The Great MVIS Bake Off Begins

This year we’re back with another charity baking competition, The Great MVIS Bake Off. Inspired by the TV show, this year the competition is being stepped up a few gears, with more rounds, more people and a different theme each week. 

Last year’s Bake Off competition went down a treat with the team as it was the first time in a long time that everyone could come together. In the 5 man finale, Pip and Tim narrowly beat out the rest and were crowned winners. Will Tim be looking to win again this year? 

This year’s competition will last for 11 weeks instead of 5, starting today on the 17th of October and finishing with a final on the 21st of December. There are 12 members of the MVIS and Bartco UK team taking part, and they will be split into groups of 3, with 2 people from each group advancing into the next round. The team can buy a slice of their favourite bakes for £1, with all of the money raised going to Ashgate Hospice

The schedule is as follows: 

To kick things off in Week 1, Ben, Chris and Juliette each baked and brought in a delicious cake of their choice. In contention was Ben with his Lotus Biscoff cake, Juliette with her chocolate cream cake and Chris with his Halloween-themed chocolate tray cake. 

A slice from each cake was cut up into small pieces and tasted by the entire team, who then had to write down their favourite on a piece of paper to vote.

After carefully counting up the votes, the winners of The Great MVIS Bake Off Week 1 were…Ben with his Lotus Biscoff cake and Juliette with her chocolate cream cake! Ben’s Lotus Biscoff cake went down particularly well with the team, which earned him an incredible 8 votes. 

Stay tuned for Week 2 where Ben K, Alex and Tim will be baking some brilliant biscuits! Ben and Juliette will be advancing into the second round, with Ben baking again in Week 5, Spice Week and Juliette in Week 6, Botanical Week. 

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