World Environment Day: Taking Action for a Sustainable Future

This year is the 50th anniversary of World Environment Day, Led by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) since 1973.

Why Should You Celebrate World Environment Day

Celebrating World Environment Day is essential as nature is in emergency mode, every century we get closer and closer to more extreme Global Warming Conditions. if we do not halve Greenhouse Gas Emissions by halve, we will be victim of the worse global warming effects ever by 2030.

Air Pollution beyond safe guidelines will increase by over 50%, meaning we will have to implement safety guidelines when going grocery shopping or out on activities.

The amount of plastic waste in oceans will have tripled by 2040. leading into the theme of this years awareness day which is…

Solutions to Plastic Pollution

More than 400 million tonnes of plastic is in production yearly. Most of which is single use. Of this large amount on 10% is recycled.

Most of the plastics end their life in lakes, rivers and oceans. Estimated at 19-23 million tonnes, approximately the weight of the Eiffel Tower.

With plastics in lakes and rivers we not only need to think of the wildlife, but also consider Microplastics. Humans consume up to 50,000 plastic particles annually. Harming human health and pollute our beautiful natural landscapes.

How MVIS Contributes

Being ISO 14001 Certified since 2016 we have been lowering our Carbon Emissions for 8 years. We have been able to implement different ways of of ensuring our workshop is not giving off carbon emissions.

All Workshop staff have been trained to ‘reduce, re-use and recycle’ old units and repair them so there is no unnecessary waste of metals, plastics or wiring.

We also use WEEE Collections to dispose of components that have reached the end of their. Disposing of them ethically.

Read our ‘Sustainability in the Workshop’ blog to see how we stay sustainable.

How Can You Help?

  • One important yet easy conscious change you can make is being more mindful about how you dispose of your waste. Especially your plastics.
  • Taking part in litter picks with your local communities or councils also help – Clearing the floor of plastics that are potentially dangerous to humans and wildlife alike.
  • Join the #BeatPlasticPollution Movement – Meaning you can Access more information and actions you cnan carry out to contribute.
  • Sharing Environment Based Social Media Content – Sharing content to raise awareness such as UNEP’s LinkedIn or this blog.

Making more mindful decisions in your business or your day to day life will continue to help UNEP and the World Environment Day Committee lower Carbon Emissions and Plastic that people are discarding everyday. As well as monitoring how much plastic and emissions there are.

Implementing practices like MVIS has, helped us lower our emissions and continue to be a sustainable company.

MVIS Renews Constructionline Platinum!

Here at MVIS we boast about our many accreditations, and are proud to announce, after our recent audit, we have re-certified for Constructionline Platinum.

Being accredited, by companies such as BS EN ISO’s or Achilles, ensures that we know you can #TRUSTINMVIS.

But being able to show our Platinum accreditation from Constructionline ensures that our customers know we have undergone extensive checks into our quality, health & safety, environmental impact, social responsibility and adherence to legislations and regulations relevant to us.

Accreditations are our way of telling customers that we are trustworthy to work with, that when we supply you with products they will be of the highest standards.

Rubber stamp approval from the largest accreditation bodies like Achilles and Constructionline prove you can #TRUSTINMVIS.

CCTV: Securing Working Sites and Preventing Trespassing

What is the problem?

Trespassing is common on any construction or quarry site. Large sites that are unmonitored are often targets for threats as there will be no evidence of them on that site, other than word of mouth.

When being subject to trespassing, companies need preparation for these threats:

  • Damage of Company Assets – when a worksite shuts over an evening all company assets are being left unattended. Meaning they are susceptible to threats trespassing and potentially damaging assets.
  • Health and Safety of bystanders – if someone is to enter a site it is the companies responsibility to ensure they are safe. Whether it be a pedestrian, trespasser or a staff member. Injured members of the public can end in legal issue and furthermore be damaging to your company…
  • Damage to reputation – damage of a company asset effects the day to day of a company. Damage of reputation is a long lasting effect that could takes months to years to recuperate. If a bystander is injured on site, your company becomes associated with this.
What is the solution?.. CCTV

CCTV can be as simple as implementing a watchful eye over a site, while also deterring public from trespassing. The presence of a CCTV unit on site will deter most people at the thought of there being evidence against them if they pose a threat.

