What Can You Do With An MVIS VMS?

The MVIS VMS is a versatile piece of equipment, made in the UK to meet UK needs.

Our VMS are commonly seen on the side of the motorway, but the potential of our VMS is endless. With a wide range of uses our VMS has many different areas of expertise and applies to many different sectors of business.

Here are just a few examples of what VMS from MVIS are suitable for: –



MVIS’ leading product is most known for being seen at the side of motorways helping the UK to achieve safer highways. MVIS provides a scalable, responsive, and cost-effective solution to the problems within the sector of traffic management.

These are but some of the perks of hiring a sign from a company such as MVIS, the VMS keeps traffic moving and the roads safe, but also with the MVIS environmental sensor you can measure the impact your scheme is having on the local area, these can be attached to any of our ITS products.

Our VMS are also equipped to tell you the length of potential travel times accordance to the work on the highways, a simple yet effective use that will affect a road users’ journey.  They will be able to adhere their journey in accordance to the lead times given to drivers to ensure they get to their destination as efficiently as possible while also keeping them informed while on the UK’s roads.

VMS-A’s are tailor made for Roads that have a speed limit of under 50, where as a VMS-C is made for those High Speed Jobs that require you to see the sign before you have passed them on A-Roads or Motorways, roads over 70MPH.



MVIS’ VMS signs are created to inform, this can be informing of upcoming traffic problems in any sector.  For example, at an airport, it’s easy to imagine that airport car parks get busy, especially around the school holidays. The solution…use one of MVIS signs, they are the perfect solution to the problem of overcrowded parking lots. It is easy to program a sign to redirect traffic to a different lot or even to express the potential wait times.

The importance of getting a message across is one of MVIS highest priorities, if an airport is in need of getting important information across to customers, such as the changing of a gate or the cancellation of a flight, why not do it at the beginning of their holiday at the entrance to the airport?



Site safety is important! As an employer, the number one priority is to keep the team safe and to look after a competent workforce, MVIS are one of the leading SME companies in prioritising the safety of their employees and the safety of their customers sites.

A VMS from MVIS is perfect for a construction site whether it be on the side of the busiest motorways or in the city centre. VMS’ can keep the area around the constructions site clear and decongested meaning constructions workers are able to perform their tasks in a distraction free but most importantly safe environment for them to be able to produce the best work possible.

All our VMS can be fitted with a radar to ensure that motorists driving around the sites are watching their speed.  If a vehicle exceeds a certain speed the VMS can display a speed roundel advising of the site speed and a message saying “SLOW DOWN” on the screen ensuring drivers adhere to the sites speed limits.



Quarry sites contribute materials for construction to a wide variety of companies across the nation.

Over time when quarries have served their use, they are transformed into Landfill sites, helping local councils eradicate their litter problems and preventing sites from overthrowing and hurting the environment.

Where does MVIS play apart in this? We are the leading company in Traffic Management on sites across the UK. Trucks will come into a site and will get stuck in Traffic waiting for one way routes to be cleared, an MVIS Intelligent LED Sign is used to direct traffic with messages such as ‘Next Truck’ or ‘Wait at the Bottom’.

We have been able to implement this across many Quarry sites and it has proven to work keeping quarry managers happy and HGV drivers safe.



Stand out from the crowd with responsive, high impact event communications.

If an event is being a planned whether it be a Festival, Sporting day, Pride, Fun Run for charity, a farmers’ market at the peak of popularity or a corporate event that the big sale relies on. There is no better way to make sure that the event goes without informing customers, hiring a sign from MVIS promotes your event.

VMS signs have many ways of being a help to any event, they can display timings of the events and when they start, allocate parking spaces for customers or even to advertise an event to make it as successful as a customer wants it to be.

With a proven track record of effective deployment and success, MVIS products have been tried and tested on some of the biggest events this country has ever seen, such as the 2012 Olympics, Brighton Pride, V Festival, Silverstone and The Grand National.



A journey to the port ready to set sail on a fantastic holiday is a nice way to spend hard earned time off work, but a port can also be an unsafe area.  Most port workers struggle to allocate traffic management and to enforce speed zones in the area to make sure that port workers are in the safest environment they can be.

Not only can MVIS ensure worker safety, but passengers setting sail on the high seas can get all the information they need such as where they need to park, where their boat is docked and how they need to get there.


