What Does Platinum Level Service Mean to You?

Over the last 12 years, MVIS has built an outstanding reputation across the highways sector for providing excellent service to its customers on all projects. 

No matter the size or customer, MVIS adopts the ‘no task is too small’ approach on its mission to deliver a level of service it can only define as ‘platinum’.

MVIS has always valued its customers and has built some excellent long-standing relationships on the back of its commitment to service as well as its products. To showcase this commitment, MVIS proudly launched its ‘Platinum Service Promise’ campaign back in  2021. A promise they have kept to this very day. 

The MVIS Platinum service promise delivers:

‘Platinum Level Service for Bronze Level Prices’

The MVIS quality & service document serves to outline what the company considers to be ‘Platinum Level Service’ and also highlights just how special its services are.


MVIS has always held fantastic relationships with its clients, and the company regularly receives positive feedback and comments crediting it for one of the aspects listed in the quality & service document.

Each time a customer approaches MVIS with enthusiastic comments about its service, MVIS see this not just as an opportunity to celebrate its collective achievement, but also to reinforce this standard of service within the team. Reinforcing standards in moments of praise makes gives it special emphasis and reinforces a message from a positive position rather than trying to react to a negative one. This aids with staff feeling appreciated, delivers job satisfaction and rewards their hard work.

We spoke to a number of MVIS employees about their view on what platinum service is, and how it fits into their own specific roles.

We asked, “What does Platinum Level Service mean to you?”


Anne Ashman – Group Commercial and Operations Director said:

“The Platinum Service Promise is a symbol of our commitment to service and customers. We have thought long and hard about a way we can demonstrate this, culminating in this promise to clients to always give them our very best. We are incredibly proud of our service record and the positive comments we receive from our customers.”

Anne continued: 

“With that said, it’s vital that we never lose sight of the importance of continuous improvement. Our Platinum Service Promise works in conjunction with our customer’s comments and internal audits to keep us on our toes, make us accountable and give us an opportunity to work on areas that may need another look. Having this trusting relationship with our customers allows us to consistently cater to their needs so we don’t miss anything as their needs evolve.”

Jon Larkins, Delivery Supervisor for the North added:

“We know the moment we leave HQ that we are representing MVIS – and therefore carry an expected standard with us. That standard being platinum. Whether it’s the quality of our maintenance work, right through to how we interact with other contractors on site or the passing public – nothing short of outstanding will do.”

With Anne and Jon both well established as part of the MVIS team, serving 10 and 5 years respectively, what’s expected is ingrained in their day-to-day operations.

For a perspective from those not so experienced, a more newcomer perspective is offered by Clair Tranter and Mia Maycock, both in MVIS’ Customer Relations team. Both recent recruits, Clair and Mia explained to us how the bar was set upon joining the company, and what platinum service means to them.

Clair told us:

“I was left in no doubt throughout the recruitment process with MVIS that ‘client centric’ is absolutely the ethos here. Our customers and the service we provide them comes above all. We do what we can, every day to assist their operations and provide something that’s unrivalled when it comes to service.”

April added:

“It was actually one of the main reasons that the role appealed to me. Working in customer relations, there has to be a passion for service, so coming into a company that places customer satisfaction above all was a great fit. It’s very clear to me how MVIS has garnered such a strong reputation when it comes to its levels of service, as everyone in the business knows it’s priority number one. Now I’m looking forward to playing my part in delivering that platinum promise myself.”

Compact Environmental Sensor

Our latest solution integrates our solar powered ‘Compact’ base with an ITS Environmental Sensor, offering clients the ability to monitor the external environment, producing a wide range of air pollution data that can be used to inform and direct on issues of air pollution safety.

Air Quality Monitoring

This solution is a low-cost system that offers the ability to build a high-density ambient air quality monitoring network that records data in real-time.

With low power demands, this unit can be powered by our ‘Compact’ solar powered base for air quality monitoring in applications where space is limited, including but not limited to:

  • Work places / work areas
  • Construction site safety
  • Events
  • Town centres / cities
  • Urban roads / Highways

These applications make this product a useful tool for a variety of industries, organisations and projects concerned with air quality, such as schools, Tier 1 construction contractors, local authorities and traffic management companies.

MVIS Environmental Sensor on a pole in front of a Tree.

