Here at MVIS & Bartco UK, we understand that the key to a thriving business starts and ends with those on the inside. Each of our departments is a vital cog in what we do and what we have been able to achieve and work towards in our forever adapting business.

Since day one we have prioritised the mental health of our team, arranging regular staff meetings for us to reconnect on a professional level but also organising events and casual meetups to get to know each other not only as colleagues but develop personal relationships outside of the working environment. In 2019 we partook in a local event where small businesses came together for the “Corporate Games” this sporting event allowed us to work as a team to win points and even saw us winning the final score due to our teamwork. We believe that these types of team building social events help us bond and develop a deeper appreciation of the team as a whole.

We continuously work towards being a socially responsible organisation and have taken this very seriously. Our Corporate Social Responsibility commitment sees us focusing on prioritising our efforts in giving back to society and the environment.

With this, we have developed our “Safe Mind Safe Body” initiative which is there to encourage all of our staff to work safe and smart, be it on site, in the office or in the warehouse. Our staff’s morale is vital in maintaining our award winning customer service which is why we have trained mental health first aiders at hand who are always there if any of our staff need to blow off some steam or need some advice.

This past year has been difficult for every business, but we understand that it is people’s individual lives that have been affected too. Because of this, we have been keen to ensure that moral is a topic that we don’t shy away from. Each morning we engage in a daily call via Microsoft Teams to not only share our daily workload but to allow people to maintain a sense of stability, as we appreciate that working from home can be difficult to separate work life from home life. We have also sourced an external means of offering advice and discussing personal issues an this is, Peninsula’s services, giving us a  well-rounded approach to our team’s wellbeing. And in addition, another service we have sought out at the end of 2020 is the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Outside of the working hours, we have organised multiple ways for our team to be able to unwind. These activities have meant that we can maintain our strong relationship between staff members. We have done this by engaging in regular online games, birthday parties and chit chats. This is something that we have been able to use to our advantage as it means we can try and maintain a degree of “normality” but in a COVID safe way.