MVIS Continues to support Local Authorities with ITS technology in a return to Tier System

The pressure is on for everyone right now to keep infection rates as low as possible. With COVID-19 tearing a hole through 2020, we all look to Christmas for some slight reprieve from the isolating and fearful conditions that this year has brought us. As everyone does their bit in this fight, local authorities focus on trying to spread the right message rather than the virus, with information being one of the main tools we have to overcome this.

Local authorities all over the UK are turning to MVIS to help, our portable ITS technology offers solutions to these specific range of issues we are having now, from crowd control to site management. Our variable message signs (VMS) can be deployed in key areas to maximise the impact of messages, which can be changed quickly and easily by your team or ours, allowing you to keep up to date as the guidelines change.

Depending on the tier your local authority is in, we can recommend certain products to be used that will help to de-escalate the situation. For example, Tier 3, ‘Very High’ is the most serious and therefore may call for the use of our wider product range. VMS, ANPR and CCTV maybe deployed to help at this level of severity, each tackling a different application.

Areas in Tier 2 may look to deploy our VMS to prevent the escalation into Tier 3 using emotive and impactful messages, such as the ones seen in Bolton just prior to the Tier system being introduced.

Tier 1, Medium alert, is currently the lowest used tier. This tier will likely be most used as infection rates go down, marking an improvement in the situation. However, that is a critical time in management of the virus and whilst local authorities may look to decrease their measures, it would be a bad time to remove them. Therefore, we still recommend a level of portable VMS support to remind people to not lose their focus.

To learn more about how MVIS can help you spread the right information in your community rather than the virus in the lead up to the Christmas period, please contact us via our contact form.

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