Perfect for temporary applications, this solution offers a very low cost alternative to static Air Quality monitoring stations and allows clients to cover more space, quickly and cost effectively.

This product’s bespoke hardware is manufactured in the UK and uses the latest generation of electrochemical sensor technology and LoRaWAN communication to collect and record real-time data onto its secure online dashboard.

Real Time Environmental Data

Data collected from this solution is displayed in real-time onto an online management dashboard. The status of each unit is displayed together with easy to read dials.
More detailed graphs allow clients to drill down and analyse the data on a minute by minute, day by day basis.

Fully customer-branded breakdown reports are also available from MVIS for our client’s convenience, making presenting and reporting on the data easier than ever.


Solar Powered Compact Base

When combined with our solar powered compact base, the applications of the ITS Environmental Sensor are greatly enhanced. Offering a small footprint, this unit can be deployed in many locations where competing solutions can’t be, enabling you to collect data where it may be dangerous or where there is limited space.

Being solar powered prevents the need for an external power source and offers extended run times in recommended conditions.

With hidden cabling, this unit is secured against vandalism or accidental damage and can be easily moved to the client’s requirements.

Key Specifications

  • Data communication options via 3G/4G/5G, WiFi or Ethernet
  • Additional GPS Module can be added
  • Power 12Vdc (optional 240Vac supply)
  • Environment Operating range: -18 to 50 Celsius
  • CE Certified
  • Capacity for up to 4 electrochemical sensors from a choice of : CO, SO2, O3, NO, NO2, H2S
  • Ultra-low noise sensing for gasses (ppb) and particulates (μg/m)
  • Photo Ionisation Detector (PID) for detecting VOCs with ionisation potentials < 10.6 eV
  • Formaldehyde sensor available
  • Particulate matter / dust sensor PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10
  • Environmental sensors – temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure
  • Sensors are shipped calibrated but require 24hr stabilisation on boot up
  • All devices can be accessed remotely for troubleshooting, health checks, software updates, reconfiguration
  • Air quality sensors have a 24mth lifespan. Units come with a 12mth manufacturer’s warranty
  • Compact Base: Length – 880mm, Width – 610mm, Height – 3000mm, Weight – 180kg, Mast – 3m

The 5 reasons High-Speed expertise provides a safer, more efficient road network

MVIS prides itself on keeping Britain moving.

From major motorways and A-roads to inner-city and urban environments, MVIS has developed a reputation for both quality products and outstanding service.

Often working in collaboration with Highways England, MVIS has become a trusted asset when it comes to the delivery of safe, efficient VMS and ITS products and solutions onto the UK’s roads.

As the company has continued to deliver and further its stellar reputation, MVIS has become more involved in the preparation phase of major schemes.

The company provides expert consultation for key upgrades in relation to the VMS and ITS elements of works, including where units will be positioned, how many are needed and how to make the most of the allocated units to provide maximum efficiency in relation to traffic flow, whilst also delivering the optimum level of safety for the road user.


Focusing on the high-speed road network, here are 5 reasons why MVIS is the choice for any high-speed scheme of work:

  1. Expertise & Longevity

MVIS has extensive high-speed knowledge dating back to 2012 and its first schemes on the M4 and M5.

MVIS has provided VMS units to a number of high-profile, high-speed schemes ever since. These schemes include:

  • M1 J16-J19, J23a-J25, J28-J35a, J39-J42
  • MSM M60
  • M27 J4-J11
  • M62 J10-J12
  • M20 SMP
  • M23
  • Oldbury Viaduct
  • A14 IDT

2. ISO accreditations

When deciding on who to deliver a key scheme, quality needs to shine through.

Buying into ‘Aim for Zero’ MVIS has had zero incidents of near-misses or injury in its 8-year history, and that exemplary record can be attributed to an attitude towards safety and quality that is ingrained within the company.

This ethos is rubber-stamped with a number of ISO accreditations that leave no doubt as to what you’re getting when you bring MVIS into a job and onto a scheme.

The company ISO accreditations include ISO45001: Occupational Health & Safety, ISO9001: Quality Management Systems, as well as ISO14001: Environmental Management Systems.

