MVIS: Trusted to the extreme

When it comes to weather conditions in the UK, it’s best to ‘expect the unexpected’ and be prepared for any eventuality. Luckily MVIS’ traffic management portfolio can handle even the harshest of conditions.

Come rain or shine, the world keeps on turning and people still need to get from A-to-B – no matter what the weather. Even in the most difficult of conditions, British roads and highways still need to be in use, and more than ever, they need to make motorists aware of the dangerous conditions that they face.

Whether it’s flash flooding, snowstorms or black ice on the road, drivers face a range of challenges, which traffic authorities can communicate to them with MVIS’ hardy range of traffic management solutions.

Our solar powered variable message signs (VMS) safeguards your message, ensuring that the multi-coloured eye-catching LED screen is continually visible to motorists. And because you can instantly update the message on any given VMS screen via our innovative Web Studio™ you know you can communicate the most vital information at the touch of a button. What’s more, they’re profoundly secure too, with a satellite tracking device and SMS tamper guard, which acts as a great deterrent to would-be vandals.

MVIS’ product range can operate even in extreme temperatures. The HD Data Collection Radar is exceedingly dependable, operating in temperatures from -40°C to 74°C. This ensures you can still collect consistently accurate traffic data in high definition, with five times greater resolution than other, similar radar traffic detection devices. The state-of-the-art Vector Integrated ANPR Camera operates in temperatures from -10°C to 50°C, working automatically, auto-detecting vehicles as they pass through the field of view.

All of MVIS’ product range is highly tested, to give all our customers great peace of mind, and as a result, our customers not only trust us, they trust our products too.

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