How the Solar Intelligent Platform is leading the way in ITS

In situations that require a combination of temporary intelligent traffic systems, MVIS Solar Intelligent Platform delivers unrivalled flexibility.

This innovative mobile product allows the user to select their preferred combination of any number of items from MVIS’ portfolio of ANPR, CCTV, and radar, with the confidence that the will all work seamlessly with the Solar Intelligent Platform. Further versatility and customization is added by the potential to easily alter the equipment housed in the platform to best meet the user’s needs.

With cutting-edge 250W solar PV panels specifically designed to optimize UV light the system can incorporate a 12V, 24V or 48V battery. This leading technology creates a comprehensive system that does not depend on an external power supply and is also silent in operation.

Its negligible environmental effects, its reliability and its ease to deploy make the Solar Intelligent Platform a perfectly suited option to a large variety of traffic and event management applications.