If the public aren’t deterred, CCTV will give you evidence to there whereabouts and what has happened. This can help in cases of proving someone has entered your site without permission. Also helping with protecting your site if a member of the public is injured while walking onto site.

All different Variations of a MVIS CCTV, five different images.

Why Choose an MVIS CCTV?

MVIS are dedicated to supplying the highest quality cameras possible and ensuring that customers are receiving the platinum level service.

Our innovation the MVIS Portable Solar Powered Site & Compound CCTV is perfect for alerting construction workers to trespassers onto their site, meaning they can then implement a safety measure against threats. Alerts are sent to the assigned person, such as security guards or site managers.

MVIS Portable Solar Powered Site & Compound CCTV in action:

Read about Compound CCTV here >

Ben Takes Product Showcase On The Road

Man in blue coat stood next to a Variable Message Sign in a Quarry

For over a decade, MVIS have been delivering portable, solar powered ITS Solutions that offer users access to proven safety products that can enhance the safety of your quarry, landfill, or construction work site.

Our solutions provide effective answers to many safety concerns in a quarry construction or work site. We offer trailer based, solar powered Intelligent Quarry Safety Solutions (IQSS) products such as portable variable message signs (VMS), portable CCTV, and data collection solutions that are secure, adaptable, and cost effective.

Introducing Ben

Ben has recently transitioned into the role of Sales and Marketing Executive. A move which reflects MVIS’ dedication to nurturing talent from within. Ben previously held a marketing role within the company, but his multifaceted skillset and exceptional people skills have proven instrumental in fostering great relationships at events throughout 2023 / 24, sufficiently so that Group CEO, Pat Musgrave, was thoroughly impressed with his sales aptitude at various events & shows, and immediately green-lighted the new role.

Having lived near MVIS Midland Hub all his life, Ben knows the area well. Knowing which Quarries in his local area need help with their traffic management and general site safety. He is more than happy to put boots to the ground and visit sites to see if they need any consultation as to where traffic management can be improved or to demonstrate what our products can do. Ben’s 2024 diary is beginning to fill up fast with enquiries from both quarry and landfill site owners, keen to speak with him and to see products showcased at their site as part of MVIS’ Platinum Level Service.

Commenting on Ben’s appointment, Pat said:

“We are thrilled to have Ben step into the position of Sales and Marketing Executive. His work here so far has been fantastic and, coupled with his interpersonal skills, we’ve now seen first-hand over the last 12 months that he’s the ideal person to be a face associated with MVIS to our ever-growing client base across the Quarrying sector. We believe that Ben’s customer-centric approach will play a pivotal role in his success in the role.”

Ben added:

“I am very excited about taking on this role and I am ready for the challenge. It has been a great three years working with MVIS and I am ready to take on this exciting role and start a new chapter whilst at this company.

“I’ve really enjoyed engaging with our client base so far, and the opportunity to showcase who we are and what we do to new people at events throughout the last 12 months has been really enjoyable. I look forward to seeing more faces on the road in the run-up to Hillhead 2024 and beyond.”

If you would like Ben & the team to visit your site for an in-depth demonstration you can contact him at or 07585 256831 for an initial consultation to better understand your needs & desires.

MVIS Renews Their FORS Bronze.

MVIS have renewed our FORS Bronze accreditation, we are proud of our many accomplishments, these are what put the Trust in #TRUSTINMVIS.

A well accredited company is a reliable one, and that is just the case for MVIS. We have now been reaccredited with our FORS Bronze. This comes with many benefits towards any company.

A list of MVIS accreditations with no background.

Our FORS Bronze Accreditation is important to alerting people that we care for the safety of our staff, and that they are trained and competent to perform their deliveries that ensure you receive our platinum level service when delivering our VMS and other units.

FORS Bronze confirms we employ good company practice and comply with the requirements laid out by the FORS Standard.

