Celebrating 5 Years of Tillie!

Back in February this year, we celebrated the 21st birthday of one of our team members, Tillie Woolliscroft. This month marks 5 years since Tillie has been with MVIS and we thought there was no better opportunity to review her progress since turning 21!

In February, we shone a spotlight on Tillie’s professional progress her time with us. Since then, she has gone on to achieve even more, not just for the company, but also for her own development.

Tillie began working at MVIS as an apprentice back in 2016 aged only 16, working under the supervision of Dom Bridge as a Customer Service and Operations apprentice.

During this time, Tillie also took on the role of bringing our more creative campaigns to life, particularly those around Christmas time. It was her affinity for these creative tasks that gave then General Manager, now Commercial and Operations Director at MVIS, Anne Ashman the idea to transition Tillie into a role that made more use of these skills. Whilst Tillie’s customer service skills were impeccable, it was understood that her professional development would be better channeled in a role that brought her artistic flair to the surface in a more ‘hands-on’ way.

As a result, it was decided in late 2019 that Tillie would transition into the newly formed Marketing department as Marketing Assistant, working under the guidance and training of Marketing Manager, Sean Brown.

Tillie’s professional development has taken a high priority internally in order to better utilise the obvious creative talent she has. This has involved approaching her development in several different ways, including CDP academic training, personal study and on the job experience.

Since February, Tillie has taken her development to the next level, by enrolling onto a Digital Marketing Level 3 Apprenticeship course as well as progressing along the Adobe training program she started earlier in the year.

Through her consistent commitment to her work, Tillie has developed an entirely new skills set that makes the most out of her talents in a way that her previous role only facilitated in a limited capacity.

Working in a marketing role has allowed Tillie to expand her knowledge and experience of marketing disciplines such as web design, SEO, social media and even copy writing, making her a versatile member of staff and a skilled marketer.

Sean comments, “It is so rewarding seeing Tillie develop. Even since February I have seen a huge improvement on her already fantastic grounding in her skills. The more time goes on, the more proficient Tillie becomes. I’m excited to seeing what the future holds as she develops her skills further.”

Anne Ashman adds, “In the 5 years Tillie has worked with us, I have seen her grow from a timid youngster into a strong and independent woman who has achieved so much. We are all so proud to have Tillie as part of the MVIS family.”

Everyone at MVIS congratulates Tillie on this amazing milestone as we look forward to the next one!