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Portable Solar Powered Site & Compound CCTV

Our latest innovation is the perfect partner for Site & Compound Security. This clever solar powered solution protects your compound with motion detection and alerts 24/7 with Night Vision technology.


The Invictus Hybrid CCTV camera requires no collaboration and can be tailored to:

  • Detect Objects of Specific Sizes – Set your own minimum & maximum sizes. 
  • Detect Objects’ Shapes – Users can choose to ignore wide objects (e.g. vehicles, but can detect tall objects (e.g. people)
  • Set your region of interest – Only detect movement within certain parameters.

This clever camera continually learns the background of a scene including moving foliage and changes in lighting conditions, ensuring that only objects moving through the scene trigger an alert.


Key Features

• Invictus ULTRA 32:1
• HYBRID 1080p
• Flat, toughened glass window
• ULTRA low Light
• Built-in camera lens wiper
• Presets, tours and privacy masking
• IR