The Cost Saving Way to Revolutionise Air Quality Monitoring on the UK’s Roads

MVIS is a company known for our expertise in providing portable VMS units & ITS solutions and now, once more, we are at the forefront of innovation with the introduction of our environmental sensor. The sensor, which can be seamlessly integrated into any of our products, enables clients to monitor the external environment and gather comprehensive air pollution data.

By combining advanced technology with a strong focus on sustainability, we are bringing our own values into our product range by providing a solution that revolutionises air quality monitoring at a time when hitting key environmental targets are a hot topic for the industry.

Recognising the urgent need to address environmental issues, we have made a concerted effort to develop solutions that align with its own commitment to sustainability. The environmental sensor is a testament to this dedication, providing clients with a powerful tool to monitor air pollution and make informed decisions regarding safety and environmental impact.

Enhancing Air Quality Monitoring

The ITS Integrated Environmental Sensor can be seamlessly combined with any of our ITS solutions, enabling our clients to monitor air quality in real-time. This innovative device utilises the latest generation of electrochemical sensor technology and LoRaWAN communication to collect and record data securely onto an online dashboard. With low power

 demands, the sensor is ideal for various applications, including temporary deployments where cost-effective and high-density ambient air quality monitoring is required.

The Environmental Sensor’s adaptability offers a cost-effective alternative to static air quality monitoring stations. Its versatility of being able to integrate with our entire product range allows clients to cover more space efficiently without compromising data accuracy. Whether it’s monitoring air pollution in urban areas, construction sites, or event locations, the sensor provides a discreet and simple solution that integrates seamlessly.

The knock-on cost-saving benefit? There is no need for an additional air quality monitor unit on site.

Data and Analysis

Data collected from the Environmental Sensor is displayed in real-time on an online management dashboard. Each unit’s status is clearly presented, allowing clients to monitor multiple sensors at once. The dashboard provides easy-to-read dials for quick insights, while more detailed graphs enable clients to analyse minute-by-minute and day-by-day data trends. This granular level of data truly puts decision makers in the know when it comes to understanding air quality patterns. This in turn enables more easily being able to identify potential issues and implement measures for improved environmental management.


Speaking of the sensor, MVIS Group Commercial & Operations Director, Anne Ashman, told us:

“The highways sector is facing more and more pressure to decarbonise, and we’ve seen a huge increase in focus across the industry compared to say, 5 years ago. Sustainability has been a pillar of our business since 2012, and providing a product such as the environmental sensor is an extension of who we are and the values we hold dear.

“By making the sensor available to our customers, it means they have a cost-effective, easily integrated solution to provide the date that can aid them in meeting the targets required by our industry.”

Walking the walk, not talking the talk when it comes to quality!

We are a leading provider of intelligent transport systems, delivering innovative solutions for enhancing road safety and traffic management. One of the key factors that sets us apart from our competitors is our company’s relentless focus on quality, as evidenced by our recent reaccreditation to ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001. These accreditations demonstrate how we invest significant time and energy into making sure our management systems, environmental policy, and health and safety approach are nothing short of platinum level.

Quality is not just a buzzword but our core value that underpins every aspect of our operations. The ISO9001 accreditation is the internationally recognized standard for quality management, which focuses on customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and a process-driven approach to quality. We have demonstrated our commitment to these principles by continuously improving our processes, systems, and services to meet customer expectations and exceed industry standards.

ISO14001 is the standard for environmental management, which which we achieved by implementing an effective environmental policy, reducing waste, and minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment. By focusing on sustainability, we are not only reducing our carbon footprint but also improving our efficiency and reducing costs.

The ISO45001 accreditation is the standard for occupational health and safety management, which we have achieved by adopting a proactive approach to health and safety, identifying hazards and risks, and implementing effective controls to prevent accidents and incidents. By prioritizing the health and safety of our employees and contractors, we create a safe and secure working environment, which enhances productivity and customer confidence.

We are trusted by national highways, local authorities, and contractors alike that it is often included, providing insight and know-how into getting the job done in the most efficient manner for the road user. Our #TRUSTINMVIS mantra means no stone is left unturned when it comes to quality, and the accreditations are the rubber stamp of that attitude that’s clear for all to see.

