Diligent approach and focus on training means High speed skillset is no fluke

Since MVIS Ltd was incorporated in 2012 with only 177 portable VMS units, the company’s product range has grown and developed into a mixture of over 600 portable VMS and CCTV units in the current hire fleet.

The company has also gained a reputation for being the industry leader due to the high level of service delivered by its staff when supplying Intelligent Transport Systems on the UK High-Speed Network.

The team – efficiency is key

Astonishingly, MVIS delivers their operation nationally with a relatively modest sized team. Thirteen employees- yes, just thirteen- make up the team, meaning efficiency is undoubtedly the name of the game.

Dedication to service shines through, and MVIS places their commitment to customer service above all else. ‘Service is our business’ proudly sits as the opening line on MVIS’ own ‘About us’ website page – something instilled into every employee when they come through the door.


To ensure every employee is delivering the standards of service expected each day, MVIS invests heavily in staff training and development.

Their versatile team are fully trained in Health & Safety, and as hiab and slinger signallers for delivery, installation and removal. Depending on their role on site, the MVIS workforce are also always present with the appropriate and relevant CSCS card and health and safety training.

MVIS encourages and steers their team to get involved with continual improvement through training, toolbox talks and using the ISO system.

The accreditations together furnish MVIS with a full integrated management system, bringing systems and processes into one complete framework.

This increases workforce knowledge and understanding which, in turn, raises the bar in the level of safety, job satisfaction and service they provide.

As a result, MVIS has one of the industry’s most highly trained workforces. It’s a happy, skilled team, delivering to satisfied clients.  

High Speed Expertise

In the high-speed environment, MVIS has collated an impressive portfolio of major schemes over the last 8 years.

With such a high level of experience, as well as an innate focus on training, development and improvement, the company shows no sign of resting on their laurels when it comes to providing their range of solutions across high speed schemes of work.

Caption: Clear growth and valuable expertise gained can be seen on MVIS major projects timeline

Such is MVIS’ progression in the high-speed arena, the company now regularly collaborates with contractors on their schemes of work to consult and advise on how many units are required for a project, as well as where they should be located for maximum benefit to the road user.

Anne Ashman, MVIS General Manager spoke to us about MVIS’ development in the high-speed sector as well as some of the keys to that growth:

“We have a three-pronged approach if we break it down simply…” Anne begins.

“The first aspect is that from a company perspective, we see it as virtually our obligation to provide our staff with any and every opportunity to upskill, learn, develop personally and continually have the ability to acquire new skills and ideas.”

“Secondly, our team and their attitude are vital. Our people embracing opportunities provided, wanting to develop, understanding our ethos and why we do the things we do. Our team buying in to what we aim to achieve and doing the necessary work with the necessary attitude is the vital second component to our company being able to deliver at such a high standard.”

“This is why staff retention is one of the things I value incredibly highly, our team makes the company.”

“Third and finally, our products and the continuous desire to see how we can improve upon them. That translates from the attitude of our team with the energy and standards they set for our product quality. We don’t stand still and ‘that’ll do’ isn’t in our vocabulary.”