Mental Health Awareness Week 2024

This week (13 – 19 May) sees the return of Mental Health Awareness Week for 2024. With this year’s focus being on Movement. Since 2001 the Mental Health Foundation has shone the spotlight on mental health across the UK. Each year, they encourage millions of people to take part, from schools and further education, private & public sectors as well as families and individuals.  

 Here at MVIS we go the extra mile to ensure that we protect the mental health and wellbeing of staff with our monthly Journey to Wellbeing tasks. Working in an industry that suffers from high suicide rates, it is of vital importance that we stay one step ahead when it comes to mental health. The initiative, which was introduced by National Highways back in 2023 has seen the team take part in a host of different tasks with the aim of improving mental health by communicating and working as a team. Each year National Highways releases a yearly planner to follow with tasks which we have adapted to best suit our workforce and to increase communication. These include: Game Show style challenges, quizzes and even outdoor team games such as Rounders and Cricket. 

 Over the years, we have taken several steps to safeguard our team’s well-being and mental health. One of the things we’ve done to support our team is by giving them access to 3 qualified mental health first aiders. Our mental health first aiders are Rebecca Prince Purchasing – Supervisor, Jon Larkins, our Midlands and Northern Hub Manager and our Commercial and Operations Director, Anne Ashman 

 Along with these measures, the MVIS team also have access to the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), an anonymous advice and support service offered by Peninsula where staff are able to access structured counselling should it ever be needed. If you feel that you may need advice or support on your mental health, some helpful links will be included below.  

 Anne Ashman said, “The mental health of our team is one of our top priorities and these initiatives provide the ideal opportunity for them to have a break and spend some time together. Here at MVIS we have been working with our staff for a long time now on ways we can best safeguard their mental health and wellbeing, which has helped us build the support system we have in place today.” 


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