In conclusion, our recent reaccreditation to ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001 highlights our unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability, and safety. These accreditations showcase how we invest significant time and energy into making sure its management systems, environmental policy, and health and safety approach are nothing short of platinum level, in keeping with our MVIS Platinum service promise. Our reputation for quality and expertise has made us a trusted partner for national highways, local authorities, and contractors, and the company’s focus on quality is a testament to our dedication to delivering the best possible service to our customers.

DSE in the Workplace.

The importance of working safely with DSE is imperative to all offices.

Working with display screen equipment rises many health risks, such as damage to eyes and the potential to hurt posture and be the cause of back problems.

Recently at the MVIS main office we have changed the layout of the offices to comply to DSE and keeping the staff at MVIS safe and healthy.

In the office we changed the desks, so they were all at the same height with shelves on the desk to put staff’s laptops at eye level to prevent slumping at desks, preventing potential neck injuries and adhering to the rules of DSE highlighted on their website.

There are many positive applications to changing the office, from having a fresh new feeling in the office that opens the mind to new ideas to improving worker health long-term looking after staffs posture and eyesight.

What really separates the best from the rest?

With over a decade of experience operating on the UK’s high-speed road network, we have proven our quality and capability for high-speed roadworks. Quality is an area where a business really has to practice what we preach, and we consistently step up to the plate and deliver in our field.

We practice what we preaches by way of our plethora of accreditations that displays its position as the perfect VMS and portable ITS partner for contractors operating on work sites and major schemes across the UK on our high-speed roads.

The importance of gaining such accreditations cannot be understated. In fact, these accreditations are mandatory to be able to supply products and services into the UK’s high-speed frameworks and schemes.

Holding such distinguished credentials guarantees, through independent audits that the correct practices around safety, quality and sustainability are present – crucial elements of working practice in highways. In an arena that can potentially be life-threating with subpar performance, it’s the investment in quality, reflected in industry recognised accreditations that separates the best from the rest.

Here, we take a look at some of the key marks of quality that we hold, meaning our customers can fully #TRUSTINMVIS when it comes to safety, quality, and sustainable practice.

ISO 9001: Quality Management

ISO 9001 is a globally recognised standard for quality management. It sets out the requirements for a quality management system that helps businesses to consistently deliver products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. We have achieved ISO 9001 certification, demonstrating its commitment to delivering high-quality services to its customers.

ISO 14001: Environmental Management

ISO 14001 is a standard for environmental management. It sets out the requirements for an environmental management system that helps businesses to minimise their environmental impact and comply with relevant environmental regulations. We have achieved ISO 14001 certification, demonstrating its commitment to minimising its environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices.

ISO 45001: Health & Safety Management

ISO 45001 is a standard for health and safety management. It sets out the requirements for a health and safety management system that helps businesses to provide safe and healthy workplaces and prevent work-related injuries and illnesses. We have achieved ISO 45001 certification, demonstrating its commitment to providing a safe and healthy workplace for its employees and contractors.


The Achilles audit is an independent assessment of a company’s health, safety, environmental, and quality (HSEQ) performance. Achilles audits are used by many large organisations to assess the HSEQ performance of their suppliers. We have undergone Achilles audit and has been deemed compliant with the requirements.


Achilles and SSIP share a dedication to promoting health and safety for construction workers, as well as reducing unnecessary cost and confusion in supply chain assurance. Alongside PAS91, the SSIP accreditation puts Achilles’ supply chain solutions at the forefront of standards in the UK construction industry.

Constructionline Platinum

Constructionline is a UK-based certification scheme for construction-related businesses. Constructionline Platinum is the highest level of certification awarded by Constructionline, indicating that a business has undergone rigorous checks to demonstrate its financial stability, technical competence, and adherence to relevant legislation and regulations. We have achieved Constructionline Platinum certification, demonstrating its competence and professionalism in the construction industry.

Rubber stamped…

We have demonstrated our commitment to providing high-quality services, minimising our environmental impact, providing a safe and healthy workplace, and adhering to relevant legislation and regulations. For customers looking for a reliable and professional ITS provider for high-speed roadworks, We are a trusted and accredited partner.

