The Original 5-Colour VMS

MVIS is well known in the industry for bringing innovations to market – from the industry’s first smaller footprint unit of its class with the HD Compact, to the Solar IP, which offers the industry a portable solar powered power bank. However, we must never forget the company’s beginnings, which are found in the original 5-colour Bartco portable variable message signs all the way back in 2012.  

The Bartco brand has a reputation for quality across the UK, and has done for many years, being trusted by a range of industries, local authorities, traffic management and events companies. Sister company Bartco AU were the first company to manufacture 5-colour portable variable message signs, with MVIS being the first to bring them to the UK market.

As a result, we have forged relationships with our clients that are underpinned by the quality of our products and our service. Part of the reason we are able to provide such a quality service for our clients is owed to our quality products, which means maintenance and repairs are kept to a minimum, allowing our team to focus largely on service rather than having to deal with unreliable products taking up their time.

Original 5-colour Bartco signs are versatile, reliable under all conditions and easy to set up and operate. They also offer impact, choice and the flexibility to use red, green, blue and white as well as standard amber.

Since the launch of the first iteration of the original 5-colour Bartco sign, the market has expanded to include units with similar functionality from competitors. However, there are still aspects of our signs that make them unique.

Original 5-colour Bartco signs feature tilting solar panels and a solar charging system designed for the weather and environment of the country they operate in. Signs are also monitored and configured using our proprietary browser-based Web Studio or Bartco Live smart phone app.

Although simple to use, signs also pack in a wealth of technology, including a data collection radar, a single plug & play control module and a bright, low power consuming LED display.

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