ITS Products

Hire Solar Intelligent Platform

Take a flexible approach.

Hire Solar Intelligent Platform (IP) from MVIS for a flexible and responsive approach to your traffic or event management project. Simple and cost-effective to deploy it requires no civils or external communications.

MVIS will deliver an integrated intelligent transport system (ITS) solution that meets your specific needs using Solar IP and any combination of VMS, ANPR, CCTV, radar or contactless sensor. If things change, Solar IP can be quickly and easily reconfigured.

Offering a versatile trailer-based and solar powered ‘power bank’, this unit can be integrated with other technologies, granting them portability.

Key Features

  • Mobile
  • Flexible
  • Solar powered
  • Energy independent
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Silent
  • Cost effective
  • Easily deployed

Technical Specifications


  • Length (overall): 3000mm
  • Width (operating position): 1760mm
  • Height (travel position): 2500mm
  • Height (max operating position): 6600mm
  • Weight: 690kg


  • Voltage: 12V, 24V, 48V
  • Solar panels: 2 x 250W panels
  • Operation: Batteries / solar