Helping keep Christmas COVID-Safe with Variable Message Signs

With Christmas right around the corner, Local Authorities are left with a big responsibility in helping to keep order and safety in communities, with the festive holiday presenting a vast risk in the spread of the virus.

As we emerge from another UK lockdown, our Portable Variable Message Signs (VMS) have been heavily relied upon by Local Authorities to help with the spread of information and the right message. Indeed, we have not only seen a huge increase in deployments for COVID applications, but the media too have also identified the power our signs can have, resulting in their use for photos in international news media ranging from the BBC to CNN.

The reason for this is clear; our signs are an effective and useful way to help get messages across, even in photographs, as the media can attest to. Available in 3 different sizes depending on requirements and with the largest fleet of portable VMS in the UK, MVIS can supply units for a wide range of applications within a COVID-19 setting, especially in areas that are likely to be busy during the Christmas period.

These applications include-

  • Communicating Tier specific rules
  • Blocking streets off
  • Staggering footfall
  • Traffic management
  • Pedestrian marshalling
  • Social distancing safety notices
  • Building opening & closing announcements
  • Queueing systems

Our signs are solar powered too, making them environmentally friendly. Requiring no fixed power source, our portable VMS can be deployed in highly targeted locations in your area, allowing Local Authorities the opportunity to concentrate resources in high risk areas to help combat the further spread of the virus.

What’s more is that all messages are programmed remotely without the need to attend site, using a mobile device or web browser which can be done by yourselves or our team. Once updated, our units display changes within seconds, and even the scope of what sort of message that can be displayed is incredibly vast, being ideal for text or pictograms, with multiple colour options available to help with emphasis and impact.

covid-19 do not mix with other households

MVIS have an incredible service record when it comes to delivering solutions for major highways projects, high profile events and for Local Authority traffic management applications, not to mention the COVID deployments we have seen this year. As a result, we have built on a range of experiences and skills that makes us perfectly equipped with the right training and credentials to deliver a premium level service to all of our customers, no matter how big or small the project, which is especially important when it comes to the safety for our team and the general public.

This experience, gained over more than 8 years of service in the industry, has allowed us to develop a keen ability to understand the needs of our customers, boasting a reputation for ‘platinum level service’ that we always look to improve with customer feedback and an extremely high priority on training, safety and compliance.

With our strategically located depots, we can deploy our signs at short notice, and we support our customers with a 24/7 support line. Our installation teams work alone, they do not come in to contact with members of the public and risk assessments are completed to ensure their full safety and social distancing.

To learn more about how MVIS can help you spread the right information in your community rather than the virus in the lead up to the Christmas period, please contact us via our contact form.

Alternatively, you can email us via