As the ultimate safety, we are committed to environmental goals for the benefit of the whole of society as we believe that being environmentally conscious is key in striving towards a better tomorrow. Back in 2017 we were awarded with the ISO accreditation in Environmental Management (14:001:2015) and were again recertified in 2020 along with Quality (9001:2015) and Health & Safety (45001:2018). These accreditations prove our dedication to decreasing the negative impact that we may have on the environment. Having quality checks done on all of our suppliers and using local suppliers when we can even if it is at a higher expense to the company is a small thing that we do to nurture the relationship between the company and society. 

Our social responsibility to local surroundings means being always on the lookout for actions that we can take to improve our impact on the environment. Taking advantage of this exercise, we have found that it also boosts staff morale and strengthens relationships within the business, during our staff training we like to discuss what further actions we can take in becoming more environmentally friendly and due to this we currently have a beehive and flower bed alongside a hedgehog house, small actions which may be overlooked however giving back to the environment and local wildlife is vital in working towards a cleaner, safer world.

When it comes to day to day works and our carbon footprint, we try and give back to our environment as much as possible. We promote an in-house recycling scheme and use flatbed transit vans for deliveries and collections of our units. These vans allow us to be able to transport multiple units in one single trip, minimising fuel consumption and time on the roads. Equipping our units with directional solar panels as well as batteries means that they can be powered completely by solar, reducing the battery changes needed on longer hires and aiding to our reduced carbon footprint. As we offer free maintenance and battery changes when needed to our units on hire, stringent logistical plans are implemented daily to reduce external trips, all while maintaining our customer satisfaction guarantee.