Sustainability in our Workshop.

MVIS quality products are all manufactured in-house at our workshop in Matlock.  As with any company these days we are always looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint improving our effect on the environment.

As founding members of the Greener Highways initiative, we at MVIS, being ISO 14001 certified since 2016, are always looking at ways to continually reduce our carbon emissions further. Looking at our workshop and products we have produced for our hire fleet and how our competent team ensure that we keep our carbon footprint as low as possible when manufacturing our products.

We even have gone as far as to test our own workshop using MVIS’ Environmental Sensor and was shocked to see the results in the workshop around our soldering station, improving our ventilation system to remove most of the gases when fixing LED’s and controllers.

The process of any new product starts with our purchasing department and the products we order into our company.  Even at the start of the process we begin to investigate how we can lower our carbon footprint by ordering from local suppliers, reducing the emissions from the delivery vehicles by the journey been much shorter, even walking to some of our suppliers who are within easy reach and on our doorstep, to fetch smaller components. 

To be able to help “Reduce, Re-use and Recycle” all workshop staff have been trained on how to repair parts of the VMS such as the LED boards or important components such as the controllers we use in our Overhead Service Units. Repairing controllers and LEDs in-house means we can have more control over waste and how it is disposed of correctly.

When we upgrade our solar panels to more efficient ones, we sell our old panels to the local public to help light garages or sheds, reducing our waste and reducing the use of fossil fuels in local homes.  We also strive to use off-cuts of wire that have been left by collecting and saving in our wire off-cut bins and using when there is a small amount needed, reducing the waste of the raw material.

If we have to dispose of components at the end of their life, we are aware of where these old components go to with the use of WEEE collections.  WEEE disposal focuses on the act of taking our electrical equipment and disposing of them in the most ethical and environmentally friendly way. This also applies to our old empty aerosol cannisters. We put them in a designated bin that then gets removed when the bin is full, choosing the safer way to dispose of old dangerous aerosol cans that run the risk of braking and releasing toxins if disposed of improperly.

Waste and spills from oil and gas contain hydrocarbons, heavy metals, radioactive material, salts, and toxic chemicals, all of which have the potential to damage soils and vegetation directly, and eventually groundwater. Because of this MVIS uses oil collection trays during servicing of trailers and spill kits to clean up any spillages that may happen in the workshop.  Part of our environmental planning was also finding where drainage underneath our depot leads to and if we were to allow oil spillages to get into the drains, we would be aware of the impact it would have on local water ways.

Putting our water compressors and other chemicals into drip trays is a practice we have put into effect. We know that no chemicals are going to flow into drains by accident, we know this because drip trays catch the potential leaking chemicals. We eradicate as far as is practicable, any chance that we might pollute the environment around us.

These are a few ways in which we take the time and effort to keep the environment safe. It is simple practices like drip trays or using less paper that will help us to lower the carbon footprint of our company. We have always prided ourselves on the fact that our products are solar powered or the many ways in which we as a company have worked incredibly hard to make our company environmentally safe. Although we know that we have a fair way to go to reach our target of being carbon natural by 2030, we are proud to say we are taking the right steps.