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Juliette Wright

Sales and Business Development Executive

My working background involves years of experience in sales, administration and design. I have also taught Adults and young people in Colleges. I bring with me quite a few transferable skills, communications, systems, learning product-based knowledge, working in timely environments, on my own and with a team. I aspire to develop further skills within this role as sales and customer relationships.

Working in this key sector is important to public safety and my responsibility within this is important to me. As are the environmental aspects of the products MVIS and provide to the marketplace.

The Companies’ integration of technology keeps the business agile within a competitive market. This sector is a new chapter for me, it is interesting to see how some aspects of sales are very similar, and other parts are completely different. Working with this dynamic and supportive team at MVIS excites me and will push me forward in a commercial market.

In my own time I enjoy yoga once or twice a week – it reminds me I am connected to my body; I am no expert; I enjoy the challenge and social side of class lead work.

I also enjoy dabbling in DIY, making objects and jewellery in precious and non-precious metals from time to time, it gives me pleasure and a sense of achievement. I love cooking, it gives me the opportunity to really get creative and I enjoy eating the results.

Every now and then I get involved in arts projects. Nocturnal Rainbows and Derwent Pulse most relate to my current job role, LED lights, over 250 units which I soldered up and helped put the units together.

My friends, long chats and laughter are an important aspect of my world, they keep me grounded.

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Juliette Wright