Compact Portable CCTV Solution

MVIS’ latest product integrates wire-free Portable CCTV with our solar powered ‘Compact’ base, offering increased portability and a reduced footprint compared to other solutions.

Portable CCTV

This outdoor surveillance camera boasts an ultra-wide viewing angle of 355° pan & 140° tilt and connects through Vodafone 4G. Offering 1080p HD at 15 frames per second and a 6x Digital Zoom, this camera performs well for a range of applications, made even more impressive by the 10m Night Vision range.

Its PIR (passive infrared) detection distance is up to 10m too and when combined with the 90° Horizontal PIR detecting angle, this camera is a highly capable solution for security, monitoring work zones and anything else that requires an outdoor HD camera.

Ideal for:

  • Security
  • Queue management
  • Site safety


Solar Powered Compact Base

When combined with our solar powered compact base, the applications of the CCTV camera are much more enhanced. Offering a small footprint, this unit can be deployed in many locations where competing solutions can’t be, enabling you to have eyes on the ground in places where it may be dangerous or where there is limited space.

Being solar powered makes the unit even more versatile, preventing the need for an external power source and offering extended run times in recommended conditions. Our compact base offers the camera not only portability, but also a 3M mast, allowing users excellent visibility when used in conjunction with the camera’s pan, tilt and zoom functions.

With hidden cabling, this unit is secured against vandalism or accidental damage and can be easily moved to the client’s requirements.

Key Benefits

  • 1080p full HD, Starlight CMOS Image Sensor, IP65 weatherproof camera
  • Unit security features: GPS tracked and padlock covers
  • Operate products remotely via web based or mobile based platforms
  • Real-time alerts
  • Portable, solar powered compact base
  • 24/7 support
  • National coverage, allowing for quick deployment

The 5 reasons High-Speed expertise provides a safer, more efficient road network

MVIS prides itself on keeping Britain moving.

From major motorways and A-roads to inner-city and urban environments, MVIS has developed a reputation for both quality products and outstanding service.

Often working in collaboration with Highways England, MVIS has become a trusted asset when it comes to the delivery of safe, efficient VMS and ITS products and solutions onto the UK’s roads.

As the company has continued to deliver and further its stellar reputation, MVIS has become more involved in the preparation phase of major schemes.

The company provides expert consultation for key upgrades in relation to the VMS and ITS elements of works, including where units will be positioned, how many are needed and how to make the most of the allocated units to provide maximum efficiency in relation to traffic flow, whilst also delivering the optimum level of safety for the road user.


Focusing on the high-speed road network, here are 5 reasons why MVIS is the choice for any high-speed scheme of work:

  1. Expertise & Longevity

MVIS has extensive high-speed knowledge dating back to 2012 and its first schemes on the M4 and M5.

MVIS has provided VMS units to a number of high-profile, high-speed schemes ever since. These schemes include:

  • M1 J16-J19, J23a-J25, J28-J35a, J39-J42
  • MSM M60
  • M27 J4-J11
  • M62 J10-J12
  • M20 SMP
  • M23
  • Oldbury Viaduct
  • A14 IDT

2. ISO accreditations

When deciding on who to deliver a key scheme, quality needs to shine through.

Buying into ‘Aim for Zero’ MVIS has had zero incidents of near-misses or injury in its 8-year history, and that exemplary record can be attributed to an attitude towards safety and quality that is ingrained within the company.

This ethos is rubber-stamped with a number of ISO accreditations that leave no doubt as to what you’re getting when you bring MVIS into a job and onto a scheme.

The company ISO accreditations include ISO45001: Occupational Health & Safety, ISO9001: Quality Management Systems, as well as ISO14001: Environmental Management Systems.

3. Training for on-site work

The MVIS approach to training is continuous and has a number of key elements:

  • MVIS staff fully trained as hiab and slinger signalers for delivery, installation and removal.
  • Fully health and safety trained staff. Internally, MVIS has a programme of Health and Safety training that is ongoing for every operative, in addition to externally completed health and safety training to ensure quality across the board.
  • CSCS: Depending on their role on site, MVIS workforce is all on site with the appropriate and relevant CSCS card. Even the management team are CSCS qualified so they can visit the site to carry out essential auditing.

