Airport & Port Traffic Management System

Traffic flow around ports and airports are often a difficult issue for everyone, as millions of people flow every year through our UK ports, often causing problems relating to congestion, security and of course, safety. With the future to think about, the UK faces major issues dealing with Brexit delays at ports, calling for a robust Port Traffic Management System.

Having worked with major UK ports such as Heathrow Airport, MVIS boasts a solid reputation in airport and port traffic management, providing secure, cost effective and versatile ITS solutions that are trusted by some of the most important ports and airports in the country.


Offering a reliable solution for traffic communications, our range of solar powered portable VMS (variable message signs) have a secure footprint and are ideal for communicating information to drivers, helping to calm traffic and congestion around ports. Requiring no civils, external power or communications source, our VMS can be reconfigured quickly and easily to respond to operational changes as required.

Ideal in a number of port-based applications, our VMS-A units are designed for roads with speed zones up to 50mph and can be used stand-alone or in conjunction with radar. Featuring industry- leading technology that boasts a range of functions that are not available with any other mobile VMS, these units are versatile and suitable for many requirements a port may have.

Our signs are ideal to assist with –

  • Traffic management
  • Car park management
  • Speed zone enforcement
  • Site safety / COVID messaging
  • Brexit management / port delays
  • Passenger information

External traffic management, for example, is a serious consideration for a port, especially a major port in the UK, post Brexit, that sees high footfall and traffic levels.

At periods of expected congestion, such as when flight times change or something unpredictable happens, having a mobile VMS-A on the way to the airport informing drivers of the potential issues can be an incredibly helpful tool in the management of traffic in this situation.

Likewise for on-site applications, the benefits of VMS are felt throughout a port’s area of responsibility, especially for car parks and speed zone enforcement applications. Our mobile VMS can be used for many requirements related to car parks, such as way finding or to signify closed or off-limit areas.

However, for speed zone enforcement applications, our VMS comes into its own, featuring a built-in radar that can trigger speed reactive messages such as ‘TOO FAST’ to drivers who are not keeping within the speed limit. This aspect is incredibly important for safety, especially for roads that see high pedestrian footfall.

Being solar powered equips our VMS-A with a fully autonomous solar charging system that delivers a high quality, bright and low power consuming LED display, costing nothing to run in energy and making it an environmentally friendly solution. This is particularly important for ports, where high levels of pollution are often a considerable concern. In this sense the VMS-A offers a solution that will not directly contribute to a port’s carbon footprint.

However, for needs where space may be limited, such as in more pedestrianised areas, MVIS also offer an HD VMS that is much smaller than even the VMS-A. Whilst not natively solar powered, the HD Compact VMS delivers an HD red and white dual colour display with radar and weighs below 10kg, allowing installation on existing fixtures, furniture or on its own battery box and post, making it incredibly flexible. What’s more is that its power supply can be drawn from battery, solar or mains, making it ideal for fixed, permanent applications as well as temporary ones.

Whilst our innovative products offer ideal solutions, MVIS as a company are unparalleled in our hire services, offering industry leading care along with our solutions. For particularly lengthy deployments such as for construction work or congestion causing issues that span over a longer period of time, our dedicated team (who closely monitor all of our units via a range of methods) take care in ensuring that batteries are charged and all VMS are operational, going out on site to perform battery changes or check on our unit if something goes wrong.

As one of our leading product ranges, you can be sure that our VMS solutions are a safe and stable solution for your requirements. From communicating information to directing traffic and footfall, if you, like many others, think that a temporary VMS from MVIS could help your port traffic management needs, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Solar Intelligent Platform (Solar IP)

Our Solar IP is available for hire along with a wide range of our products, offering a flexible and responsive approach to port traffic management and communication requirements. As a simple and cost-effective power solution, the Solar IP offers an integrated intelligent transport system that meets specific needs for any combination of our ANPR, CCTV or radar. Including a 12V, 24V or 48V battery, our Solar IP boasts the latest solar charging system and is not dependant on an external energy supply, making it environmentally friendly.

One of our most innovative and ground-breaking products, the Solar IP is an ideal power source for temporary ITS solutions that have proven their value to countless numbers of happy clients.

Portable CCTV

Our trailer mounted portable CCTV units come complete with our Solar IP, making this product environmentally friendly as well as portable and versatile. Ideal for port applications, this product excels where monitoring and safety are of critical importance.

Portable CCTV is perfect for any location within the grounds of a port, providing users with the ability to respond quickly to changes, a very important aspect when port security is such a high priority.

This solar powered CCTV solution features Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) and incorporates the latest video technology that delivers excellent frame rates, even in poor signal areas. With a flat, toughened glass window, our easy to operate portable CCTV is protected to IP67, making it reliable under all conditions.

ANPR with Solar IP

ANPRData is a vital tool for anywhere that has to deal with a high traffic level. Keeping abreast with changes in traffic behaviour or form can help analysts better manage future traffic requirements.

Possibly more critical however, is the data needed for parking applications. Parking is a huge industry within ports, with customers often leaving their vehicles in high demand parking spaces for lengthy periods of time, so the ability to monitor and enforce parking restrictions is an incredibly important aspect of port car park management.

Our solar powered ANPR solution offers industry leading ANPR technology, facilitating the flexible combination of ANPR and overview cameras and enables any pairing of monochrome, colour or day-night cameras. Operating automatically, this highly portable solution can auto-detect vehicles as they pass through the field of view, or it can be linked to an external trigger for weigh in motion capture or other applications where only specific vehicles are required to be detected.

From a data collection perspective, these portable ANPR cameras could also be used for the purposes of research and data collection, taking the opportunity to collect vehicle data about those who drive to and park at your port, offering you more insight into how you can better manage traffic. Allowing you to collect data such as vehicle quantities or arrival times gives operations coordinators the opportunity to learn about visitors in a way that can help preparation and planning.

Aside from the data collection aspect, this solution can also help to prevent unauthorised parking in forbidden areas, keeping necessary parking spaces clear which can be important for safety and security.

For more information about how MVIS can help with your port traffic management needs, please call us on 01629 580 570 to speak to one of our friendly team, or you can email us via