3. Training for on-site work

The MVIS approach to training is continuous and has a number of key elements:

  • MVIS staff fully trained as hiab and slinger signalers for delivery, installation and removal.
  • Fully health and safety trained staff. Internally, MVIS has a programme of Health and Safety training that is ongoing for every operative, in addition to externally completed health and safety training to ensure quality across the board.
  • CSCS: Depending on their role on site, MVIS workforce is all on site with the appropriate and relevant CSCS card. Even the management team are CSCS qualified so they can visit the site to carry out essential auditing.

4. Fleet size

The MVIS fleet size supporting their high-speed capabilities is vast, with 192 of their VMS-C units currently in the fleet.

Due to current demand, another 30 are to be added by the end of Jan 2020.

5. Solar IP unit

The Solar IP supports MVIS’ high-speed operation by providing an environmentally friendly ITS solution.

The versatility of the Solar IP makes it perfect for high-speed work, using Solar IP and any combination of VMS, ANPR, CCTV, radar or contactless sensor. If things change, Solar IP can be quickly and easily reconfigured to meet the immediate requirement.

Trust MVIS

With such expertise, accredited quality, as well as in-depth training, a vast fleet and a versatile product range – why wouldn’t MVIS get the call?

Future of Safer Roadworks

by Graeme Lee

High speed roads are extremely dangerous environments in which to undergo construction projects. Often, in certain conditions, on-site workers and motorists are left vulnerable to high speed traffic that could cause serious damage if not managed correctly. Such conditions may occur in the egress from a highway construction project, with heavy plant and construction vehicles merging into live traffic.

Traditionally, temporary static road signs have been used to warn on-coming drivers of the potential that works traffic may be merging from a construction zone. However, despite these signs, merging construction traffic accidents still occur and work zone traffic safety remains an on-going issue for site planners and drivers alike.

works traffic merging sign

While static egress signs do inform the motorist that works vehicles may be merging into live traffic, they do not give live information, and can easily be ignored.

Sign blindness poses a very real risk on the network, with construction zones that occur frequently and for lengthy stretches, and as drivers become fatigued with the same colours and shapes the more they see them.  

Developed by sister company Bartco UK, MVIS offer a solution that can help mitigate these issues. The Works Egress Safety Solution is available for hire from MVIS to help notify drivers when works traffic is exiting a work zone onto the main carriageway. Offering a safer and more robust solution than alternatives, this innovative autonomous system integrates a number of our products into a solar powered ITS safety solution designed specifically for this application.

Comprising of an HD Compact, VMS-A and two vehicle sensors, this surprisingly simple solution offers an incredibly effective vehicle activated approach. The sensors are located at the start of the acceleration zone in the works area, with the HD Compact informing the driver to ‘WAIT HERE’

mvis works egress safety solution

On the main carriageway, a VMS-A is deployed to warn high speed traffic that works traffic may be merging. Upon being triggered by the sensors, the HD Compact changes from its default message ‘WORK EGRESS – WAIT HERE’, to ‘MERGE WHEN SAFE’, depending on the specific requirement.

works egress safety solution with hd compact

At the same time, the VMS-A is also activated, displaying a warning message such as ‘WORKS TRAFFIC MERGING FROM RIGHT’, warning drivers ahead of time that works traffic will be merging onto the carriageway. After a set time has passed, the HD Compact reverts to its ‘WAIT HERE’ message and the VMS-A goes blank, reducing unnecessary signage and ensuring that the VMS-A has maximum impact for drivers when it is needed.

works egress safety solution with vms a

If you would like to learn more about our Work Egress Safety Solution, please contact us via our contact form. Alternatively, you can call us on 01629 580 570 to speak to one of our friendly team, or you can email us via sales@m-vis.co.uk.

MVIS Delivers Fast Results for the Construction Industry

With a wealth of experience working on large highways and construction projects over the years, MVIS is well aware of the challenges that these projects can throw up on a daily basis.

After talking to our trusted customers, we’ve highlighted some of the biggest challenges facing the construction and highways sectors today, and how MVIS delivers fast solutions to overcome these.

Benefits of pre-hiring VMS units from MVIS

1. Time

Tight deadlines are a pre-requisite of highways projects and with tighter and tighter time constraints, it makes sense to pre-hire your equipment to ensure it’s been delivered before you even arrive onsite. MVIS’ variable message signs (VMS) can be pre-booked to arrive onsite, and with our handy BartcoLive app, you can create and program your content ahead of your project so you are ready to hit the ground running as soon as you arrive.

