10 years of sustainability: What supporting ‘green’ means to our team

MVIS has a long-standing commitment to sustainability and is constantly searching for ways to reduce its environmental footprint. MVIS’ products are designed to be energy efficient, and the company encourages its employees to operate with sustainability in mind.

MVIS are proud to be an environmentally responsible company and continue to work hard to protect the environment. A proud member of Greener Highways, as well as the Carbon Club, MVIS puts its money where its mouth is when it comes to sustainability.

With such a focus and a passion embedded in the company’s entire existence, we spoke with some of the MVIS team about their own views and interpretations of what it means to be truly sustainable.

Anne Ashman, Group Commercial and Operations Director told us:

“As a business, we’ve made great strides over the last decade in the sustainability realm. It’s been clear there’s been a major shift over the last few years towards sustainability at the forefront of thinking, and that’s absolutely fantastic – but it’s not a recent thing for us.

“To me, sustainability is an ever present that evolves, and an area that requires constant attention and R&D to see what further steps can be taken to reduce our carbon footprint. Recently we made the switch from product sheets to QR codes that showcase the same information when at events and exhibitions. It’s about consistent, sustained improvement.”

MVIS has had a keen eye on a sustainable future since its inception in 2012.

Sales Manager Graeme Lee, who recently celebrated his own 10-year anniversary with MVIS commented:

“To me, sustainability is at the heart of the business – the products. Our range is all solar powered, making the most of a sustainable energy source that charges and re-charges the batteries on our units.

“This, in addition to our delivery model, where we are able to deliver multiple units on one journey significantly reduces drive time and therefore, our emissions. Carbon footprint is something we’re very conscious of so this delivery model has been a significant step forward in reducing our output.”

Jon Larkins, North Delivery Supervisor said:

“There is a human factor to our sustainability policy, as our units require less maintenance and battery changes due to their solar powered nature. This means less visits to site for our operatives, and less ventures into harms way on what can be a very dangerous road network. As someone who delivers and maintains our units, this sustainable safety benefit to our workforce is something that means a great deal to me.”

MVIS’ environmental sensor measures data analysing air quality in a bid for better environmental health

Tom Hooton, Research & Development Manager also told us:

“Sustainability to me is showcased through the fact that MVIS also chooses local suppliers wherever possible. In sourcing local services and products, not only is our carbon footprint reduced, but there’s economic sustainability in bringing repeat business to the local area.

Major components of our products, such as our trailers, are sourced from a local business, and wider servicing of work vehicles is also conducted locally.”

The job is never done

It’s clear that as a business, MVIS not only places huge emphasis on a sustainable future in a variety of areas, but also doesn’t rest on its laurels and believe the job is ever truly done.

Anne concluded:

“We’re still working hard in Research & Development to look at ways we further our sustainable stance and actions. We have a fantastic team and one that is fully behind the company’s ethos of all things sustainable – from further product development, right down to watering the plants and looking after the beehouse at our offices.”