Festivals and Events: Struggles and Solutions for Advertising

Of all the Sectors affected recently with economic changes, the Events Sector has been hit the hardest. 

Why Is That? 

With issues such as the ‘Cost of Living Crisis‘, people are not allocating parts of their monthly budget towards Events. Because of this, Events companies and Festivals are struggling to bring in the important revenue that can be allocated towards advertising. 

The Effect. 

Without Events budgets being allocated to advertising, they are receiving no exposure. Meaning people are not informed of events being hosted in local areas. Meaning they are relying on word of mouth and Social Media to get their message across. 

Without important Banners, Leaflets or Signage being placed on roadsides or in certain local stores, Festivals and Events are missing out on an older audience. 

Posters or Banners are also one use so is it worth designing a new banner for one use?  


The Solution: MVIS VMS. 

MVIS VMS are programmable over any length of hire or sales using the handy WebStudio Webpage. Meaning, you do not have to stay to one message, they can be programmed to have pictograms, slogans, or details on purchasing tickets or dates. 

MVIS Customer Relations team will deploy and Collect the VMS. This way Festivals and Events companies do not have to collect promotional material. It is sorted by MVIS’ Team. 

What are the other benefits of MVIS? 
  • Recognised Safety – Our products are safety solutions, being on any worksite ensures that you are practicing safety and means that you will be recognised as a safe event by customers and officials. 
  • Wayfinding – our products are not only great for advertising but for helping you find your way to parking or to specialised areas within your event. 
  • Site Security -  our ITS Product, the Solar Powered Barrier is fit with ANPR. Uploading a White/Blacklist to WebStudio ensures that only certified people are entering. Our range of CCTV also ensures a watchful eye over your site. 
  • Environmentally Friendly – All of our products are Solar Powered and refurbished in our workshop. Meaning Festival and Events organisers can shout about an environmentally safe festival. 
  • Long Battery Life – As mentioned, our products are solar powered. So our battery life spans the entirety of your Event, long or short. 
  • Cost Effective – Hiring VMS does not hurt budgets as much as is assumed.