MVIS Team Up With AGF

MVIS have been working closely with events organisers for over a decade. With our solutions becoming a pivotal element to Festival line-ups and playing a key role in the safety of some of the biggest events this country has seen over the last 12 years, by delivering VMS (Variable Message Signs) and CCTV. Our portable, solar powered solutions having been developed by our in-house Research and Development Team.

As we continue our journey towards becoming carbon neutral, we also strive to help other businesses achieve their own targets. With the help of our Environmental Sensor, we have helped organisers monitor their impact on the environment. In keeping with our initiative to help other businesses, we have become a member of A Greener Future’. A not-for-profit organisation working to help venues and events become more sustainable and reduce environmental impacts.

Becoming a member of this group ensures that we will continue to help make Events and Venues environmentally sustainable helping companies improve their carbon footprint. Our signs are Solar Powered, and our batteries are recharged at our Hubs across the UK. As a result, there is no wastage on batteries. The relevance? We can supply our signs knowing that whilst they are on hire, they are not causing harm to the environment.

Working with a company like AGF means we can ensure that our environmentally friendly initiative can continue into new and exciting events across the UK. With our strategically located hubs up and down the UK, being a full-fledged member means we can connect with organisers of Events and helping to ensure that they are well supported in their quest to becoming carbon neutral.