Our VMS have many uses in all sectors and are adaptable to all situations.  As a result of its flexibility, It is easy to understand why a customer would want to hire a VMS from MVIS and why customers keep coming back to us for both hire & sale.

As well as award winning customer service, an MVIS VMS has all the extras and much more. As a company, MVIS has a lot to offer in accordance with safety and keeping workforces in top condition so they can continue to keep the UK running.

Hire VMS from The Best at MVIS!


Ben Takes Product Showcase On The Road

Man in blue coat stood next to a Variable Message Sign in a Quarry

For over a decade, MVIS have been delivering portable, solar powered ITS Solutions that offer users access to proven safety products that can enhance the safety of your quarry, landfill, or construction work site.

Our solutions provide effective answers to many safety concerns in a quarry construction or work site. We offer trailer based, solar powered Intelligent Quarry Safety Solutions (IQSS) products such as portable variable message signs (VMS), portable CCTV, and data collection solutions that are secure, adaptable, and cost effective.

Introducing Ben

Ben has recently transitioned into the role of Sales and Marketing Executive. A move which reflects MVIS’ dedication to nurturing talent from within. Ben previously held a marketing role within the company, but his multifaceted skillset and exceptional people skills have proven instrumental in fostering great relationships at events throughout 2023 / 24, sufficiently so that Group CEO, Pat Musgrave, was thoroughly impressed with his sales aptitude at various events & shows, and immediately green-lighted the new role.

Having lived near MVIS Midland Hub all his life, Ben knows the area well. Knowing which Quarries in his local area need help with their traffic management and general site safety. He is more than happy to put boots to the ground and visit sites to see if they need any consultation as to where traffic management can be improved or to demonstrate what our products can do. Ben’s 2024 diary is beginning to fill up fast with enquiries from both quarry and landfill site owners, keen to speak with him and to see products showcased at their site as part of MVIS’ Platinum Level Service.

Commenting on Ben’s appointment, Pat said:

“We are thrilled to have Ben step into the position of Sales and Marketing Executive. His work here so far has been fantastic and, coupled with his interpersonal skills, we’ve now seen first-hand over the last 12 months that he’s the ideal person to be a face associated with MVIS to our ever-growing client base across the Quarrying sector. We believe that Ben’s customer-centric approach will play a pivotal role in his success in the role.”

Ben added:

“I am very excited about taking on this role and I am ready for the challenge. It has been a great three years working with MVIS and I am ready to take on this exciting role and start a new chapter whilst at this company.

“I’ve really enjoyed engaging with our client base so far, and the opportunity to showcase who we are and what we do to new people at events throughout the last 12 months has been really enjoyable. I look forward to seeing more faces on the road in the run-up to Hillhead 2024 and beyond.”

If you would like Ben & the team to visit your site for an in-depth demonstration you can contact him at ben.ashman@m-vis.co.uk or 07585 256831 for an initial consultation to better understand your needs & desires.

What does Platinum level service mean to you?

Over the last decade, since our inception, MVIS have built an outstanding reputation across the highways sector for providing excellent service to its customers on all projects.

No matter the size or customer, we adopt the ‘no task is too small’ approach on its mission to deliver a level of service it can only define as ‘platinum’. MVIS has always valued its customers and has built some excellent long-standing relationships on the back of its commitment to service as well as its products. To showcase this commitment, MVIS proudly stand by their ‘Platinum Service Promise’ .

The MVIS Platinum service promise delivers. The MVIS quality & service document serves to outline what the company considers to be ‘Platinum Level Service’ and also highlights just how special its services are.

MVIS has always held fantastic relationships with its clients, and the company regularly receives positive feedback and comments crediting it for one of the aspects listed in the quality & service document. Each time a customer approaches MVIS with enthusiastic comments about its service, MVIS see this not just as an opportunity to celebrate its collective achievement, but also to reinforce this standard of service within the team. Reinforcing standards in moments of praise makes gives it special emphasis and reinforces a message from a positive position rather than trying to react to a negative one. This aids with staff feeling appreciated, delivers job satisfaction and rewards their hard work.

We spoke to a number of MVIS employees about their view on what platinum service is, and how it fits into their own specific roles.

We asked, “What does Platinum Level Service mean to you?”

Anne Ashman, UK Group Commercial and Operations Director comments:

“The Platinum Service Promise is a symbol of our commitment to service and customers. We have thought long and hard about a way we can demonstrate this, culminating in this promise to clients to always give them our very best. We are incredibly proud of our service record and the positive comments we receive from our customers.”

