Intelligent Transport Solutions (ITS) Products.

Our Intelligent Transport Solutions (ITS) Products are perfect to assist in any job whether that be at the roadside, on site, or in the middle of a festival.

Our Intelligent Transport Solutions (ITS) have been tried in tested in a wide range of sectors, including but not limited to:

  • Highways
  • Events
  • Quarries
  • Airports/Ports.
  • And Many More.

Everything you need to know about these products are detailed below:

Solar Intelligent Platform (Solar IP)

The flexible and responsive approach to Traffic, Event, or Quarry Management Simple to Deploy requiring no civil or external communications.

This product can be integrated to meet your specific needs using:

  • VMS
  • ANPR
  • CCTV
  • Wavetronix HD Radar

Purpose made to be easily reconfigured and adapt to a change on any job, small or large.

Solar IP Intelligent Transport Solution

Compact Portable CCTV

An MVIS Compact Portable CCTV integrates wire-free Portable CCTV with our solar powered ‘Compact’ base, offering increased portability and a reduced footprint compared to other solutions.

This Intelligent Transport Solution’s camera boasts an ultra-wide viewing angle of 355° pan & 140° tilt and connects through Vodafone 4G. Offering 1080p HD at 15 frames per second and a 6x Digital Zoom, this camera performs well for a range of applications, made even more impressive by the 10m Night Vision range.

Its PIR (passive infrared) detection distance is up to 10m too and when combined with the 90° Horizontal PIR detecting angle, this camera is a highly capable solution for security, monitoring work zones and anything else that requires an outdoor HD camera.

Ideal for:
  • Security.
  • Queue management.
  • Site safety.

Compact Portable CCTV Intelligent Transport Solution

Hire HD Data Collection Radar

Portable, easy to operate and extremely reliable.

Hire solar powered HD Data Collection Radar from MVIS to support speed detection, data collection and traffic management applications.

Accurate and reliable, the HD SmartSensor Radar uses the latest technology to collect consistently accurate traffic data and can be deployed to provide queue detection, journey time and vehicle analytics.

Key Features
  • Adaptable to all weather and lighting conditions
  • Hire with our Solar Intelligent Platform (IP)


WEBSTUDIO’S sophisticated technology saves travel time and costs by enabling the instant communication of traffic information from any internet enabled device including Apple and Android smartphones, laptops, iPhones and iPads. Users can view a map of their signs and zoom in, observe and adjust any number of signs in line with any developments on the ground.

Our WEBSTUDIO system is ideal for organisations that hire multiple signs including police forces, event managers, local authorities and traffic agencies.

Key Features:

 View a map of hired assets.
• Track the exact location.
• Gain directions to the VMS.
• Program multiple units by the touch of a button.
• Build text messages and graphics.
• Schedule messages.
• Check battery voltages.
• Check communication.
• Enable speed radar activation messages.
• Check history.
• Create a restricted login.
• Create a library of messages.

Intelligent Transport Solution Programming Software

The BartcoLive™ app

Get your message across

The new BartcoLive™ app means that wherever you are, you can now benefit from complete control over the messages displayed on any of your portable variable message signs (VMS), anywhere on the road network.

Fast and flexible

Developed to enhance the efficiency of our ITS Solutions, this app is accessible from any Apple or Android smartphone or tablet. It enables traffic managers to search VMS asset lists and instantly update messages displayed – in direct response to the changing situation on the road network.

Available now on Android and Apple devices.

Key Features
  • Remote access via any Apple or Android phone or tablet
  • Instantaneous or scheduled message upload to single or multiple assets
  • Job Queue: keep up to date with message upload, asset status update, etc.
  • Secure login using Web Studio™ credentials which can be memorised to speed up subsequent logins.
  • Searchable asset list (VMS, fire sign, etc.) including user-defined groups
  • Access asset status information including:
    • GPS location
    • Battery voltage levels
    • Light output level
    • Current message displayed
    • Communications status
    • Controller status
    • Controller information
  • Map detailing asset location
  • Directions to asset location