Celebrating 2 years of Sean!

In order to progress and continue to provide MVIS customers with the highest quality products and services within the industry, the company always looks for ways it can develop.

Since MVIS’s establishment in 2012, an external marketing company was used to provide MVIS with marketing strategies and build the companies online reputation. At the time it was perfect for the size of the company,  however in recent years the product catalogue has expanded and the hire fleet was grown, meaning a more hands-on approach was needed to reach current and potential customer’s online and branch into a more modern approach of being an independent company.

In 2019 MVIS’s then general Manager, Anne Ashman, decided to move away from using an external marketing agency and bring a new department into the rapidly growing company. Feeling the need to have someone internal portraying the company out to the market that knew MVIS inside out, she felt this could only ever be achieved by working within the organisation.

This led to the formation of the Marketing Department and employing Sean Brown as the Marketing Manager. With 8 years of experience in marketing, Sean was the perfect candidate to update and rebrand the external presence of MVIS, in his two years the company has seen a complete update of the marketing strategy, working closely with Anne and working in areas that an agency couldn’t have done, especially through the pandemic where a keen eye for adaptability whilst retaining sustainability was needed.

Taking on this role was going to be a large task for anybody. Sean’s vast knowledge in website design and SEO, let him easily take control of services that had previously been outsourced which meant that there was full engagement with current, new and potential clients in the fast-moving industry’s the company works in.

Sean`s tasks do not just include the upkeep of the marketing strategies but also include the training of his team, Tillie and  Ben. These last few years, Sean has passed on his knowledge and provided training sessions to them both.

Tillie said “Sean is amazing to work with; he likes to ensure that everything is done to the highest standard, implementing this in the marketing department has made Ben and I conscious of the work we do and the importance of a strong marketing department.”

Anne Ashman Commercial & Operations Director said “We want to say a big thank you for the effort that Sean has put into building the companies branding and reputation over the last two years, especially during the Covid pandemic, with daily changes coming from the government in 2020.  Every member of our team here at MVIS are what makes us stand out from the rest as we understand the importance of a strong, reliable task force when it comes to providing the UK with the highest quality products and solutions in the Intelligent Transport Business”.