Anne continued:

“With that said, it’s vital that we never lose sight of the importance of continuous improvement. Our Platinum Service Promise works in conjunction with our customer’s comments and internal audits to keep us on our toes, make us accountable and give us an opportunity to work on areas that may need another look. Having this trusting relationship with our customers allows us to consistently cater to their needs so we don’t miss anything as their needs evolve.”

Jon Larkins, Midlands Delivery Hub Supervisor added:

“We know the moment we leave HQ that we are representing MVIS – and therefore carry an expected standard with us. That standard being platinum. Whether it’s the quality of our maintenance work, right through to how we interact with other contractors on site or the passing public – nothing short of outstanding will do.”

With Anne and Jon both well established as part of the MVIS team, serving 10 and 5 years respectively, what’s expected is ingrained in their day-to-day operations.

For a perspective from those not so experienced, a more newcomer perspective is offered by Clair Tranter and Mia Maycock, both in MVIS’ Customer Relations team. Both recent recruits, Clair and Mia explained to us how the bar was set upon joining the company, and what platinum service means to them.

Clair told us:

“I was left in no doubt throughout the recruitment process with MVIS that ‘client centric’ is absolutely the ethos here. Our customers and the service we provide them comes above all. We do what we can, every day to assist their operations and provide something that’s unrivalled when it comes to service.”

April added:

“It was actually one of the main reasons that the role appealed to me. Working in customer relations, there has to be a passion for service, so coming into a company that places customer satisfaction above all was a great fit. It’s very clear to me how MVIS has garnered such a strong reputation when it comes to its levels of service, as everyone in the business knows it’s priority number one. Now I’m looking forward to playing my part in delivering that platinum promise myself.”




2023 Review: Takeovers, Trails, Treecycles & TRUST – all to a tee (Part 2)

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s time to reflect on a landmark year for MVIS.

From sustainability initiatives to community engagement and technological advancements, not to mention a major acquisition, we have had a very significant year.

Looking back on the last 12 months, here we delve into some of the key highlights that defined our year:


July – Investing in Education and Community

Corporate Social Responsibility took centre stage in July, as MVIS paid a visit to The East Manchester Academy.

We spoke to a year 8 class about career paths and gave them a brief lesson in programming messages to display on its VMS via our web-based editing platform Web Studio.

Group Commercial & Operations Director, Anne Ashman & Marketing Manager, Ben Kettell spent the afternoon giving pupils an insight into MVIS, and the company’s journey since 2011. Both Anne & Ben then fielded questions from the group regarding everything from our technology, how to enter the industry, and how their career paths brought the duo to where they are today.


August – Cycling Championships in Glasgow

August marked a flagship event in MVIS’ history as the company provided VMS unit support for the 11-day World Cycling Championships.

The event served as a global platform for showcasing our innovative solutions and technological prowess, as well as our ability to power major international events when it comes to delivering information and aid with crowd control. With over 1 million spectators across Scotland during the event, only the very best would do.


September – Emergency Services Show

An event debut in September for us, as we exhibited at the Emergency Services show at the NEC Birmingham.

MVIS had its friendly team on hand to showcase its latest solutions for the blue-light sector, and introduced its brand-new fire sign, a product that can assess its environment and alert people to the risk of fire in the area – looking to prevent a crisis before it even happens.


October – Highways UK 2023: Shaping the Future of Transportation

Event season continued into October, as MVIS took the roadshow to Highways UK 2023. The event has become the leading exhibition across the Highways sector over the last few years.

Centre stage was our brand-new Solar Barrier with a built-in ANPR Camera, as well as some key MVIS innovations of the last 12-18 months such as the HD Compact, Compact CCTV unit, and Environmental Sensor product integration.

November – Bake Off & Charity Total 2023: Blending Fun and Philanthropy

In November, staff took part in a company bake off – its latest fundraising endeavour for Ashgate Hospice.

MVIS invited David Storer & Natalie Bell from Ashgate as guest judges. After a lot of tasting, deliberation David & Natalie crowned Jacob Spencer, MVIS’ Technical Apprentice as 2023’s Great MVIS Bake Off winner.

The competition brought MVIS’ charitable efforts for Ashgate to a close for 2023, with all initiatives throughout the year raising a whopping £14,982!