2. Cost

Budgets for highways and construction projects are ever shrinking, so the more in control of project costs you can be, the better. Pre-planning and pre-ordering your highways and construction solutions equipment direct from MVIS means there are no unexpected surprises when it comes to your budget.

3. Quality

The last thing you want when you’re in the middle of a high-speed project is for your equipment to malfunction. MVIS’ portfolio of traffic management solutions for the highways sector is hard-working and high quality, meaning you can rely on MVIS to deliver solutions you can trust. And – as unlikely as it is – if something does go wrong, all MVIS customers have access to our 24/7 support service which guarantees an initial response from our team within 4-hours

4. Weather

From time to time, extreme weather conditions may cause a project to take longer than it should, but they won’t affect your traffic management equipment. Made with the highest quality LEDs, the non-glare screen is designed to offer maximum visibility when when conditions get tough, and our VMS units are completely weatherproof, so come rain or shine, you can depend on MVIS to deliver time after time.

5. Safety

Safety is the upmost concern of anyone involved in highways and construction projects. MVIS’ Overhead Service Unit was developed to further enhance site safety for the workforce by using editable text or pictograms to warn in advance of overhead obstructions.

For more information on MVIS’ traffic management portfolio, please call MVIS on 01629 580 570 to speak to one of our friendly team.

High speed capabilities goes above and beyond

We know how vital our high-speed road network is for the road user


We all have an idea of just how many users drive along our motorways and major A-roads daily, and if we don’t – we certainly can’t imagine an infrastructure and a road network without these high-speed carriageways.

So, when it comes to keeping Britain moving, MVIS are playing their part.

Keeping Britain Moving: High Speed

  • The relationship of MVIS with P&D Specialist Services for the use of hiabs, trained hiab operatives and slinger signalers for delivery, installation and removal. By having such a close working relationship with one major specialist, it means P & D fully understand MVIS as a company, the needs of their customer base, and the consistency & level of service expected.
  • Fully health and safety trained staff. Internally, MVIS has a programme of Health and Safety training that is ongoing for every operative, in addition to externally completed health and safety training to ensure quality across the board.
  • CSCS: Depending on their role on site, MVIS workforce are all on site with the appropriate and relevant CSCS card.


Expertise is shared…

The MVIS expertise in the high-speed arena means that very often, the company are consulted with and requested to aid with the planning and setup of major high-speed schemes.

MVIS regularly are called upon to plan the number of units for a major high-speed scheme, as well as where they should be situated for maximum efficiency.

Over the last 7 years MVIS has been involved in, and had units being utilised on most of the major schemes nationwide. These include:

  • M1 J16-J19, J23a-J25, J28-J35a, J39-J42
  • MSM M60
  • M27 J4-J11
  • M62 J10-J12
  • M20 SMP
  • M23
  • Oldbury Viaduct
  • A14 IDT


Anne Ashman, MVIS General Manager comments:

“Over the years as we’ve grown, we’ve made a step up on the eyes of the industry I believe, to the point that we now provide lots of consultation on these major schemes. People trust MVIS, the MVIS brand and our level of quality is now our reputation.

“High speed works for us is about more than just having units out, it’s being involved in the planning and bolstering our reputation, it’s about making sure that the people delivering units are as qualified as can be from a safety point of view, it’s about making a genuine contribution to keeping Britain moving for the benefit of the road user.”

First published on HighwaysIndustry.com

For more information on how our solutions can help you, please get in touch with the team at MVIS on 01629 580 570 or email sales@m-vis.co.uk

Community outreach projects with local schools showcases sustainability and safety

MVIS work in their local community stretches far and wide. Sponsoring sports teams, combat athletes and providing work experience opportunities for local young people are just a part of what they do to give back. Additionally, the company often reach out into their local schools and work with the children on a wide variety of projects.

Recently, MVIS teamed up with Highfields High School, and specifically, their Year 8 and 9 children to set up two challenging, intriguing tasks.

Firstly, Year 8 children were tasked with a safety initiative. The children were briefed on site safety and its importance then were set the challenge of developing a new safety idea that could be adopted on sites nationwide.

The children identified ‘Hat before that’, a safety initiative aimed at driving all on construction and highways sites to think about wearing a hard hat before carrying out any task.

