The lowdown on MVIS Web Studio

As the world readies itself for smart cities, controlled and governed by centralised networks, MVIS is already putting that power at your fingertips with our Web Studio. This unique sign management system is incorporated into our VMS systems, offering an unprecedented level of control and responsiveness.

Web studio means that traffic can be notified of developing situations from any WiFi enabled device, whether it’s a laptop, smart phone or tablet.

The user is provided with a detailed interactive map of their whole connected system. From there it’s possible to zoom in individually and closely observe the operation of each sign, or to take a further overview and adjust signs as necessary in groups.

Also enabled is the monitoring of radar devices, designed to help with data capture or alleviate traffic congestion. The speed can be set and changed remotely, or even scheduled in advance.

If you have a large number of signs to manage, with the potential for quick changes of situation, Web Studio’s centralized control is essential for you. It’s why police forces, local authorities and traffic agencies continue to work with MVIS and with Web Studio that flexibility is never more than a click away.