ITS Products


Hire mobile variable message signs (VMS) and other temporary intelligent transport systems (ITS) products and solutions from MVIS and benefit from WebStudio’s Digital Signage Programming technology. This sophisticated technology saves travel time and costs by enabling the instant communication of traffic information from any internet enabled device including Apple and Android smartphones, laptops, iPhones and iPads. Users can view a map of their signs and zoom in, observe and adjust any number of signs in line with any developments on the ground.

The WebStudio digital signage programming system supplied by MVIS is ideal for organisations that hire multiple signs including police forces, event managers, local authorities and traffic agencies.

Introducing the BartcoLive™ app

The BartcoLive™ app means that wherever you are, you can control the messages displayed on any of your portable VMS, with greater speed and flexibility. Users can: 

• View a map of hired assets
• Track the exact location
• Gain directions to the VMS
• Program multiple units by the touch of a button
• Build text messages and graphics
• Schedule messages
• Check battery voltages
• Check communication
• Enable speed radar activation messages
• Check history
• Create a restricted login
• Create a library of messages

Available now on Android and Apple devices.



MVIS WebStudio asset location feature, showing a map with the location of our ITS Solutions.
An MVIS VMS programmed using WebStudio, displaying 'Warning Queueing Traffic'.

Key Features

  • Leading edge remote technology
  • SMS and email notifications of maintenance issues
  • Radar monitoring functionality