Create an eye-catching display with a VMS

Did you know that as well as an attention-grabbing five colour LED text display, MVIS’ impressive portfolio of variable message signs (VMS) also supports pictograms, making it easier than ever to communicate your message.

The saying ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ has never been more relevant when it comes to communicating vital information, fast. From roundels with the speed limit in, to arrows directing your audience to a specific route, or well recognised road signs or signals, our range of VMS are the perfect way to get your message across.

Whether it’s a large-scale event with a heavy footfall, or a big sporting fixture or festival with high volumes of traffic, there’s no better way to keep crowds informed than by hiring a VMS from MVIS.

The non-glare LED screen ensures that no matter the weather, they are easily visible, and with satellite tracking and an SMS tamper alarm, they are more secure than ever.

They’re flexible too: VMS units can be combined with MVIS’ Solar IP units which accommodate a variety of traffic management solutions, such as CCTV, HD Radar and our ANPR Camera, all of which can be hired directly from MVIS.

The pictogram function is also a great addition for event managers, as it provides a way for them to promote their sponsors and advertisers. It’s quick and easy to input your required visuals via our innovative Web Studio™ which can be accessed via a PC or any Wi-Fi enabled Apple device. Take a look at the display our new admin assistant Tillie made for technical apprentice Kiran’s birthday.

If you would like to talk to us regarding hiring any of our traffic and event management products, please get in touch by calling 01629 580 570.