Hillhead Show: Solar-Powered Solutions for the Quarry Industry

2 years ago, MVIS first attended the Hillhead Exhibition Show. Since then we have been doing market research into the quarry sector, ensuring the products we exhibited were right for you. Giving us one of our most successful trade shows to date.  

Why did it prove so successful?

When we visited the Hillhead show two years ago, we were unsure as to what the needs of the quarry industry were, realising that our products had a use but were not solving a problem. Over the 2 years of research, we were able to pinpoint any unsolved problems that the quarry industry may have with their traffic management, meaning we were able to help rectify them.

We are certain that the products showcased are perfect for sites as they are robust, portable and solar powered. Delegates also assured us how appropriate our products are as they were open to sharing interest in our products.

Especially one of our newest Solutions. The Vehicle Activated Speed Sign (VASS), During Hillhead we have been monitoring the speed of people coming past our sign, some of them sharing in the fun and seeing how fast they could go, reaching speeds of 10-15MPH at full sprint. But this Speed Sign is clearly not designed to see the speed of people at trade shows.

It was purpose made to monitor speeds of vehicles and alert sites to people who are speeding with the in-built ANPR Camera. Allowing the Quarry team to produce a report to give the drivers a warning, also capturing serial speeding vehicles and drivers.

Having time to prepare and research has ensured we have been able to take products that are going to help keep the quarry industry safe.

Another of our new innovations which proved incredibly popular was our Solar Powered Barrier. This clever solution provides quarry owners with a robust security solution complete with ANPR activation, to not only improve safety in quarries but also enhance productivity. With solar and battery power, the barrier is able to perform up to 900 operations per day.

Hillhead Show: Solar-Powered Solutions for the Quarry Industry

A Show of MVIS Firsts

New Partners

This year at Hillhead we have welcomed new partners onto our stand. Intelligent Traffic Solutions (ITS), integrating their traffic lights with the new MVIS Solar Barrier and Solar Gates with their Stop-Go remote controlled system.

Ben’s First Hillhead

It is also the first Hillhead Exhibition for Marketing Executive, Ben Ashman, who has been able to walk around the show looking into potential future products, how our competitors have done on their stands and gaining important intel into the quarry sector.
Having never done the show before but hosting at the NEC Ben had this to say:

“This show is unlike anything I have ever seen; I am used to the NEC or other indoor settings. It has been refreshing to do an exhibition outside and all of the people within the sector are so friendly. All of them have been happy to give me intel as to what they need for their quarries, construction and recycling sites. The people I have met have been open books and happy to advise on what is needed. There is no better way to do market research than getting stuck in”

Scott’s First MVIS Show

This year we have had the honour of hosting our new Group CEO, Scott Paton. Scott visited us to meet potential new customers and experience what an MVIS show is all about. Showing him our purpose for these shows: Market Research, Talking to customers, new and existing, and getting our presence into new sectors. Also being there to over-see the integration of the new products and make himself known as the new Group CEO of a growing Intelligent Quarry Solutions company.

To Conclude

MVIS have had yet another successful trip to the Hillhead Exhibition show, ensuring that we are moving in the right direction with the quarry industry. As opposed to shoehorning products in that have no need.

We have been happy to introduce new partners and staff onto the stand at the show seeing if there is a need for VMS in this sector.

The team are already eager to return to Hillhead. Bringing more Ice Scrapers next time!