Portable VMS help with Parking and Traffic management under COVID-19 Conditions

One familiar application of portable variable message signs (VMS) we have been seeing an increase in this year is for parking. As coronavirus has cast doubt and confusion on many aspects of life we used to take for granted, there has never been more need for clarity on our roads and in our car parks. This is where MVIS have been assisting; our portable VMS offer a range of traffic management benefits for applications like parking. 

During these times, certain buildings, shops and high streets may be closed, subject to different opening times or have different entry policies, all of which are useful to be informed of in car parks. Car parks are being increasingly utilised as a central point to communicate important information for general safety or regarding COVID guidelines. This is especially helpful in areas such as retail parks, where, as the situation changes, there may not be much clarity regarding which stores are open and which are not.

Car parks are an ideal location to deploy certain ITS units, such as our portable VMS or portable CCTV for any number of reasons. Working together, site managers can use the CCTV to monitor the car park even in low light. They can respond to situations as they occur using messages or pictograms displayed on the VMS, which can be updated quickly and easily using a mobile device or web browser. 

Especially important for retail and local authorities, car parks offer an important opportunity to convey important information to drivers and pedestrians. This opportunity can even be utilised as a service, in being used as part of a socially distanced or contact free click and collect service, or a patient call out system for hospitals, for example.


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