Anne Ashman, General Manager of MVIS told us:

“It was very clever of the Year 8’s to think of this. Whilst we all know about the importance of PPE when on site, the children highlighted that all visitors generally will have to report to a reception or site office and even this journey can encounter possible risk on some sites.

“So, their solution was to have safety focused around hard hat wearing when arriving to the site to eradicate some risks in that first entry. Ideas that were discussed were an intercom + escort system where the site office brings out hard hats to arriving people to make sure they enter wearing one and then escorting them to vehicles as they leave to cover the reverse journey upon leaving.”

Highfields’ Year 9 children were informed of Bartco UK’s decision to foray into VMS hire across International markets and were tasked with discovering ways in which Bartco can stand out from the crowd in a new market.

The Year 9 school children developed an idea around sustainability and in addition to MVIS signs carrying essential highways and journey time information, they could also be utilised sustainably using solar power to preach sustainability across France.

The children focused on programming MVIS VMS signs with messages surrounding anti-pollution and climate change in order to become more than ‘just road signs’ for the French market.

Upon Year 9’s ideas, Anne continued:

“This really impressed us, as these are key issues within our sector and indeed, globally. Carbon footprint, climate change and environmental concerns are at the forefront of the evolution of so many company strategies going forward as the pressure builds to go greener. We’re in a position that we can use very environmentally friendly solutions to spread that word, literally put it in the faces of people and make it a part of everyday life.

“We thought this was a very forward-thinking approach from the children and reflected fantastically on Highfields school that their students are so vigilant of these worldwide issues.”

Planning for 2019

With MVIS’ portfolio of innovative products and ITS solutions, you can ensure that both road users and workers remain well informed and safe throughout the period of works.

Timely Communications

When you know works are scheduled in, it’s important to make sure you have your signs ready in advance with clear messaging. However, we know that traffic situations are often unpredictable and can change within minutes.  

Our WebStudio™ Technology and BartcoLive™ app allow you to update your messages in real-time as traffic situations change. This ensures road users are well informed, reducing driver frustration and keeping traffic moving smoothly.

Signs and Instructions

But it’s not just road users who benefit from accurate signage and timely communications. Such measures are also crucial for your workforce to keep vehicles moving at a safe speed and promote safety information.

MVIS’ HD Compact VMS is the first temporary VMS designed for use within work zones to improve safety. Small and light, the HD Compact VMS can be easily moved into place and is the perfect size for displaying speed limits and safety access information.

More than Highways Management

We don’t just supply mobile visual message signs, we offer CCTV solutions and our close partnership with Wavetronix allows us to support clients in need permanent ITS installations with reliable data and improved road efficiency. It’s not just about Highways management – we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise within the team here at MVIS. Our dedicated team take the time to work closely with your business and really understand the needs of your projects. What’s more, our dedicated team offer 24/7 support throughout your project to ensure your units continue to provide reliable, high quality performance with accurate messaging.

So whether you’re in construction, events, or retail planning, you can TRUST MVIS to deliver high quality, proven and reliable solutions to keep your industry moving.

MVIS in 2019

After the success of 2018, we have a very exciting year coming up in 2019 here at MVIS. Last year we welcomed new talent to the team at MVIS and celebrated the success and progression of our Apprentices though promotions and awards and this year we hope to welcome even more.

We’ll also be attending a number of events and exhibitions throughout 2019, starting with Traffex from 2nd – 4th April. If you’re heading down to the event, make sure you pop by and say hello. We’re on stand G025 and our team will be on hand to showcase our latest products and answer any questions.

Make sure you keep an eye on our Twitter account @mvisltd and blog to keep up to date with what we’re getting up to.

To see how MVIS can help you planning for the year ahead, get in touch with our friendly team on 01629 580 570 or email us sales@m-vis.co.uk

Greater Speed and Greater Flexibility with BartcoLive™

Introducing the new BartcoLive™ app from MVIS. 

Designed to further improve the efficiency of our VMS ITS solutions, BartcoLive™ offers more options for traffic managers to update messages on their VMS units remotely via any internet enabled device.

Working in conjunction with our innovative Web Studio™ technology, the new BartcoLive™ app means that wherever you are, you can control the messages displayed on any of your portable VMS, with greater speed and flexibility.

Created in response to changing customer needs, the BartcoLive™ app is designed to facilitate instant updates based on the changing traffic environment, keeping road users well informed and ensuring that traffic is well managed and continues to run smoothly. 

