MVIS and Bartco UK Keep Focus on Training

Over the years, MVIS and Bartco UK have always prioritised training and staff development. We do this for a number of a reasons, least of not which is to ensure our team’s ability to do their job is second to none, leaving us with the best trained workforce in the industry.

Part of this is our policy to provide staff with cross-departmental training in the form of a ‘day in the life’ of other team members to make sure that each employee appreciates that everyone is valuable. Such a policy also allows the team to have an insight into just what it takes to make things happen in other departments, and the role their part plays in relation to other people’s jobs.

This type of training has been a proven success for us, and is often used for employees who are new to the group. This has the double effect of giving these team members a deeper insight into the organisation and the way we work. However, over the past year, there have been some significant changes to the way we all work, requiring us to take another look at this aspect of our training so that the team can gain an appreciation for the new ways we have had to change.

As a result, we will be refreshing this training with many of our team members so that everyone knows how things have changed within different departments, giving everyone a solid appreciation for the sacrifices and allowances that have been made as a result of COVID-19.

The changes we are have had to make to our working lives affect everyone, however in many ways, the changes affecting those who are required to work from the office are more drastic than most. Due to this, we are seeing our workshop team spend time in the office alongside our admin and stock team, and vice versa, which is especially pertinent to Juliette Wright, our newest member of staff to the organisation, who is yet to complete such training anyway, making this the perfect opportunity to learn the ropes in new departments.

Anne Ashman, UK Group Commercial and Operations Director commented, “We have seen how much impact this kind of cross-departmental training can have so we look forward to seeing the results of this much needed initiative this time round.”

Dom Bridge, Operations Manager added, “Prior to the pandemic, we saw a record number of positive customer and staff comments very shortly after Mizzy Watson, who works in Operations and Customer Service, undertook a day in the life of our delivery drivers. Whilst not every role at our organisation is customer facing, we understand that every role matters, each one facilitating someone else’s.”