MVIS | Pioneering real-time journey time information continues to keep England moving

 Delivering vital information to Britain’s drivers has always been crucial. Whether roadworks are being undertaken, an accident has occurred, or there’s simply a case of congestion, keeping our road network users in the know about what lies ahead is paramount to safety of both roadworkers and road users alike.

Pioneers in journey time solutions, MVIS – in partnership with Highways England in 2016 – developed the NTIS DATEX II Portable Journey Time Variable Message Sign (PJTVMS) Solution.

The NTIS DATEX II generates real-time journey time information for road users using fused data from the National Traffic Information Service (NTIS).

The system was the first of its kind to enable real-time journey time information from the NTIS to be displayed on portable variable message signs (VMS).

Accuracy and Specificity

Fully compliant with HE’s Major Project Instruction MPI-54-062016, the NTIS DATEX II PJTVMS solution displays journey time information, refreshed at five-minute intervals for the most up to date delivery of situational goings on.

The journey time solution can be implemented on any number of MVIS’ VMS-C units along major project schemes over four kilometres in length to keep road users informed of the travel time to the end of the road works, congestion or other delays.

Messages regarding congestion or other delays are reported as specifically as being within their near vicinity, ensuring the messages displayed remain solely relevant to the area affected.

Adaptability & Flexibility

Additionally, the NTIS DATEX II PJTVMS solution allows alternative messages to be displayed if the maximum journey time is exceeded. Email alerts can be sent to multiple recipients to keep them fully up to date, enabling them to personally override journey time messages if required using the MVIS WebStudio™.

Furthermore, the NTIS DATEX II PJTVMS solution allows for the overriding of displayed messages at any time, should other messages become of greater importance in the midst of a specific scenario.

With current messaging across our road network also incorporating safety messages and bulletins regarding COVID-19, the NTIS DATEX II PJTVMS solution continues to further showcase its capability when it comes to delivering not only highway related messages, but critical government guidelines.

Anne Ashman, UK Group Commercial and Operations Director told us:

“Up to date, accurate information has been at the forefront of everybody’s minds over the last 12 months, both on and off our roads. We know how critical it is to have people informed for both road user safety, as well as the safety of any working operatives in the vicinity.

“The solution and it’s up to date delivery of information eases driver frustration and sets expectation accordingly for the journey ahead. This in turn prevents potential accidents arising from impatience, protecting everyone affected by the situation.

“We were extremely proud to collaborate with Highways England on the development of the NTIS DATEX II Portable Journey Time Solution and we’re delighted to see it continue to deliver across the UK road network, evolving alongside the ever changing challenges we face.”