Available for Apple and Android, the BartcoLive™ app features:

  • Remote access via any Apple or Android phone or tablet
  • Instantaneous or scheduled message upload to single or multiple assets
  • Job Queue: keep up to date with message upload, asset status update, etc.
  • Secure login using Web Studio™ credentials which can be memorised to speed up subsequent logins.
  • Searchable asset list (VMS, etc.) including user-defined groups
  • Access asset status information including:
    • GPS location
    • Battery voltage levels
    • Light output level
    • Current message displayed
    • Communications status
    • Controller status
    • Controller information
  • Map detailing asset location
  • Directions to asset location

To find out more about how BartcoLive™ can help you manage your traffic solutions, get in touch with the team on 01629 580 570 or email us on sales@m-vis.co.uk

We think the BartcoLive™ app is pretty great, but see for yourself and download the app now for Apple and Android. 

CCTV and VMS: A Perfect Partnership In Road Safety

Traffic managers and local authorities have a responsibility to help keep our roads safe and one of the best ways to keep accidents to a minimum is to present clear and up-to-date information to road users. Find out how our CCTV and VMS technology helps to keep roads safe.

Despite Highways England commitment to reducing the number of people killed or injured while working on our roads to as close as possible to zero by 2040, ‘over the past 10 years, workers have been injured by motorists on more than 50 occasions….’ and ‘12 road workers, including two traffic officers, have lost their lives’. 

We appreciate it’s not always an easy job to keep traffic moving safely and driver frustration to a minimum, but with our innovative CCTV and VMS technology, traffic managers are able to respond quickly to changes in congestion on the roads and display this information to road users. Keeping drivers well informed is crucial in helping to keep roads safe.

Used across a wide range of applications in different industries, CCTV can be especially effective with regards to traffic management. Road users who are aware that their actions could be caught on camera, are more likely to avoid driving too fast or recklessly, reducing the potential for accidents. Furthermore, the nature of the information collected via CCTV, especially when used in conjunction with other technologies such as automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), can effectively help to prevent and respond to accidents.

Where CCTV can be used

  • emergency roadworks
  • planned maintenance
  • temporary speed restrictions
  • school zones
  • parking management
  • event traffic management

Our VMS units enable traffic managers to effectively update information displayed to road users in real-time, to help keep drivers informed, warn of any upcoming issues and keep congestion moving smoothly.

Benefits of VMS

  • Precision control of communications helps keep traffic moving and people safe
  • High visual impact (especially if a colour matrix VMS used)
  • Can be remotely updated e.g. to show speed restrictions at peak times
  • Flexible and lightweight: they can easily be moved
  • Reliable in all weather conditions
  • Solar-powered and environmentally friendly

All our VMS and CCTV units can also be used in conjunction with our innovative WebStudio™ technology, which allows traffic managers to update their messaging instantaneously on any Wi-Fi enabled device.

Not only are our CCTV and VMS units impactful when used individually, when used together they make the perfect partnership in helping improve the safety of our roads.

See why our customers continue to trust MVIS: “No infrastructure development initiative of this scale will be without any disruption, but we’re pleased to say that so far, not only have we received relatively few calls from road users, but we’ve had some extremely positive feedback from people about the effectiveness of the system.” – Nottingham City Council

If you’d like to know more our about innovative CCTV and VMS units, or are interested in hiring them for your traffic management operation, call our friendly team on 01629 580570 or email us sales@m-vis.co.uk

* https://www.gov.uk/government/news/highways-england-highlights-dangers-faced-by-road-workers  published 4th April 2017.

Make MVIS a headliner at your event

With summer well under way, and outdoor events seemingly around every corner, the safety and enjoyment of both visitors and employees is paramount to a successful event. So, whether it’s a summer festival, sporting event or even a Christmas Markets, MVIS deliver flexible solutions that allow event managers to provide information and respond to event changes effectively and in an instant.

With our innovative VMS and CCTV technology, you can provide fast, high impact communications to ensure the safety and enjoyment of your visitors.

Our Variable Message Signs (VMS) present clear information from event schedules, car parking information, safety information, road closures and opening times, as well as the ability to display pictograms useful for sponsors and advertisements. This ensures that visitors remain safe and have a positive experience of the event.

