Celebrating 2 years of Mizzy!

Celebrating staff retention and staff achievements is something that here at MVIS we are incredibly proud to be able to do. All of our team hold an integral part in maintaining our high standards and services, and being the leading VMS provider UK wide, we believe that it is our team that make us stand out from the rest within the industry.

In 2019 we decided to take on a new member of the Operations department to help our then Assistant Operations Manager, Dom Bridge, with his increased workload as our fleet grew to over 500 units and new builds were being developed in our Matlock HQ  in order to ensure that we were able to keep our market leading title, across the whole of the UK.

Mizzy came to us in August 2019 for an interview and it was decided that she was going to be a perfect addition to the team. With experience in customer relations and fast learning attributes, she was able to build and develop relationships with new and existing customers. Her confidence and charismatic personality has seen Mizzy being complimented and praised by customers and her team alike and which has made her a valued member our incredible work force.

We would like to say a big thankyou to Mizzy for the hard work that she has put into developing herself into her role over the last two years. We couldn’t hope for a better team here at MVIS, the commitment and dedication to each department is never over looked.