4. Fleet size

The MVIS fleet size supporting their high-speed capabilities is vast, with 192 of their VMS-C units currently in the fleet.

Due to current demand, another 30 are to be added by the end of Jan 2020.

5. Solar IP unit

The Solar IP supports MVIS’ high-speed operation by providing an environmentally friendly ITS solution.

The versatility of the Solar IP makes it perfect for high-speed work, using Solar IP and any combination of VMS, ANPR, CCTV, radar or contactless sensor. If things change, Solar IP can be quickly and easily reconfigured to meet the immediate requirement.

Trust MVIS

With such expertise, accredited quality, as well as in-depth training, a vast fleet and a versatile product range – why wouldn’t MVIS get the call?

Planning for 2019

With MVIS’ portfolio of innovative products and ITS solutions, you can ensure that both road users and workers remain well informed and safe throughout the period of works.

Timely Communications

When you know works are scheduled in, it’s important to make sure you have your signs ready in advance with clear messaging. However, we know that traffic situations are often unpredictable and can change within minutes.  

Our WebStudio™ Technology and BartcoLive™ app allow you to update your messages in real-time as traffic situations change. This ensures road users are well informed, reducing driver frustration and keeping traffic moving smoothly.

Signs and Instructions

But it’s not just road users who benefit from accurate signage and timely communications. Such measures are also crucial for your workforce to keep vehicles moving at a safe speed and promote safety information.

MVIS’ HD Compact VMS is the first temporary VMS designed for use within work zones to improve safety. Small and light, the HD Compact VMS can be easily moved into place and is the perfect size for displaying speed limits and safety access information.

More than Highways Management

We don’t just supply mobile visual message signs, we offer CCTV solutions and our close partnership with Wavetronix allows us to support clients in need permanent ITS installations with reliable data and improved road efficiency. It’s not just about Highways management – we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise within the team here at MVIS. Our dedicated team take the time to work closely with your business and really understand the needs of your projects. What’s more, our dedicated team offer 24/7 support throughout your project to ensure your units continue to provide reliable, high quality performance with accurate messaging.

So whether you’re in construction, events, or retail planning, you can TRUST MVIS to deliver high quality, proven and reliable solutions to keep your industry moving.

MVIS in 2019

After the success of 2018, we have a very exciting year coming up in 2019 here at MVIS. Last year we welcomed new talent to the team at MVIS and celebrated the success and progression of our Apprentices though promotions and awards and this year we hope to welcome even more.

We’ll also be attending a number of events and exhibitions throughout 2019, starting with Traffex from 2nd – 4th April. If you’re heading down to the event, make sure you pop by and say hello. We’re on stand G025 and our team will be on hand to showcase our latest products and answer any questions.

Make sure you keep an eye on our Twitter account @mvisltd and blog to keep up to date with what we’re getting up to.

To see how MVIS can help you planning for the year ahead, get in touch with our friendly team on 01629 580 570 or email us

CCTV and VMS: A Perfect Partnership In Road Safety

Traffic managers and local authorities have a responsibility to help keep our roads safe and one of the best ways to keep accidents to a minimum is to present clear and up-to-date information to road users. Find out how our CCTV and VMS technology helps to keep roads safe.

Despite Highways England commitment to reducing the number of people killed or injured while working on our roads to as close as possible to zero by 2040, ‘over the past 10 years, workers have been injured by motorists on more than 50 occasions….’ and ‘12 road workers, including two traffic officers, have lost their lives’. 

We appreciate it’s not always an easy job to keep traffic moving safely and driver frustration to a minimum, but with our innovative CCTV and VMS technology, traffic managers are able to respond quickly to changes in congestion on the roads and display this information to road users. Keeping drivers well informed is crucial in helping to keep roads safe.

