2021 Charity Bake Off

Week 1

Taking advantage of every excuse to help our local community, here at MVIS and Bartco UK we have organised a true Bartvis style “Bake Off” where we are holding competitions weekly and voting to ultimately find the true master chef here at our Matlock HQ. Yearly Ashgate promotes their “Care for a cuppa” campaign, asking for support by hosting a cake sale. With this as our inspiration, we have asked the team for volunteers in competing to be our 2021 Master Baker and all proceeds dedicated to Ashgate.

Week 1 has commenced on 6th September 2021 and we have had a strong start to the competition with Juliette, Pip, and Cain bringing in their homemade masterpieces for the rest of the team to judge. Coming together on a Monday morning was a boost in morale as this is something that we haven’t been able to do over the past year so this competition is our chance at getting the team together in a friendly competition. This week’s winner going onto the next stage is…. Juliette with her homemade pastry!

Next week we have 3 more members of the team battling for a place in the finale!


Week 2 

 On this week’s “Bake off” we have had submissions from Anne, Tim and Tom. Another strong week and after being judged by the rest of the team, the winner was revealed as Tim with his homemade bourbon brownies! 

A lot of time and effort has gone into our team’s entries, with cinnamon swirls made by Tom and his little helpers over the weekend (who ate the first two batches for quality checks!) and a 5 layered rainbow cake made by Anne! Seeing the creations that the teams are entering each week and the effort that goes into making them is amazing, and choosing a winner each week is always a tough decision as they are all worthy winners! 


Week 3 

On the week commencing the 20th of September, we have had our second to last batch of bakers bring in their pieces for us to test. Each week it is getting harder and harder to nominate a winner, especially with this week’s Ben Ashman bringing in his homemade Vegan brownies, Sean Brown`s one-of-a-kind flapjacks and Rebecca Prince`s perfectly baked carrot cake, the votes were taken and the winner was announced as….  Sean Brown

This is our Second to last week of the bake-off before the final and we cant wait to see how much we have been able to raise for Ashgate.


Week 4

Todays Bake off, we had Tillie, Dom and Jacob bringing in their submissions. It’s been amazing seeing the different departments getting involved in baking and taking part in raising money for Ashgate, This was the last week of the Bake-off before the finale and all 3 submissions were worthy winners but it was our youngest resident, Jacob who is through to the final round! 

We also had the chance to vote for a winner over all from the last 3 weeks to join Jacob, Sean, Juliette and Tim in the finale and after putting it to a vote, the winner was…. Pip with her chocolate cake from round 1! 

Well done to everyone who has participated over the last weeks! We are looking forward to seeing who the winner in the final winner’s

round of our MVIS style Bake off! 


This week we have had our final round of the “Great MVIS Bake off”,  the previous winners were put to the test of doing a 12 piece traybake to determine the winner and we haven’t been disappointed! With all 5 entries we were lost for words with both the presentation and professionalism in their work that we were forced to cast a vote twice and still weren’t able to pick one to be the overall winner! 

Each of the team brought in a completely unique piece which really radiates the team spirit here at MVIS, and the generosity of our staff for getting involved in this 5 week bake off all in the name of charity! 

So we want to say a massive thank you to each member of the team who has gotten involved and a round of applause to all who have gotten to the final. This leads us to announce our winners of the 2021 “Great MVIS Bake off”….. Pip Wood and Tim Hill!