Safety Hub

Safety is what we do here at MVIS. Every aspect of our works is carried and presented in the safest way possible in order to support not only the public but our own incredible work force who share our values in the safety knowledge and advice that we so strongly adhere to. Safety isn’t just about being aware of our surroundings. All of our products are developed with reducing their carbon footprint in mind which is why we use tilting solar panels, portable units which fit on our multi loadable flatbeds and provide our team with in house training to increase their knowledge on environmental, mental and social responsibility both in and out of our working hours.

In order to strive and become the successful business that we are today, we believe that it is our duty to help and support the people and businesses in our local community as much are we are able to. We frequently take part in out-of-work activities, provide sponsorship as and when possible and provide in-house training in order to keep all of our team safe.

Safety is the very nature of what we are here at MVIS, with our employees and the general public being one of our main priorities. All of our products and solutions are designed with this very nature in mind, to help bring safety to the UK`s road networks, for festivals and events and for emergency situations where knowledge is key.

We boast about safety being the foundations which our companies are built on. We believe that our voice and actions towards safety both internally and externally is a socially responsible priority that we emphasise. From taking risk assessments to training our team to provide safety messaging, our goal is to Keep Britain Moving and we wouldn’t be able to do this if we were cutting corners. We encourage all of our staff members to attend our training courses and exercises which are held by management so that we can always be aware of the up to date safety precautions, measurements and protocols in order to keep each other and the public safe. As a result of this, we are able to boast one of the industry’s best trained workforces in the UK and will continue to support the training and development of our team without limit to their growth.