MVIS Group Commercial & Operations Director Anne Ashman told us:

“Our high-speed credentials are extensive and beyond our accreditations. This means we’ve garnered a reputation as being a trusted supplier nationally, which fits rather well with our #TRUSTINMVIS ethos.

“Having built a level of trust over the last decade, we’ll continue to invest in improvement and take a great deal of pride in the accreditations and credentials we’ve achieved in order to showcase that we’re trusted, dependable experts when it comes to high-speed environments.”

Sustainability in our Workshop.

MVIS quality products are all manufactured in-house at our workshop in Matlock.  As with any company these days we are always looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint improving our effect on the environment.

As founding members of the Greener Highways initiative, we at MVIS, being ISO 14001 certified since 2016, are always looking at ways to continually reduce our carbon emissions further. Looking at our workshop and products we have produced for our hire fleet and how our competent team ensure that we keep our carbon footprint as low as possible when manufacturing our products.

We even have gone as far as to test our own workshop using MVIS’ Environmental Sensor and was shocked to see the results in the workshop around our soldering station, improving our ventilation system to remove most of the gases when fixing LED’s and controllers.

The process of any new product starts with our purchasing department and the products we order into our company.  Even at the start of the process we begin to investigate how we can lower our carbon footprint by ordering from local suppliers, reducing the emissions from the delivery vehicles by the journey been much shorter, even walking to some of our suppliers who are within easy reach and on our doorstep, to fetch smaller components. 

To be able to help “Reduce, Re-use and Recycle” all workshop staff have been trained on how to repair parts of the VMS such as the LED boards or important components such as the controllers we use in our Overhead Service Units. Repairing controllers and LEDs in-house means we can have more control over waste and how it is disposed of correctly.

When we upgrade our solar panels to more efficient ones, we sell our old panels to the local public to help light garages or sheds, reducing our waste and reducing the use of fossil fuels in local homes.  We also strive to use off-cuts of wire that have been left by collecting and saving in our wire off-cut bins and using when there is a small amount needed, reducing the waste of the raw material.

If we have to dispose of components at the end of their life, we are aware of where these old components go to with the use of WEEE collections.  WEEE disposal focuses on the act of taking our electrical equipment and disposing of them in the most ethical and environmentally friendly way. This also applies to our old empty aerosol cannisters. We put them in a designated bin that then gets removed when the bin is full, choosing the safer way to dispose of old dangerous aerosol cans that run the risk of braking and releasing toxins if disposed of improperly.

Waste and spills from oil and gas contain hydrocarbons, heavy metals, radioactive material, salts, and toxic chemicals, all of which have the potential to damage soils and vegetation directly, and eventually groundwater. Because of this MVIS uses oil collection trays during servicing of trailers and spill kits to clean up any spillages that may happen in the workshop.  Part of our environmental planning was also finding where drainage underneath our depot leads to and if we were to allow oil spillages to get into the drains, we would be aware of the impact it would have on local water ways.

Putting our water compressors and other chemicals into drip trays is a practice we have put into effect. We know that no chemicals are going to flow into drains by accident, we know this because drip trays catch the potential leaking chemicals. We eradicate as far as is practicable, any chance that we might pollute the environment around us.

These are a few ways in which we take the time and effort to keep the environment safe. It is simple practices like drip trays or using less paper that will help us to lower the carbon footprint of our company. We have always prided ourselves on the fact that our products are solar powered or the many ways in which we as a company have worked incredibly hard to make our company environmentally safe. Although we know that we have a fair way to go to reach our target of being carbon natural by 2030, we are proud to say we are taking the right steps. 

High Speed Work Zone Messaging

Over the years, MVIS have cultivated a solid reputation in the industry for service, reliability and quality of products. Whilst working traditionally in traffic management applications, our technology can be applied to accomplish a wide range of goals in a work zone, from helping to reduce site vehicle speeds, to managing the working environment to keep people safe, our portable solar powered units offer solutions that could underpin the future of work zone communication.


