The 5 reasons High-Speed expertise provides a safer, more efficient road network

MVIS prides itself on keeping Britain moving.

From major motorways and A-roads to inner-city and urban environments, MVIS has developed a reputation for both quality products and outstanding service.

Often working in collaboration with Highways England, MVIS has become a trusted asset when it comes to the delivery of safe, efficient VMS and ITS products and solutions onto the UK’s roads.

As the company has continued to deliver and further its stellar reputation, MVIS has become more involved in the preparation phase of major schemes.

The company provides expert consultation for key upgrades in relation to the VMS and ITS elements of works, including where units will be positioned, how many are needed and how to make the most of the allocated units to provide maximum efficiency in relation to traffic flow, whilst also delivering the optimum level of safety for the road user.


Focusing on the high-speed road network, here are 5 reasons why MVIS is the choice for any high-speed scheme of work:

  1. Expertise & Longevity

MVIS has extensive high-speed knowledge dating back to 2012 and its first schemes on the M4 and M5.

MVIS has provided VMS units to a number of high-profile, high-speed schemes ever since. These schemes include:

  • M1 J16-J19, J23a-J25, J28-J35a, J39-J42
  • MSM M60
  • M27 J4-J11
  • M62 J10-J12
  • M20 SMP
  • M23
  • Oldbury Viaduct
  • A14 IDT

2. ISO accreditations

When deciding on who to deliver a key scheme, quality needs to shine through.

Buying into ‘Aim for Zero’ MVIS has had zero incidents of near-misses or injury in its 8-year history, and that exemplary record can be attributed to an attitude towards safety and quality that is ingrained within the company.

This ethos is rubber-stamped with a number of ISO accreditations that leave no doubt as to what you’re getting when you bring MVIS into a job and onto a scheme.

The company ISO accreditations include ISO45001: Occupational Health & Safety, ISO9001: Quality Management Systems, as well as ISO14001: Environmental Management Systems.

3. Training for on-site work

The MVIS approach to training is continuous and has a number of key elements:

  • MVIS staff fully trained as hiab and slinger signalers for delivery, installation and removal.
  • Fully health and safety trained staff. Internally, MVIS has a programme of Health and Safety training that is ongoing for every operative, in addition to externally completed health and safety training to ensure quality across the board.
  • CSCS: Depending on their role on site, MVIS workforce is all on site with the appropriate and relevant CSCS card. Even the management team are CSCS qualified so they can visit the site to carry out essential auditing.

4. Fleet size

The MVIS fleet size supporting their high-speed capabilities is vast, with 192 of their VMS-C units currently in the fleet.

Due to current demand, another 30 are to be added by the end of Jan 2020.

5. Solar IP unit

The Solar IP supports MVIS’ high-speed operation by providing an environmentally friendly ITS solution.

The versatility of the Solar IP makes it perfect for high-speed work, using Solar IP and any combination of VMS, ANPR, CCTV, radar or contactless sensor. If things change, Solar IP can be quickly and easily reconfigured to meet the immediate requirement.

Trust MVIS

With such expertise, accredited quality, as well as in-depth training, a vast fleet and a versatile product range – why wouldn’t MVIS get the call?

Intelligent Transport System (ITS) given coverage

We were delighted to see the coverage given by to MVIS‘ Intelligent Transport System (ITS) solutions recently. The article focuses on the numerous sporting events MVIS has successfully supplied Intelligent Transport System (ITS) solutions to since forming in 2012, when P&D Specialist Services and Colour Mobile VMS merged following a joint venture to deliver a contract for London 2012.

In the article it says MVIS has gone onto become a market leader for providing Intelligent Transport System (ITS) solutions and that since MVIS was formed, the company has delivered solutions for several high profile sporting events.

First of all, it covers what is believed to be the biggest single deliverance of solar powered variable message signs in the world, to the Olympic Route Network last year. Almost 200 units were delivered and were used for traffic management and to keep London running smoothly.

Other sporting event success for MVIS is also covered in the article, including our supply of trailer mounted solar powered Solar 2012 CCTV Cameras to Royal Ascot. This Intelligent Transport System (ITS) solution was used by the Royal Ascot traffic management team to monitor traffic approaching the event and then put into place reroutes – avoiding congestion, minimising tail backs and ensuring customer satisfaction.

In the article, MVIS’ managing director, Pat Musgrave said: “We were delighted to have played a part in the successful operation of the traffic management plan of such a high profile event. The Royal Ascot team understood that a good event traffic management system requires more than simply good signage, and that the incorporation of a range of ITS products, such as CCTV, is essential.”

The trailer mounted solar powered Solar 2012 CCTV camera is a versatile and valuable piece of traffic management equipment. The mast mounted  CCTV system delivers excellent frame rates even in areas of poor signal. The rugged design means it is able to withstand rough conditions, or vandalism attempts, and as a valuable part of our Intelligent Transport System (ITS) solutions is ideally suited to traffic management, road safety and traffic enforcement roles.

MVIS has also recently provided Intelligent Transport System (ITS) solutions for August’s Prudential RideLondon. The cycling festival was organised to celebrate the Olympic cycling legacy and was attended by 70,000 riders. The event’s showpiece was the London-Surrey 100,  a 100 mile race on closed roads. MVIS supplied VMS signs which were used to display travel advice and advanced road closure notice to members of the public.

MVIS’ Pat Musgrave said: “We were delighted to have once again worked in partnership with TfL to develop a solution to help the capital’s road network operate efficiently throughout a major sporting event.”

To find out more about Intelligent Transport System (ITS) solutions and their traffic management capabilities, visit the MVIS website or contact us on 01629 580 570.