Used across a wide range of applications in different industries, CCTV can be especially effective with regards to traffic management. Road users who are aware that their actions could be caught on camera, are more likely to avoid driving too fast or recklessly, reducing the potential for accidents. Furthermore, the nature of the information collected via CCTV, especially when used in conjunction with other technologies such as automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), can effectively help to prevent and respond to accidents.

Where CCTV can be used

  • emergency roadworks
  • planned maintenance
  • temporary speed restrictions
  • school zones
  • parking management
  • event traffic management

Our VMS units enable traffic managers to effectively update information displayed to road users in real-time, to help keep drivers informed, warn of any upcoming issues and keep congestion moving smoothly.

Benefits of VMS

  • Precision control of communications helps keep traffic moving and people safe
  • High visual impact (especially if a colour matrix VMS used)
  • Can be remotely updated e.g. to show speed restrictions at peak times
  • Flexible and lightweight: they can easily be moved
  • Reliable in all weather conditions
  • Solar-powered and environmentally friendly

All our VMS and CCTV units can also be used in conjunction with our innovative WebStudio™ technology, which allows traffic managers to update their messaging instantaneously on any Wi-Fi enabled device.

Not only are our CCTV and VMS units impactful when used individually, when used together they make the perfect partnership in helping improve the safety of our roads.

See why our customers continue to trust MVIS: “No infrastructure development initiative of this scale will be without any disruption, but we’re pleased to say that so far, not only have we received relatively few calls from road users, but we’ve had some extremely positive feedback from people about the effectiveness of the system.” – Nottingham City Council

If you’d like to know more our about innovative CCTV and VMS units, or are interested in hiring them for your traffic management operation, call our friendly team on 01629 580570 or email us

*  published 4th April 2017.

Make MVIS a headliner at your event

With summer well under way, and outdoor events seemingly around every corner, the safety and enjoyment of both visitors and employees is paramount to a successful event. So, whether it’s a summer festival, sporting event or even a Christmas Markets, MVIS deliver flexible solutions that allow event managers to provide information and respond to event changes effectively and in an instant.

With our innovative VMS and CCTV technology, you can provide fast, high impact communications to ensure the safety and enjoyment of your visitors.

Our Variable Message Signs (VMS) present clear information from event schedules, car parking information, safety information, road closures and opening times, as well as the ability to display pictograms useful for sponsors and advertisements. This ensures that visitors remain safe and have a positive experience of the event.

Solar-powered and portable, our VMS units avoid costly ground works and can easily be moved across sites to areas where messaging is needed most. What’s more, our VMS units can be easily updated through any Apple device, to provide real-time updates for any changes to information. 

Furthermore, our CCTV technology is an effective way for event managers and security teams to monitor crowds, assessing crowd numbers, movement and behaviour, to ensure the continued safety of attendees. CCTV enables potential problems to be identified and dealt with before they escalate.

Unlike traditional static CCTV cameras, our Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) CCTV systems uses the latest technology to enable event managers to manoeuvre the camera to focus on specific areas, and when combined with our innovative Web Studio™ technology, CCTV footage can be viewed from any laptop, tablet or smart phone, ensuring that critical safety information can be accessed by those who need it.

Looking to hire CCTV and VMS units at your event? Get in touch with our expert team today on 01629 580570 or email to find out how we can help you.

Hire Solar Intelligent Platform

Hire Solar Intelligent Platform (IP) from MVIS for a flexible and responsive approach to your traffic or event management project. Simple and cost-effective to deploy it requires no civils or external communications.

MVIS will deliver an integrated intelligent transport system (ITS) solution that meets your specific needs using Solar IP and any combination of VMS, ANPR, CCTV, radar or contactless sensor. If things change, a Solar Intelligent Platform can be quickly and easily reconfigured.

A Solar Intelligent Platform Offers a versatile trailer-based and solar powered ‘power bank’, this unit can be integrated with other technologies, granting them portability.