December – Road Expo Scotland

MVIS exhibited at its final exhibition of the year recently, The Road Expo Scotland event at the SEC in Glasgow and Sales Director Graeme Lee spoke to us about the company’s experience:

“We had a great time at Road Expo Scotland.” Graeme said.

“Seeing our existing customers is fantastic and it’s always exciting to make some key new connections and be able to showcase MVIS and our product range.

“It’s an important exhibition for us, as our North hub is just south of Scotland, and so we’re set up to support contracts better than ever before in terms of both geographical locations, as well as the number of units in our fleet. It’s brilliant to be bale to go and spread that message and make people aware of just how well our service is as seamless as our products for the region.”

As we reflect on the year gone by, MVIS emerges as a company that has thrived, leaving an indelible mark on the industries it serves.

With a commitment to sustainability, innovation, and community engagement, MVIS looks forward to 2024 and beyond with continued success and growth.


Read about MVIS’ monumental year and the first six months of it here.

The Ideal Air Quality Monitoring Network

Last Summer we teamed up with Catplant Quarry in Doncaster to provide them with a bespoke traffic management and safety solution for vehicles coming in and out of their one-way track at the waste disposal area of the quarry. Catplant had multiple lorries driving into the area, which had limited space, causing a backup of vehicles with no area to turn around, leading to congestion and safety issues in all areas of the quarry.

A solution was required that allowed only one vehicle into the unloading area at a time, allowing the lorry to unload, turn around safely, and exit before the next vehicle drove into the area. MVIS supplied a Variable Message Sign (VMS) which allowed the driver to remotely activate a message on the VMS, instructing a “NEXT VEHICLE” message and a further “WAIT HERE” instruction. However, due to poor connectivity within the quarry, the standard mobile app could not be used to operate the VMS. As a result, we implemented an alternative solution – a remote fob with a direct connection to the sign, allowing the driver to control it simply, at the press of a button.

Alongside this, we also provided Catplant with a trial of our Environmental Sensor. This clever little addition to our VMS is able to measure dust pollution, air quality and decibel readings. 

The Environmental Sensor can even measure levels of hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide causes irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat. With moderate levels causing headache, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting, as well as coughing and difficulty in breathing.

Higher levels can cause shock, convulsions, coma, and in the worst cases, death. This solution is a low-cost system that offers the ability to build a high-density ambient air quality monitoring network that records data in real-time.

To speak to our dedicated and knowledgeable team about buying or hiring a VMS with Environmental Sensor, you can call 01629 580570 or email: sales@m-vis.co.uk.

MVIS returns to Highways UK

We are exhibiting at Highways UK and we’re now only one week away. Highways UK is the sector’s must-attend event, it offers companies the opportunity to showcase their latest products or solutions, as well as explore other innovations in the market, and network with others in the industry.

If you are attending, make sure that you stop by Stand 312 in Hall 3 & 3A to say. Our dedicated Management and Sales team will be at the event to field any questions that you will need answering.

We will also be debuting our newest solution for people visiting our stand. Our brand-new Solar Barrier with a built-in ANPR Camera, perfect for programming. Also being showcased is our amazing HD Compact, Compact CCTV, and our Environmental Sensor.

Celebrating 10 years of Pat Musgrave

Our CEO, Pat Musgrave, is celebrating a decade since he first became MD of MVIS.  We were able to find time in Pat’s schedule to sit down and talk to him about his time in the highways industry and working at MVIS and the team that runs it.

Here is what Pat had to say:


Where does your passion for ITS come from?


“I guess it stems from when I was a kid. I’ve always liked electronics and messing around with technology. I started off my career as a qualified electrician. Involved in highways, street lighting and that kind of stuff. Rapidly becoming more involved with CCTV and ITS products.

It’s always been more interesting than domestic, industrial and commercial wiring. So, it kind of progressed into that. “


Tell us about your past experience in ITS?


“I mean, obviously, back in the day, I first got involved with MVIS and help set up the company back in 2012 when we became a limited company with ambition, but I guess it was meeting up with Tony Price.

We used to install ANPR cameras something we still do today, and Tony price was working for a company called NDI technologies. I was at a trade show in London, went onto his stand, got chatting and realised that he owned a property at the mill just below our offices in Tansley. I won a few jobs For NDI technology installing ANPR cameras. That was my first sort of involvement in this side of the RTS side of things.”

