Focus on MVIS / Bartco UK Group Management Team

In the 9 years MVIS have been serving the UK’s messaging needs, we have grown as a company, expanding our team to better accommodate demand for our products and services. The MVIS management team are no exception and has seen new team members join the ranks in recent years.

Long standing management team members also continue to train and upskill, understanding that as the business and economy changes, so too should employees so everyone can continue to uphold standards of safety and quality in every area of the business.

In this post, we take a look at the MVIS management team and what they bring to the company at a time when it is at its biggest.

Anne Ashman – UK Group Commercial and Operations Director

Anne Ashman has been with the company since it started as Colour Mobile VMS back in 2011. Originally starting with us as Office Manager, Anne has climbed in the ranks over the years to her current position of UK Group Commercial and Operations Director, overseeing both UK companies and the teams within them as well as serving as a member of the executive management team, representing the UK companies and their staff to the owners of the group companies.

As the central nexus for the MVIS and Bartco UK machines, Anne’s quick thinking and problem-solving skills are a valuable asset for the companies as a whole and her leadership skills have always been an asset when it comes to leading her team and especially stepping up as a leader during the pandemic.

Throughout Anne’s time with MVIS and Bartco UK, she has been responsible for writing and implementing the strategies, policies and procedures, along with recruiting all the staff in the teams that have led the companies to such success over the years. Anne’s dedication to ‘best practise’ also oversees the quality the team delivers to our customers, with her ‘pet hate’ being bad service, Anne often pulls the team up if she feels we are not giving the best service we can as a company.

Anne also places a huge priority on the physical and mental safety of her teams, resulting in a very focused approach to training and qualifications. If our teams are not trained properly, it can cost lives – and not just their lives.

If the incorrect information, for example, is displayed on one of our traffic signs, or if the information is presented in a way that is not compliant with legal frameworks, it could result in a highly dangerous outcome for our team and the wider public.

Anne takes these potential consequences very seriously and understands that this responsibility can’t be matched with a ‘catch all’ or lazy approach to training.

By supporting the development of staff in the way that we do, Anne also offers them a level of job satisfaction that keeps employees with the companies long term and creates consistency for the benefit of customers, stakeholders and the staff themselves.

Graeme Lee – Sales Director

Graeme Lee started back in 2012 after the Olympics project when the company had a minimal customer database.

Since then, Graeme has worked hard to ensure the company’s growth. Being a major player in getting MVIS and Bartco UK to where it is now, he has recently been promoted to Sales Director in recognition of his work. As Sales Director, Graeme is required to manage the new sales team, ensuring that they are working to their best and the company is utilising each person’s skillset.

During his time with the company, Graeme has attended trade shows and built strong relationships through customer visits and contact. He has single-handedly built a large customer database and made traction with all the major tier 1 contracts, which clearly shows in our Major Projects Timeline.

Graeme is not only well liked and trusted within the company, but also within the industry. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge of over 15+ years of working within the rental and sales highways and TM industry.

Dom Bridge – Operations Manager

Dom Bridge started with MVIS in 2013 as an admin apprentice and over the years has completed several courses, including his CMI Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership.

Having been involved in as much delivery planning for events, major projects, high speed works and TM has equipped Dom with a solid knowledge of how the organisation works and how things are supposed to be done.

Dom’s reliability, attention to detail, organisation skills and unshakeable attitude really does make him exceptional in the role of Operations Manager.

Nothing is too much trouble for him, and he will always find a solution for our customer’s enquiries. His peers all speak highly of him and he really is Anne’s right-hand person, working with her on the ISO systems since they were achieved and making sure all staff work to the processes in place.

Mark Ashbee – London Depot Manager


Mark Ashbee joined us in 2015 and has since used his hard-working attributes in helping lead our southern depot to success by enforcing his strong work ethic within his team and always offering a hand, no matter how large the task.

Mark’s main job roles include; delivering, servicing and collecting our portable VMS units along with helping on sales innovation depot visits. Over the past 6 years we have been often credited for Mark’s polite and attentive attitude towards our customers and other staff members.

Mark’s attitude and eagerness in the field is what comes to mind when thinking about MVIS growth and expansion. He embodies the MVIS ethos in his work and there is no one more fitting than Mark for the role of London Depot Manager. Ensuring the smooth running of a depot is a big task but Mark has never failed to keep MVIS rising above our competitors.

Sean Brown – Marketing Manager

Sean Brown started with the group back in late 2019 to help build the companies’ in-house marketing department after years of agency management.

Since starting, Sean has taken on a wide range of responsibilities and implemented new systems, policies and upgrades relevant to our marketing and sales departments. Sean is also responsible for the development of the marketing team to ensure that we have strong marketing skills in-house.

With over 8 years marketing management experience and specialising in marketing infrastructure, he has a spectrum of skills useful to the company that previously weren’t honed in-house, allowing MVIS and Bartco UK to be more creative, responsive and dynamic than ever.

Sean has also taken a leading role in our Lead Generation operations over the past year. As demand for our products and services changed during the pandemic, Sean was on-hand to not only produce the material for new products, but also re-brand existing products with relevant selling points and benefits to better accommodate the new applications for our technology.

Tom Hooton – Research and Development Manager

Joining Bartco UK in 2014, Tom Hooton has both grown within the company and helped the company grow, being instrumental in ground-breaking changes to our ITS solutions that have helped to drive the company forward. Whether it’s developing new products and solutions or find ways to improve our existing units with our warehouse team, we know that Tom is there to pass on his knowledge and experience to all departments, having time and patience for his co-workers.

Beginning his journey with us as Delivery and Maintenance Support, Tom has continuously developed within his role over the past 7 years, most recently taking on a Level 5 Apprenticeship in Management to accompany his role as Research and Development Manager, which he was promoted to from Technical Supervisor earlier in the year.

His initiative, determination and ability to think outside of the box has seen Tom develop his knowledge in using CAD software and with this has developed new, bespoke solutions. Tom also holds on-site cards such as his CSCS and Highways England Passport and he has a hands-on approach when it comes to understanding all of our units.

Being with us for 7 years shows Tom’s dedication to his role here with us. Monitoring the industry for the newest innovations, gaps in the market and other opportunities, he ensures that he is aware of the latest technologies so that we can stay cutting edge, competitive and of course, helpful to our customers.