Product Integrations from MVIS & Bartco UK

The MVIS / Bartco UK group are well known in the industry for bringing cutting edge innovations to the market that help to raise safety standards across the board. Some of our latest product innovations have seen great success already, such as the launch of the HD Compact VMS version 2 in 2020.

However, there is one area of product development that has been seeing particular success within the group, and that is with our product integrations.

Product integrations form the foundation of our solutions that include the Solar IP, as well as offering enormous added value when it comes to our portable variable message signs, separating them from competing portable VMS.

The Solar IP by its nature is built for integrations. Offering a solar powered, trailer-based power bank that can be combined with other technologies to grant them portability. Whilst we do sell and hire the Solar IP to customers for integration with their existing technologies, we also have worked on our own integrations in partnership with other companies to hire and sell in their own right.

A recent example of this can be found with our Portable Low Light CCTV, which was developed in partnership with 360 Vision, using their Invictus HD camera.

The camera itself offers a fully ruggedized housing, with exceptional build quality. The toughened optical glass window features a wiper and its Pan & Tilt gearbox is ultra-reliable and resilient. Its integrated high-performance IR lights with intelligent control enables powerful performance in low light conditions.

As a result of the low power demands of this unit, it is able to perform to extended run times using our Solar IP as a power source, filling a strong market requirement for a CCTV product that is also portable, solar powered and has a much clearer image than seen in previous solutions in the market.

We have also recently developed a Portable IVD (Individual Vehicle Data) Radar, which employs proven enforcement-grade radar & measurement techniques to track & measure speed, length, lane/direction of individual targets.

The Portable IVD can replace intrusive high-maintenance loops and other radar mounting options with its use of the Solar IP, which serves as its power source. The applications of this solution are far reaching, offering sectors such as traffic management and events a solution that can meet such specific but common requirements.

Our VMS have also seen some drastic improvements in recent years, with a number of integrations that bring added value to their functionality.

One of these has been the Portable CCTV VMS Solution, which discreetly integrates a CCTV camera with our VMS-A, allowing you to have eyes on the ground without having to be physically present on-site, creating a surveillance and feedback solution that can be used to monitor and respond to situations quickly.

A very recent integration option has been the ITS Environmental Sensor, which can actually be integrated to any of our solutions and offers clients the ability to monitor the external environment, producing a wide range of air pollution data that can be used to inform and direct on issues of air pollution safety.

This solution is a low-cost system that offers the ability to build a high-density ambient air quality monitoring network that records data in real-time.

Integrating this sensor with any of our ITS solutions allows us to offer clients effective, multi-functional units that bring not just the benefits of the sensors themselves to portable applications, but also all the functionality of the products they are integrated with.

This is especially practical, as in many cases where environmental data is required, other ITS solutions would enhance safety or are already being used.

These product developments are a testament to our commitment to improvement and our customers. We continuously strive to offer our clients the very best with our products and service, giving rise to new and improved solutions that will offer added value to clients of all sizes.

Tom Hooton, Research and Development Manager for the group comments, “We are well known for bringing new innovations to the industry, such as the HD Compact back in 2016 which offered the first compact portable VMS to the market. We have not stopped innovating and have developed many important solutions that meet a variety of needs. Integrations form the backbone of these innovations as we look to improve what we do best, bringing added value to our products for our customers ”

He continues, “The next few years are going to be very exciting for us as we bring more solutions to the market that make use of our already multifunctional ITS fleet.”