MVIS offers more with HIAB access

MVIS have a solid reputation for platinum level service. As part of this, we work hard to ensure that what we have to offer our customers is exactly what they need and more. We have built this reputation over many years of serving clients on projects of all sizes and our commitment to service has brought us a large base of repeat customers, which has allowed us to understand them even more as time goes on.  

Over the years we have brought new products and solutions to market with customers in mind and we have also worked on our service provision for the same reason, allowing us to be more versatile and accommodating for projects of many kinds. This has allowed us to offer a more rounded service to all as we move towards fulfilling the full spectrum of requirements in our field.

One of the ways we have worked on this in recent years has been through obtaining access to HIAB loader cranes. Our specially trained HIAB operatives and slinger signalers allow us to offer more when it comes to the delivery, installation and removal of our products.

This enables us to deploy multiple portable Variable Message Signs and other technologies in locations that can be difficult to reach or get to by a standard delivery vehicle, like for example, behind motorway barriers. In many cases, such locations can be a lot safer for both the unit itself and the general public, making this an ideal location for deployment.  

Unlike with other portable VMS and ITS suppliers, hiring with MVIS means that the customer is not expected to supply their own access to HIAB loader cranes, saving on hassle and cost.

If you would like to know more information about our access to HIAB loader cranes or about how our solutions can help you, please get in touch with the team at MVIS on 01629 580 570 or email