Intelligent transport system (ITS) solutions providing event support

As a leading provider of intelligent transport system (ITS) solutions, which are an innovative and cost effective event management tool, MVIS will be attending the Event Buyers Live event in January 2014.

During the event,  on 30th & 31st January 2014 in Marlow, MVIS will be showcasing our range of intelligent transport system (ITS) solutions which can be used to ensure event traffic flows smoothly, events are adequately lighted and visitors have up to date information whilst also saving on manpower costs.

MVIS supplies VMS solutions which can relay traffic news and warnings to motorists – vital for ensuring a constant and healthy flow of traffic around an event site. They can be updated remotely and feature a five colour matrix which allows the user to display information in red, white, green and blue as well as the standard amber. In addition to the five colour functionality, the VMS are also able to display Chapter 8/ MS4 style pictograms  in addition to text. This feature, in MVIS’ experience, facilitates a rapid response from drivers – even foreign motorists who may well be unable to understand text.

MVIS has previously supplied Transport for London with what is believed to be the largest single deployment of solar powered variable message signs (VMS) in the world for use during the London 2012 Olympics. Almost 200 units were installed and used to enable athletes and officials to travel safely and efficiently between the venues and their accommodation.

The VMS’ multi-coloured display and the facility to update the signs remotely also makes them an effective event advertising tool. They can be used to promote services which are available at an event or to give the latest ticketing information. Recently, MVIS supplied two VMS-C to Wembley Stadium where they were used to give ticket information to fans at two England football internationals.

Other intelligent transport system (ITS) solutions which can be used to ensure effective event management include the CCTV and ANPR cameras MVIS provide. Both of these camera units can be used to monitor traffic flow and knowing how traffic is building up on a site allows the user to direct traffic quickly and accurately onto routes which will prevent standing traffic.

Adequate lighting is a vital element of ensuring an event is safe and secure. MIVS supplies Solaris 6K LED lighting towers which replace the need for halogen or fluorescent sources and emit large expanses of white, shadow free light. They are capable of running for extended use times and provide great savings on CO2 emissions.

All of the intelligent transport system (ITS) solutions provided by MVIS can fitted on a Solar 2012 Multi-Use Trailer Platform, which makes the products portable and available for use wherever they are required, at short notice.

To discuss intelligent transport system (ITS) solutions for event management purposes with MVIS, contact us on 01629 580 570.

VMS: intelligent transport system (ITS) solution for cycling crisis?

A proliferation of horrific media reports of cyclist deaths in UK cities is ensuring that the issue of cyclist safety is one of the highest profile issues currently facing the country’s transport bosses.

Keen to help highways managers promote the safety of cyclists and indeed all road users, intelligent transport system (ITS) solutions provider Mobile Visual Information Systems (MVIS), is championing the potential of temporary variable message signs (VMS).

Temporary VMS can be rapidly deployed to highlight the location of accident hot-spots, warning cyclists and motorists of the need to navigate these areas with extra vigilance. Safety messages can be intermittently featured on temporary VMS, whatever their position and prime function, ensuring that road users everywhere are reminded to cycle and drive with caution. As the country’s network of cycling lanes expands, the temporary signs can also be used to help safely manage traffic around the subsequent roadworks.

MVIS believes that the VMS signs of greatest safety potential are five colour matrix signs, which feature red, green, blue and white in addition to standard amber, as the resulting displays are of particularly high impact and so facilitate rapid road user response.

The intelligent transport system (ITS) company is also an advocate of Chapter 8/MS4 style pictograms, as its experience suggests that conspicuous coloured images are interpreted with particular speed, including foreign road users who are not always able to understand text.

Said the operations director of MVIS, Steve Young, whose intelligent transport system (ITS) company rapidly deploys its five colour matrix signs via a nationwide network of 14 depots:  “Cycling is an increasingly popular mode of transport so  the issue of cyclist safety as well as that of motorists will not go away.