He continued: “Tony reappeared a couple of years later with his VMS product that he was bringing in from Australia and was struggling with the product. He set up the company Colour Mobile VMS. He was struggling to do anything with it because the competition had already got supply chains in place from America and Canada and amber signs only, and they couldn’t see the value in a colour sign.

Tony, who was in the early stages of marketing the sign, contacted me to say he was displaying it at Traffex and asked if I would like to go along. I jumped in the car, drove to Darley Dale, had a cup of tea with him and it went from there.”


What has been your greatest challenge in the last 10 years?


Pat told us: “It has always been funding. It’s always been my role within the business, pre MVIS and post Colour Mobile to raise the relevant funding to do the projects.

That’s always a challenge, having the money to execute projects from start to finish. So yes, that’s the greatest challenge.”


Do you have a favourite product?


“I guess the Solar IP trailer is my favourite product because we worked really hard to get that developed back in 2011. It’s a very versatile product and the first of its kind to market.”

When asked about MVIS VMS, Pat told us: “The VMS are good and obviously the mainstay of the business. But I take a lot of pride in the solar IP because that was one of the things, we developed on the back of a cigarette packet in the early days.”


Which scheme has given you the most satisfaction?


“I think the first ROTTM scheme that we won along the M6 Junction 10 to 13. Apart from the Olympics, the Olympics is the main one, going back to 2012, but since then, I guess the ROTTM Scheme 10 to 13, because we were basically only really known as a portable supplier. We managed to break into the fixed market against the big boys which was a massive achievement.”


How has the industry changed over the last decade?


More and more people have come on board and the competition has grown. We were very premature in things that we did in the early days. We had vehicle mounted VMS with CCTV cameras on, 6, 7, 8 years ago, we couldn’t get people engaged in those products back then.


More and more people have come into the market and these things are now coming to the forefront. The biggest thing is the amount of people involved in the industry. The number of competitors is the biggest change.”


What is your greatest achievement since you started MVIS?


“I think it’s having the key people in place and obviously the biggest challenge is having the right management in the right places.”

Pat reiterates: “So, it’s not necessarily my achievements. It’s the team’s achievements. Then there’s achievements of running the business on a day-to-day basis for the last 10 years. So, it’s not about my greatest achievements.

It’s the team’s greatest achievements. Having the right people doing the right roles. Having a pride and passion in that role.”


How many years have you worked in the Highways Industry?


“I guess I’m coming up now for my 40th year having just turned 58. When I left school, doing electrical work and progressed into the streetlighting arena, which had got me first into the highways industry, subcontracting to various streetlighting companies.

So, yeah, you could say I’m in my 40th year of being involved in the highways industry and the ITS arena.”


How has your role changed since promotion from UK MD earlier this year to Group CEO?


“I stayed on, was moved up to Group CEO and continued with the shareholding. I guess, it gives me more of an oversight role. I’ve got more involvement at a higher level. It’s very difficult to have an involvement in the business when it’s being run day-to-day.

Some clarity on my role and that role is basically overseeing strategic decisions, bringing the team together across the world and making us one company. So that’s my role now. I’ve got more involvement at a higher level.  Anne runs the UK day to day with assistance from Graeme and Anthony runs Australia day to day.”


What does the future look like for MVIS?


“I suppose previously MVIS had got its own limited opportunities. Now that we are working more as a team between here and Australia, the Research and Development department is working together much more.

We can take MVIS and Bartco Australia together into new markets, new countries with new products. So, it’s an exciting time. If we can keep pace with recruiting the correct people to bring into the business to support the team we’ve got and keep on top of the R&D. Making sure that we are constantly bringing new products to market, that we’ve proved and tested and are fit for purpose.

We have the Solar Barrier coming through and also the new solar IP version 6, which will integrate more equipment and be more powerful. It’s exciting times for the group.”

MVIS debuts at the Emergency Services

MVIS are proud to announce that we will be joining over 500 exhibitors at the Emergency Services & Emergency Tech Show at the NEC in Birmingham on 19th & 20th September.

10,000+ ground-breaking products are exhibited each year and our products are being added to the long list of innovations to be showcased.

Over the 2 days, exhibitors will be presenting their products and giving hands-on demonstrations to delegates, all in the interest of helping the emergency services, save more lives. Delegates will have the chance to source new equipment along with technology and training, discover new solutions to operational issues and network with colleagues as well as create new contacts in the industry.

MVIS will be at the show for the first time with our dedicated and friendly team on hand to showcase our latest solutions, perfect for the Blue Light sector.

