MVIS Supports The 2021 Sparkle Walk

It’s been another difficult year so far for charities who, for the first quarter at least, were still dealing with the impacts that social distancing was having on their ability to organise fundraisers.

During this difficult year, MVIS and Bartco UK have been supporting Ashgate Hospicecare with a range of fundraisers organised by ourselves as well offering our signs to help them promote events and important messages to the local area.

In recent months, as the UK has reopened again, fund raising events are back better than ever! The most recent event held by Ashgate was the annual 2021 Sparkle Walk, that saw 1500 people take to the streets of Chesterfield and walk in support of Ashgate. Whilst the amount raised is yet to be determined, it is sure to be substantial.

Our original 5-colour Bartco VMS-A has been of particular benefit to Ashgate Hospicecare, who have used several units to help promote events to the public throughout the year. However, with the Sparkle Walk, it’s different. Due to the scale of the annual Sparkle Walk, several main roads around the area are required to close.

4 of our VMS-A units were deployed 1 week prior to and during the road closures to give drivers warning, which due to how central these roads are to the local area, was an important thing to do.

Doing this offered a safer and potentially a more effective traffic control method due to our VMS-A’s LED lights and adjustable display mast, meaning it can be positioned perfectly for maximum exposure.

So far this year, the value of support MVIS has provided Ashgate Hospicecare through our signs has been £8,071 including delivery!

As Christmas approaches, we are working on exciting fundraising ideas that will contribute to the figure we have raised so far this year, adding to the Bake Off we will be concluding soon as well as the Car boot sale and the 17 mile High Peak Trail Walk completed by our UK Group Commercial and Operations Director, Anne Ashman earlier in the year.