MVIS’ VMS to be used for England crowd control and ticket sales

As a market leading distributor of Intelligent Transport System (ITS) solutions, MVIS is delighted by the news that variable message signs (VMS), provided by MVIS, are to be used during the upcoming England football international friendlies at Wembley Stadium.

MVIS is supplying two VMS-C solutions for use as part of crowd control and ticket sales efforts taking place for the England versus Chile fixture on Friday 15th November and the England versus Germany fixture on Tuesday 19th November.

The VMS-C that MVIS supply are stationed at depots nationwide so that they can be rapidly deployed to wherever they are required. VMS-C is an intelligent transport system (ITS) solution which is designed to be versatile, easy to setup and operate and is reliable under all conditions.

The messages can be controlled by SMS and the VMS-C is ideal for giving crowds information as it offers a variety of onscreen colour options.  The choice  of using red, green, blue and white as well as the standard amber, ensures that the VMS-C is visible and conspicious even in large crowds – making it a perfect intelligent transport system (ITS) solution for events such as the one at Wembley.

The VMS-C is also to be used in a ticket sales advertising role before the two England internationals at Wembley. The portable nature of this intelligent transport system (ITS) solution, means that it can be located in prime spots where crowds will be gathered – maximising the chance of extra ticket sales. With an array of colours, the VMS-C always attracts attention and can be used to display ticket sales information in a simple, clean manner and as the display is changeable, information can be altered as the ticket sales situation develops.

As a market leader in intelligent transport system (ITS) solutions, MVIS is well placed to provide crowd control, ticket sales and other event management products – including CCTV and ANPR. Contact MVIS on 01629 580 570.