We are introducing our brand-new fire sign, a product that can assess its environment and alert people to the risk of fire in the area.

MVIS renews its Achilles

A man deploying a Solar IP adhering to all of Achilles safety rules.

We have a wide array of certifications in our business. These certificates alert customers of our dedication to Health and Safety, Corporate Social Responsibility and Legislation and

 Regulations compliance, as well as being a badge of honour for the team at MVIS.

The Achilles Audit serves to independently verify that our management systems comply with the standards that have been agreed by buying organisations within the Chemicals & Allied Industries Community.

This means that we have hit the standard of buying organisations and our certification is a showcase of our operational excellence, our expertise, and our competency.

90% of suppliers state that the Achilles audit has added value to their organisation.

This also means that our certification ensures that our customers are assured we are compliant with Health and Safety Standards and that people can #TRUSTINMVIS.

MVIS’ National Coverage

We cover the entire UK, providing clients with products from strategically located depots. This nationwide coverage is not just about reaching every corner of the country; it represents MVIS’s commitment to providing exceptional support and service to our customers, backed by our renowned Platinum Service promise.

Having the ability to cover the entire UK is a significant advantage, and we have achieved this through a network of strategically located depots. These depots allow us to efficiently deliver products to any location. This comprehensive reach ensures that we can meet the diverse needs of our clients no matter where they are based.

In the world of VMS & ITS, where efficiency and safety are paramount, a fantastic support service is crucial. Clients need a reliable partner who can swiftly respond to their needs and provide expert assistance when required. We understand this need and have made it a top priority to deliver outstanding customer support.

The Platinum Service Promise

We are renowned for our Platinum Service, driven by a promise to our client base. This sets us apart from our competitors. This commitment to excellence means that we go above and beyond to ensure customers’ success.

National coverage isn’t just about delivering to various parts of the country – its an extension of our ethos. A message. That we can deliver on our service promise wherever the location, providing fast response times, on-time deliveries, and unparalleled technical expertise. This level of support instills confidence in clients, knowing they have a reliable partner to rely on.

With nationwide coverage, we can deliver our Platinum Service promise to customers in all regions of the UK. Whether it’s supplying portable Variable Message Signs for a construction project in Scotland or integrating environmental sensors for an event in Wales, we ensure that every customer receives the same platinum level of service.

Our nationwide coverage also means that we can actively support local communities, events and projects. Likewise, with our presence across the UK, we can better understand the unique challenges faced by different areas, tailor solutions accordingly, and provide targeted support for specific projects.

MVIS’ Group Commercial and Operations Director Anne Ashman told us:

“MVIS can efficiently reach every corner of the country, providing our VMS and other Intelligent Transport Solutions – and all with our exceptional support. The Platinum Service promise ensures that customers receive nothing less than the best, no matter where they are based.

“This is all utilising a more sustainable, multi-unit delivery model as we keep a close eye on our carbon footprint. Whilst we want to provide our service across the country – we want to deliver in the cleanest, greenest way possible.”


What really separates the best from the rest?

With over a decade of experience operating on the UK’s high-speed road network, we have proven our quality and capability for high-speed roadworks. Quality is an area where a business really has to practice what we preach, and we consistently step up to the plate and deliver in our field.

We practice what we preaches by way of our plethora of accreditations that displays its position as the perfect VMS and portable ITS partner for contractors operating on work sites and major schemes across the UK on our high-speed roads.

The importance of gaining such accreditations cannot be understated. In fact, these accreditations are mandatory to be able to supply products and services into the UK’s high-speed frameworks and schemes.

Holding such distinguished credentials guarantees, through independent audits that the correct practices around safety, quality and sustainability are present – crucial elements of working practice in highways. In an arena that can potentially be life-threating with subpar performance, it’s the investment in quality, reflected in industry recognised accreditations that separates the best from the rest.

Here, we take a look at some of the key marks of quality that we hold, meaning our customers can fully #TRUSTINMVIS when it comes to safety, quality, and sustainable practice.

ISO 9001: Quality Management

ISO 9001 is a globally recognised standard for quality management. It sets out the requirements for a quality management system that helps businesses to consistently deliver products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. We have achieved ISO 9001 certification, demonstrating its commitment to delivering high-quality services to its customers.

