost to nature.

Ashgate Hospice have since announced that this year’s scheme has been the most successful to date and has raised a staggering £12,203.75. This money will help ensure that they can continue to provide specialist care to patients and their families across North Derbyshire. Well done to everyone who took part!