“As MPs and transport bosses across the country consider ways to fund and develop a safer road network, MVIS is promoting to the sector the immediate, flexible and cost-effective potential of the best temporary VMS.

“Not only can they be quickly deployed, but their high impact visuals are spotted by cyclists and motorists and responded to with speed.

“Yes it’s going to take a long time and a lot of money, not to mention a great deal of political will and high-level discussion, before the UK’s road network is as safe as those of some of its European counterparts, but temporary VMS can be used to great effect now to help improve safety in the short term.”

MVIS recently installed 10 VMS-Cs during A-One+’s northbound refurbishment of the A1 western bypass between Newcastle and Gateshead.  Featuring a display that was remotely switched from speed roundels to three colour pictograms in the event of standing traffic, A-one+ credits the VMS with ensuring zero standing-traffic related incidents during their six week installation. When the company undertook an identical project on the southbound carriageway in 2009, using fixed frame signs, there were several such incidents.

MVIS’ product portfolio includes a wide range of intelligent transport system (ITS) solutions in addition to VMS, including ANPR, CCTV and radar and clients include Transport for London, Balfour Beatty, the Metropolitan Police and numerous events organisations.




MVIS’ VMS to be used for England crowd control and ticket sales

As a market leading distributor of Intelligent Transport System (ITS) solutions, MVIS is delighted by the news that variable message signs (VMS), provided by MVIS, are to be used during the upcoming England football international friendlies at Wembley Stadium.

MVIS is supplying two VMS-C solutions for use as part of crowd control and ticket sales efforts taking place for the England versus Chile fixture on Friday 15th November and the England versus Germany fixture on Tuesday 19th November.

The VMS-C that MVIS supply are stationed at depots nationwide so that they can be rapidly deployed to wherever they are required. VMS-C is an intelligent transport system (ITS) solution which is designed to be versatile, easy to setup and operate and is reliable under all conditions.

The messages can be controlled by SMS and the VMS-C is ideal for giving crowds information as it offers a variety of onscreen colour options.  The choice  of using red, green, blue and white as well as the standard amber, ensures that the VMS-C is visible and conspicious even in large crowds – making it a perfect intelligent transport system (ITS) solution for events such as the one at Wembley.

The VMS-C is also to be used in a ticket sales advertising role before the two England internationals at Wembley. The portable nature of this intelligent transport system (ITS) solution, means that it can be located in prime spots where crowds will be gathered – maximising the chance of extra ticket sales. With an array of colours, the VMS-C always attracts attention and can be used to display ticket sales information in a simple, clean manner and as the display is changeable, information can be altered as the ticket sales situation develops.

As a market leader in intelligent transport system (ITS) solutions, MVIS is well placed to provide crowd control, ticket sales and other event management products – including CCTV and ANPR. Contact MVIS on 01629 580 570.


Zero “shunt rate” for A-one+ thanks to MVIS’ VMS

As a leading temporary intelligent transport system (ITS) solutions provider, MVIS was delighted by the recent news that thanks to the use of a variable message sign (VMS) system, provided by MVIS, during the recent A1 refurbishment there was zero standing traffic related incidents.

The northbound refurbishment on the A1 between Newcastle and Gateshead was carried out by A-one+ and the company firmly believes that the result of no standing traffic related incidents was achieved thanks to the VMS package provided by intelligent transport system (ITS) solutions provider MVIS.

From July through to August, 10 VMS-C variable message signs were operational. The VMS-C is an innovative intelligent transport system (ITS) solution that features a changeable display, like all MVIS’ VMS they are now available through a nationwide network of depots – meaning they can be rapidly deployed to where they are required. In this instance the signs switched between showing speed roundels and three colour Chapter 8/MS4 style pictograms in the event of standing traffic caused by lane closures. The highly conspicuous display on the MVIS supplied VMS was easily spotted by motorists who reacted accordingly.

A-One+ had high praise for the VMS and the highly visible pictograms they display, especially as when they carried out an identical project on the southbound carriage in 2009, using fixed frame signs, there were several standing traffic related incidents. These were avoided thanks to the visibility of the intelligent transport system (ITS) solutions provided by MVIS.