ISO 14001: Environmental Management

ISO 14001 is a standard for environmental management. It sets out the requirements for an environmental management system that helps businesses to minimise their environmental impact and comply with relevant environmental regulations. We have achieved ISO 14001 certification, demonstrating its commitment to minimising its environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices.

ISO 45001: Health & Safety Management

ISO 45001 is a standard for health and safety management. It sets out the requirements for a health and safety management system that helps businesses to provide safe and healthy workplaces and prevent work-related injuries and illnesses. We have achieved ISO 45001 certification, demonstrating its commitment to providing a safe and healthy workplace for its employees and contractors.


The Achilles audit is an independent assessment of a company’s health, safety, environmental, and quality (HSEQ) performance. Achilles audits are used by many large organisations to assess the HSEQ performance of their suppliers. We have undergone Achilles audit and has been deemed compliant with the requirements.


Achilles and SSIP share a dedication to promoting health and safety for construction workers, as well as reducing unnecessary cost and confusion in supply chain assurance. Alongside PAS91, the SSIP accreditation puts Achilles’ supply chain solutions at the forefront of standards in the UK construction industry.

Constructionline Platinum

Constructionline is a UK-based certification scheme for construction-related businesses. Constructionline Platinum is the highest level of certification awarded by Constructionline, indicating that a business has undergone rigorous checks to demonstrate its financial stability, technical competence, and adherence to relevant legislation and regulations. We have achieved Constructionline Platinum certification, demonstrating its competence and professionalism in the construction industry.

Rubber stamped…

We have demonstrated our commitment to providing high-quality services, minimising our environmental impact, providing a safe and healthy workplace, and adhering to relevant legislation and regulations. For customers looking for a reliable and professional ITS provider for high-speed roadworks, We are a trusted and accredited partner.

MVIS Group Commercial & Operations Director Anne Ashman told us:

“Our high-speed credentials are extensive and beyond our accreditations. This means we’ve garnered a reputation as being a trusted supplier nationally, which fits rather well with our #TRUSTINMVIS ethos.

“Having built a level of trust over the last decade, we’ll continue to invest in improvement and take a great deal of pride in the accreditations and credentials we’ve achieved in order to showcase that we’re trusted, dependable experts when it comes to high-speed environments.”

Project EDWARD and National Safe Speeds Day

Wednesday the 19th is National Safe Speed Day, which coincides with Day 3 of the #ProjectEdward campaign. #SafeSpeedsDay aims to encourage drivers to reflect on their driving and commit to making every journey a safe one that doesn’t exceed the speed limits. 

Project EDWARD is an initiative which promotes safety on our roads with this year’s theme being ‘Changing Minds, Changing Behaviour’. Its Week of Action began on Monday the 17th of October, with police forces across the UK increasing their speed enforcement activity, focusing on roads or areas that are known to be where speeding happens or where past incidents have occurred.  

As a company that prioritises safety, particularly with speed, showing our support for this initiative is important to us. Over the last 10 years, our ITS solutions have served the UK’s highways and helped to keep them safe. Products like our Radar Activated VMS, IVD Radar and HD Data Collection Radar can all be used to solve speed safety issues. 

Our Radar Activated VMS can be used to display a variety of vital messages, speed alerts and responsive information, all triggered by the driver’s speed. The VMS-AVMS-C and HD Compact VMS can all be integrated with radar to increase their capabilities whilst still maintaining all the fantastic features of our standard VMS.

There are lots of great benefits to Radar Activated VMS, such as the capability to detect speed and use the VMS-A’s messaging power for ‘Specific Speed Messaging’, where messages can be overridden with a speed roundel if a vehicle exceeds the set speed limit. When the unit detects the speed of an approaching vehicle, it alerts the driver of their speed and advises them to slow down if necessary. 

All our VMS also discreetly house a data collection radar which can collect vehicle logs on speed, time and date. By allowing users to identify traffic trends and risks, such as speed or volume of traffic, they can then take steps to solve them.


As a fleet operator, making sure that our drivers are driving safely and within the speed limit is crucial. This is why we’re proud to achieve a FORS Bronze accreditation, which shows our commitment to excellence in driver and vehicle safety, as well as efficiency and environmental protection.

If you’d like to learn more about how our Radar Activated VMS can solve your speed safety issues, or any of our other products for that matter, get in touch with our Sales team at 01629 580570 or by email at: sales@m-vis.co.uk

Learn more about Project EDWARD here: projectedward.org. Make sure to get involved and show your support by using the hashtag #ProjectEdward.