MVIS and Customers Help to Reduce Carbon

Back in May, we celebrated our membership of the Carbon Club, an initiative established by Forest Carbon that allows organisations and businesses an opportunity to address their carbon footprint in a long lasting and effective way.

Purchasing ‘carbon credits’ allows Forest Carbon to plant trees and create new woodlands in the UK on our behalf, which will sequester greenhouse gases from the atmosphere in the years to come.

We are also committing to the initiative fully by buying extra credits and planting more trees for any long term contracts our customers place with us. This has a very powerful effect as time goes on, allowing both MVIS and our customers to help the environment for many years, as well as helping to restore habitats for wildlife that is local to the plant sites, increasing biodiversity, protecting against floods and improving river ecosystems.

Forest Carbon have planted over 10 million new trees in 200+ new woodlands since 2006 with their partners, removing over 2 million tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere. Their woodland schemes can be found all over the UK, bringing these benefits to everyone who lives here not just now, but also in future as the cumulative impact from the trees compound each year.

Being part of such a forward-thinking scheme allows our customers to benefit from supporting an environmentally focused supplier who engages with their responsibilities, which for many of our customers is a very important aspect for their environmental commitments too. Understanding that their supply chain is committed to the environment to such an extent allows them to be safe in the knowledge that working with us is helping to reduce their carbon footprint.

Since May 2021, the trees that the Carbon Club have planted on our behalf has helped to capture a total of 13.6 tonnes of CO2, helping to plant approximately 54 trees, covering 0.1 hectares of land in the UK.

Anne Ashman, UK Group Commercial and Operations Director commented, “It’s fantastic to be able to offer our customers an opportunity to give back to the environment as they hire our solutions. Such a policy not only helps the environment but it’s also excellent customer service, as it’s helping to give our customers something very important that isn’t directly related to our services.”

Anne adds, “We can only hope that more businesses going forward take this approach as these issues become increasingly important for the long term sustainability of the economy and more importantly, the future of the planet.”

To help enforce the commitments spelled out in our Corporate Social Responsibility policy, we go further than that just what is expected from us by our ISO in environmental management (14001:2015).

We have recently reviewed our environmentally friendly policies in light of COP26 and our involvement with the Balfour Beatty Sustainable Evolution Showcase, detailing many of the environmental practices we currently undertake and their impact.

For more information about MVIS environmental policies, please see the ‘Environment’ section on our Safety Hub.