4 Ways the HD Compact VMS Increases Safety for Urban Works

Launched in 2016, the first iteration of the HD Compact VMS was the first portable VMS of its size available to the UK market. Since then, this unit has gone on to inspire competing solutions from competitors, with even them identifying just how popular it was.

MVIS and sister company Bartco UK are still leading the industry, with the HD Compact undergoing significant development since that first version. The latest version boasts many new features that competing units don’t, such as integrated solar power, placing our HD Compact miles ahead of alternative solutions, especially for urban works.

In this post, we shine a spotlight on 4 aspects that make the HD Compact excel in urban environments.

4. Small Footprint

As the smallest portable VMS in our range, the HD Compact boasts an impressively small footprint. Urban environments often have limited space for construction work or road maintenance, so when it comes to messaging, how site managers use that space is of critical concern.

With the HD Compact VMS, site managers do not need to compromise on messaging in the same way as they would for static signs. Using web browser or a mobile device, operators can programme or change messaging quickly and easily, creating cycled messages too that can communicate multiple messages using the same sign.

This allows more detailed information to be communicated without taking up anymore space, leaving room for other equipment that may help to increase safety, or simply by keeping the site’s area small, reducing the risk to workers, pedestrians and drivers.  

3. HD Display

Whilst this is a small unit, the HD Compact still boasts an impressive 28 x 28 matrix with a 20mm pixel pitch. This allows for the display to show a wide range of messaging and pictograms, enabling site managers to break down language barriers and communicate important messages effectively.

The display also features the best red and white dual colour LEDs, allowing messages to contain emphasis and display effective pictograms.

Using bright dynamic signs instead of dull static ones offers an obvious advantage in that messages are clear and stand out more, especially in the dark, which could help to increase safety at any time of the day.

2. Solar Power

Integrating solar power with our HD Compact V2 was a development that brought it in line with our other portable VMS, making our full VMS range solar powered. Due to the HD Compact’s very low power demands, solar power is a powerful addition to the unit, allowing it offer highly extended run times under the right conditions.

The addition of solar power reduces the need for battery changes which can be disruptive if the sign has been deployed in a dangerous or difficult to access location due to the surrounding works.

It also helps cut the project’s carbon footprint too. Reduced battery changes means a reduced number of trips from our nearest depot to the sign and then back again, minimising fuel use. This could be important for a company’s corporate social responsibility goals, as well as helping to cut down emissions seen in town and city centres, increasing safety for everyone.

1. Data Collection Radar

Like all our solar powered VMS, the HD Compact comes integrated with a Data Collection Radar that can collect traffic trend data on time, date and speed.

In urban environments, this can be of great use for planning and safety, allowing site managers to report on levels of traffic around the work site, which can highlight risks and allow them to take action on those risks.

Combined with the sign’s messaging capability, the Data Collection Radar makes this unit a perfect solution to deploy in the lead up to works being done, giving drivers warning of the disruption as well as collecting data on levels of traffic, allowing site managers to address risks before work even starts.

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