MVIS Helps Plant a Future with the Carbon Club

As an organisation, we are always looking for ways to improve our contribution to the community, in line with our commitments as a responsible business.

In an effort to address our carbon footprint, we have looked to Forest Carbon, who have an initiative called ‘Carbon Club’, which was set up to allow smaller organisations and businesses to address their climate impact.

Purchasing ‘carbon credits’ allows Forest Carbon to plant trees and create new woodlands in the UK on our behalf, which will sequester greenhouse gases (GHGs) from the atmosphere in the years to come.

Whilst not fully offsetting our operations yet, we are moving in the right direction to position ourselves for full carbon neutrality over the next few years.

Doing this allows our customers to also benefit from our activities, offering them an environmentally focused supplier who engages with environmental responsibilities, which for many of our customers is a very important aspect for their environmental commitments too.

But we don’t stop there. Having quality checks done on all of our suppliers and using local suppliers is a small thing that we do to nurture the relationship between the company and society.

Our social responsibility to the local surroundings means always being on the lookout for actions that we can take to improve our impact on the environment. During our staff training we like to discuss what further actions we can take in becoming more environmentally friendly and due to this we currently have a bee house and flower bed alongside a hedgehog house, small actions which may be overlooked however giving back to the environment and local wildlife is vital in working towards a cleaner, safer world.

When it comes to day to day works and our carbon footprint, we try and give back to our environment as much as possible. We promote an in-house recycling scheme and use flatbed transit vans for deliveries and collections of our units.

These vans allow us to be able to transport multiple units in one single trip, minimising fuel consumption and time on the roads. Equipping our units with directional solar panels as well as batteries means that they can be powered completely by solar, reducing the battery changes needed on longer hires and aiding to our reduced carbon footprint.

An additional aspect of corporate responsibility that we have been addressing head-on recently is our local environment. Partaking in litter picks, ensuring our local wildlife system is thriving around our Matlock HQ and also having energy-efficient lighting and heating installed within the business are a few ways that we keep on top of to give back to our community.

For more information about our environmental policies, please see the ‘Environment’ section on our Safety Hub.