Delivering New Solutions for New Problems

As the COVID-19 lockdown eased, retail stores throughout the country faced new challenges, one of the most important being the ability to communicate vital information to customers quickly and easily.

In recent months, MVIS have been working with the retail industry to develop ways we can apply our technology to solving these new challenges, helping to clear up the confusion that customers were facing as more business were granted permission to open their doors once again.

New Leaf Plant Centre in Dronfield, only a stone’s throw away from our Matlock HQ, reopened back in May but had an understandable number of concerns about keeping customers informed of business critical information.

The VMS-A was advised by MVIS due to the size of New Leaf’s car park. Indeed their site is quite large and could accommodate the footprint of a VMS-A easily, offering a larger screen than our HD Compact, which is the unit we would normally look to for such an application, especially in densely built-up areas where space is limited.

Phil Spencer, Manager at New Leaf commented, “The unit delivers a crisp, clear and concise message to customers which is highly visible and easy to read. It cannot be missed.”

The large space of New Leaf’s car park offered the perfect opportunity to deploy a VMS-A; it’s larger, 4-line, 5 colour display allowed for more complex messages and larger pictograms, further increasing the value of the solution to drivers as well as pedestrians.

The VMS unit helps New Leaf Plant Centre to:

  • Keep customers well informed, minimising inconvenience & confusion
  • Keep queues stress free and efficient as possible
  • Keep staff safe by communicating information to customers

Phil continues, “This sign has been key in delivering our core messages […] MVIS have been invaluable to our re-opening and has clearly reinforced our commitment to the Health & Safety of our staff and customers.”

He adds, “The unit was delivered promptly and set up quickly and efficiently by George with our message pre-loaded by the office and requires no maintenance by ourselves. It even switches on and off on its own. […] We are forever grateful to MVIS for the quality of service, support and quality of the product with its ability to deliver what we wanted every day without fail.”

On behalf of MVIS, our Marketing Manager, Sean Brown said: “It’s always great seeing new uses for our technology and the cornerstone of this is found in us having a good understanding of the client’s needs, then working with them on ways we can apply our solutions to them specifically. Building the relationships that allows us to understand these needs is where this starts. As we explore new industries, we are eager to highlight that we are not just in the business of ITS rental, but rather the business of relationships and service. We are very pleased this sign has proved so useful to New Leaf; their feedback has been very helpful in developing our solutions for the retail market.”

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