Team Members

Ben Ashman

Data Assistant

Joining the MVIS Sales and Marketing team in late 2020, I was appointed the role of Data Assistant. A role that has undoubtedly built my data managing skills to no end. Working with the Sales and Marketing department to help push our products out to new customers is a fulfilling role and helps me learn skills including problem solving and working on Excel Spreadsheets.

In my free time, I like to watch and analyse films in detail and depth, go to the pub and socialise with friends, and play and upgrade my PC. I also like to work on set for filming and create stop motion animations from my room, I find the slow process of animating to be a great way to switch my brain off and let my mind wind down. Then looking back on my work and editing and feeling the sense of accomplishment when I have finished my work. There is nothing like finishing a long project to make yourself feel happy.

Outside of work, I am studying BA (Hons) Film Production at the University of Derby. Where I intend to become a Director after my course is over. I currently live at home and travel in so I can do work from the office in Tansley.

Ben Ashman