Speaking about the VMS supplied by MVIS, A-one+ incident manager of operations, Ian Lee said:

“Not only did MVIS’ VMS facilitate a rapid message change in response to the quickly changing traffic situation, but the high visibility of the three colour pictograms engendered an instant motorist reaction, promoting the safety of road workers, police and motorists alike.

“Without a doubt, the zero shunt rate during this year’s refurbishment works was the result of the deployment of MVIS’ VMS signs, with their market-leading software technology.”

MVIS managing director, Pat Musgrave added: “MVIS has long-championed the health and safety benefits of its VMS, and is pleased to have been able to demonstrate these to the advantage of the A-one+ project.”

MVIS has a wide range of intelligent transport system (ITS) solutions which includes ANPR, CCTV and radar. To discuss ITS Solutions, you can contact MVIS on 01629 580 570.


Musgrave takes the helm of MVIS

Pat Musgrave formally took the helm as Managing Director of MVIS from the 1st October after Tony Price stepped down to embark on the next stage of his career.

Pat Musgrave says, “As a Director and shareholder of MVIS since its inception, I’m proud to take on the position as MD to continue its growth. Many will know me as MD of P&D Specialist Services with over 25 year’s in the industry. I have a fantastic management team behind me, who know our business and our customers inside and out. Let me introduce you to the team…

Dave Musgrave, Operations Director for P&D Specialist Services and a Director and shareholder of MVIS will continue to give operational support to MVIS.

Steve Young, Operations Director and shareholder of MVIS will continue to support our valued customers in London and the South.

I’m delighted to announce that Anne Ashman, formally our Office and Finance Manager has been promoted to General Manager. Based out of our head office in Matlock she is our main point of contact for customers to discuss invoices, hire, service and operations.

Graeme Lee, our Sales Manager will continue to be our main point of contact for sales enquiries and travels the length and breadth of the UK.

Matt Felce, our Technical Manager, completes the MVIS management team. Matt has further developed our portable solar powered ANPR, CCTV and Radar 2012 systems and is always on hand for technical support for our customers.

P&D Specialist Services and MVIS will continue to be be run as separate entities but under the P&D (Holdings Company) umbrella. This means we can offer even better service for all our customers, sharing best practice and resources when appropriate.

This is an exciting time for the development of both companies and I would like to thank all of our customers and colleagues in the industry for the kind messages of support since taking over as Managing Director of MVIS. We look forward to continued success with you all.”


Pat Musgrave
Managing Director
P&D Specialist Services Ltd and MVIS Ltd

Intelligent transport system (ITS) provider MVIS in great shape

Leading temporary intelligent transport system (ITS) solutions provider MVIS was formed in 2012, when Colour Mobile VMS, established three years earlier, was joined by P&D Specialist Services  to create the new company.

Colour Mobile VMS had become the first intelligent transport system (ITS) company in the UK to supply colour solar powered mobile variable message signs (VMS), manufactured by Bartco Traffic Equipment, to the UK traffic management, events and advertising sectors.

Colour Mobile’s union with P&D followed a joint venture between the companies to deliver the Olympic Route Network intelligent transport system (ITS) contract for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. In what was believed to be the largest single deployment of solar powered VMS in the world, the joint venture supplied almost 200 units.

MVIS’ product portfolio now includes a wide range of intelligent transport system (ITS) solutions in addition to VMS, including ANPR, CCTV, radar and lighting, and clients include Transport for London, Balfour Beatty, A-one+, the Metropolitan Police and numerous events organisations.

The company began 2013 with the launch of a series of new intelligent transport system (ITS) solutions, including a portable solar powered journey time solution (SPJTS) and the Solar 2012 multi-use trailer platform, the only product on the market facilitating the mounting of multiple products on a single, solar powered, mobile platform.

The company in excellent shape for the next stage in its development.