With a 5-colour LED display for text or pictograms, the solar powered VMS-A and the larger VMS-C are ideal solutions for communicating important messages.

Whilst these units are a popular solution for traffic management, our portable variable message sign (VMS) are also used in an incredibly wide range of applications and markets. For work zones, these signs are not only great for general messaging needs, but they are also ideal to help with many issues that could be present on-site.

For example, a common issue seen on some work sites is speeding vehicles. Vehicles travelling faster than the set speed limit is exceptionally dangerous considering the risks involved in such an environment.

Using our VMS-A or VMS-C, you can help control site speed with a 2-pronged approach. Not only can our signs be used to display a speed roundel to remind drivers of the speed limit, but with their integrated speed activation sensor, the signs can also display a ‘SLOW DOWN’ message or something similar that is triggered by a driver exceeding the speed limit.


The VMS-A and C could even be used to track and measure success on this. All units contain a data collection radar that collects traffic flow data on trends in speed, time and date. Using this data, site managers can track speed trends, identify if and where there is a problem, and therefore take further steps to negate these issues. 

For road, highways or utilities construction, our Journey Time Solution that can also be enabled on the VMS-A or VMS-C means road users can be kept up to date with delays and/or updates, helping to manage driver’s expectations and calm traffic around the construction zone. 

There are few construction sites that wouldn’t benefit from increased surveillance. As the industry works hard to consistently improve standards of health and safety, increased surveillance is a potential route to help influence behaviour, monitor incidents and increase accountability in any work zone.

One of our latest innovations sees a CCTV camera integrated with a VMS-A, which offers a special surveillance / feedback solution that can be used to influence behaviour and communicate with drivers, pedestrians and workers, helping keep everyone confident in the knowledge that their actions are being monitored to ensure safety and the adherence to best practice.

There is also the obvious security benefits of having a portable CCTV VMS on-site. Thieves who may be looking to target contraction sites will likely think twice before trespassing after seeing such a visible warning that they are on CCTV. The portability of these units also offers site managers the option to have the sign relocated for increased security, preventing thieves from planning too much ahead of time.

HD Compact VMS

Traditionally used to communicate to drivers and pedestrians in urban areas, the solar powered HD Compact VMS is our smallest portable VMS unit and is ideal for construction sites where space is limited.

The HD Compact offers a highly portable and easy to update solution for managing the movement and behaviour of pedestrians and on-site employees.

The bright, red and white LED display boasts a 20mm pixel pitch and makes an impact anywhere. For construction sites, the smaller 2-colour HD Compact is a perfect choice for recording works traffic speed and volume, displaying text, pictograms and animated messages, just like the VMS-A and VMS-C.

Hidden cabling means this unit is secure from vandalism or accidental damage and also benefits from the data collection radar that is integrated in all of our signs.

In recent years, the HD Compact has been developed to better serve construction sites too, giving rise to the Overhead Service Unit.

The Overhead Service Unit is positioned in advance of overhead structures and services where work is being carried out. The unit was developed to further enhance site safety for the workforce by using editable text or pictograms to warn in advance of overhead obstructions.

Overhead Service Unit

Web Studio / BartcoLive App

All of our portable VMS units can be updated and monitored using a browser or mobile device.

Using Web Studio on browser or the BartcoLive App on a smartphone or mobile device, clients can display text, pictograms or recreate all sorts of images such as logos on our VMS-A, VMS-C and HD Compact.

Works Egress Safety Solution

The Works Egress Safety Solutions combines the messaging power of the HD Compact and the VMS C (or a VMS A if the application demands) into one solution that ensures that drivers are notified when works traffic is exiting a work zone on to the main carriageway.

An HD Compact VMS unit is located at the beginning of the acceleration zone within the works area. An integrated sensor in the HD Compact is triggered by the approaching works vehicle, presenting a message that instructs the driver to ‘MERGE WHEN SAFE’ or similar.

It also triggers a VMS A or VMS C to display a message to road users to alert them of works traffic joining the carriageway.

This sign is deployed before the works egress, facing the carriageway so that drivers have warning that a works vehicle is merging. Site managers can even add more information such as ‘WORKS TRAFFIC MERGING 200YDS’, for example.