Solar-powered and portable, our VMS units avoid costly ground works and can easily be moved across sites to areas where messaging is needed most. What’s more, our VMS units can be easily updated through any Apple device, to provide real-time updates for any changes to information. 

Furthermore, our CCTV technology is an effective way for event managers and security teams to monitor crowds, assessing crowd numbers, movement and behaviour, to ensure the continued safety of attendees. CCTV enables potential problems to be identified and dealt with before they escalate.

Unlike traditional static CCTV cameras, our Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) CCTV systems uses the latest technology to enable event managers to manoeuvre the camera to focus on specific areas, and when combined with our innovative Web Studio™ technology, CCTV footage can be viewed from any laptop, tablet or smart phone, ensuring that critical safety information can be accessed by those who need it.

Looking to hire CCTV and VMS units at your event? Get in touch with our expert team today on 01629 580570 or email sales@m-vis.co.uk to find out how we can help you.


By Anne Ashman, general manager MVIS and Bartco UK

A considerable degree of a business’ success depends on establishing strong working relationships with other companies.  Four years ago, we extended our network beyond the commercial to include our local secondary school, and it has turned out to be one of our most beneficial associations.


Our relationship with Matlock’s Highfields school began when it approached us to ask whether we would consider offering work placements to its students, which we now do annually.  As well as providing us with students who bring with them a fresh pair of eyes and enthusiasm, they have also helped us to develop our apprenticeship programme; Cain Gregory undertook a work placement then proactively approached us for a technical apprenticeship, which we were delighted to offer.


The benefits of apprenticeships cannot, in my opinion, be overstated.  Our apprentices have all worked hard and been eager to progress, and their retention rate has been excellent.  Our assistant operations manager, Dom Bridge – another former Highfields student – was recently promoted to the role, having joined us as an apprentice five years ago.   Our young apprentices have also proved highly knowledgeable regarding IT and social media, and this has been extremely helpful to us.  Furthermore, coming straight from school, they have been completely “clean slates” and so readily accept our modus operandi.


This year, we extended the scope of our association with Highfields when I became an enterprise advisor (EA) to the school.  The idea behind enterprise advisorships is that they help secondary schools to build careers strategies that give students multiple opportunities to learn about work, meeting the Gatsby Benchmark standard highlighted in the government’s new careers strategy launched in December.  One of the strategies’ goals is to encourage students to broaden their horizons beyond simply university, to include other possibilities, such as degree apprenticeships.


Within this role, I use my business experience to advise Highfields on the skills required in industry, including those within the highways sector.   We offer students valuable interview experience. I also provide the school with access to my own corporate network – filling what is often a gap in schools’ own contacts –  and the school’s new industry contacts have gone on to generate their own careers support opportunities such as work placements and apprenticeships.


Being able to introduce my own contacts to the benefits of work placements, apprenticeships and the other elements of a working relationship with a school, is a great way of nurturing my industry network.


Alongside all of this, since last year we have been running MVIS Challenges:  annual school-based projects for year eight – and this year also year nine – students, encouraging them to consider the diverse roles that Bartco UK variable message signs (VMS) can perform.  Again, it’s always interesting to view things through new eyes, and the challenges are already encouraging students to request placements with us as they get older.


Another business benefit of our relationship with the school has been in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR).  As this becomes increasingly important to companies throughout the highways sector, the provision of careers support like this is proving an effective means of supporting local communities.


The school’s life and work skills coordinator, Jane Turner, recently summarised the benefits to Highfields:  “Our association with MVIS and Bartco is not simply enabling us to honour our commitment to meeting the requirements of the government’s new careers strategy.  It is allowing us to support our pupils as they fully explore their career options and prepare for the world of work.”


And the benefits don’t stop with MVIS, Bartco UK and the school.  The highways sector faces a shortage of recruits – especially those embarking on technical careers – and work like ours to engage youngsters while still at school is already helping to encourage them to consider it as a potential career route.


The cost to MVIS and Bartco UK of our work with Highfields is minimal.  Once the individual initiatives have been established, I would estimate that I personally only spend around half a day a month on school-related business, whether on my six-weekly EA meetings, or on a small number of interim calls and emails.


I would strongly encourage other companies within the highways sector to consider establishing their own links with their local schools.  They would find that the business benefits are considerable and long-term, not to mention those for the industry as a whole.