Investment in Training Pays Off as Customer Feedback Pours In

A few months ago, we covered a training session that saw one of our Operations and Customer service team members, Mizzy Watson, take part in ‘hands-on’ training out in the field with one of our delivery drivers, Jon Larkins.

In this post, we explore the necessity of this type of training to help our staff understand aspects of everyone’s roles, allowing us all to be more effective as we can understand the risks and complications that occur in that job. 

“Mizzy, who started at MVIS towards the end of 2019, works closely with MVIS customers and their requirements. Part of her role is communicating this to the delivery team, organising our delivery drivers over the phone, organising our operations in the field to ensure that units are deployed safely, in the correct location and display the correct messages as per our customers instruction. However, whilst she works with our delivery team on a regular basis, Mizzy is still fairly new to the organisation and in striving for a vertical understanding of our operations, it was decided that she should experience ‘a day in the life’ of one of our delivery drivers.”

Since this training, MVIS and Mizzy in particular, have been receiving more feedback on top of what we already considered to be a good number of positive comments. The feedback, which is due to be published to the website soon, is always a welcome email or phone call for our team. Knowing that we are delivering a service  our clients are pleased with is incredibly motivating. 

However, this feedback signifies more than just our effectiveness in a customer service setting; it also shows our vertical training model is paying off. With the particular focus on Mizzy in this recent wave of positive comments, we wish her special congratulations and thanks for being a clear asset to the company when dealing with customers. 

But it’s not just Mizzy’s work with customers that seems to be pulling in praise. Mizzy was nominated by her work colleagues back in May for June’s Employee of the Month. She was awarded this specifically for : “always being there when she is needed. Work related or not, she is always ready to listen. Helping staff during weekend cover in her own time, contributing to new ideas and owning her strengths, Mizzy is a highly valued team member who brightens up everyone’s day!”

To have such glowing feedback from her peers for her caring nature and actions during the COVID-19 lock down is something truly remarkable and really goes to show that when you equip the right people with the right training, they are given the understanding to contribute in a meaningful and impact way, helping to bring the best out in everyone.