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Anne Ashman

Commercial and Operations Director

My family, as in my children and husband, are the most important thing in the world to me. My husband and I love being part of our children’s adventures.

The eldest two have lived overseas (New Zealand and Germany) at different times so it has given us chance to visit and experience what they are experiencing with them. Any excuse to travel!! As the family expands, it gets more fun with all the new personalities coming into it and the new adventures.

I love seeing new places overseas and in the UK, but I also love to go to the old faithful Cornwall and the Lakes. Most of all, my favourite is Italy and I can’t wait until next year (hopefully) to go back and do more backpacking, like we did in 2019. We are hoping one day to have a holiday home in Italy.  I am lucky that I have a job that has allowed me to travel to Australia 3 times to go to our Melbourne office. Australia was always on my bucket list and I have been 4 times now and will certainly go back again.

I am very passionate about my role here at MVIS. I love leading the team of people I have and seeing them grow, having the opportunity to identify new possibilities and change the direction of the companies.  

I also like seeing how much MVIS has grown since it was incorporated on 2012. The company has a lot of my personality and values in it and I am the only original member of staff left from when we delivered the Olympics, so quite often my memory gets called upon.

I love learning and think everyone should have the opportunity to grow themselves.  Recently I took part in a Belbin questionnaire and wasn’t surprised to see my scores as someone who likes to change things, but is also extremely organised in doing it.

That probably sums me up as a person and probably was a great attribute when we first went for ISO certifications, as it meant all the changes I implemented had a process behind them. It also shows why I like to keep learning, as I make more changes and come up with new ideas I need to know the way to implement them; the only way to do that sometimes is to learn how.  Taking on young apprentices and knowing you can change their lives by teaching them skills is a great reward.

And last but not least is socialising. It is great when all the kids and the partners come home and their friends and ours turn up too and all of a sudden you have a party!

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Anne Ashman