When there is no works traffic merging, after a set time, both signs revert to a blank display, maximising reliability by saving battery life.

If you would like to learn more about how our products can benefit your work zone, please contact us via our contact form. Alternatively, you can call us on 01629 580 570 to speak to one of our friendly team, or you can email us via

Portable CCTV Brings Benefits to the Security Industry

Surveillance is a growing and important aspect of keeping society safe, with a wide range of applications from monitoring construction zones to influencing behaviour or enforcing laws. One of the best avenues for surveillance is CCTV, which has been an integral part of the security industry for a long time, offering a cheaper, safer and more efficient solution than having a physical presence.

For many, CCTV is proven to be a reliable solution. However, there are many applications within this industry where fixed CCTV is not a viable solution. For temporary or roaming security projects, a fixed CCTV system could end up being highly expensive or impractical.

MVIS supply portable CCTV solutions that are ideal for such applications, offering superior products in many ways to fixed iterations.

Compact Portable CCTV

The Compact CCTV integrates wire-free CCTV with our solar powered Compact Base, offering increased portability and a reduced footprint compared to other solutions.

This outdoor surveillance camera boasts an ultra-wide viewing angle of 355° pan & 140° tilt and connects through Vodafone 4G. Offering 1080p HD at 15 frames per second and a 6x Digital Zoom, this camera performs well for a range of applications, made even more impressive by the 10m Night Vision range.

Its PIR (passive infrared) detection distance is up to 10m too and when combined with the 90° Horizontal PIR detecting angle, this camera is a highly capable solution for security, monitoring work zones and anything else that requires an outdoor HD camera.

This unit is especially useful for projects where space is limited, as the full-sized Solar IP can often have a footprint too large for urban work sites, limiting its use in such projects. The Compact CCTV has been developed to address this limitation, allowing site managers to still have eyes on the ground even when there is limited space.


Our Portable CCTV VMS Solution discreetly integrates an IP65 HD CCTV camera with our VMS-A, allowing you to have eyes on the ground without having to be physically present on-site, creating a surveillance and feedback solution that can be used to monitor and respond to situations quickly.

As a tried and tested traffic / crowd control solution, the original 5-colour Bartco portable VMS are often used by councils, retail, events management and many other industries to communicate vital information and safety messages all over the UK.

Featuring a 5-colour LED display for text or pictograms, the VMS-A is versatile and requires no external power source.

Messages can be updated remotely by your team or ours, via a web-based portal that can publish changes in seconds, allowing you to respond to the situation as it changes.

Integrating CCTV with our VMS allows you to monitor and record situations without having a member of staff physically there. The visible presence of CCTV is well known to influence behaviour and help enforce rules, allowing the combined use of these units to offer an effective information, surveillance and feedback solution.

Fitted with a VSIM from Vodafone as standard or compatible with any UK SIM card (purchased separately), users can connect to the camera using a smartphone or the Windows & Mac client.

Low Light CCTV

Our Portable Low Light CCTV has brought a new level of CCTV quality to portable applications. This product was made possible by the combination of The Invictus HD camera from 360 Vision with our Solar IP.

Producing an incredibly clear picture and performing excellently in low light conditions, this camera is low in power demands but still offers an HD image.

The Invictus HD camera itself offers a fully ruggedized housing, with exceptional build quality. The toughened optical glass window features a wiper and its Pan & Tilt gearbox is ultra-reliable and resilient. The defining feature, however, could be argued to be its integrated high-performance IR lights with intelligent control, which enables its powerful performance in low light conditions.

As a result of the low power demands of this unit, it is able to perform to extended run times, filling a strong market requirement for a CCTV product that is also portable, solar powered and has a much clearer image than seen in previous solutions on the market.

This unit is ideal for locations where night-time street lighting may be lacking, which could represent a potential serious risk for pedestrians. It is also ideal to help monitor events that take place in the dark or at night time, such as live performances.

All these solutions offer online monitoring platforms that allow users to monitor things in real time, helping them to stay responsive to situations as they occur. They are also able to record, equipping users with video evidence of incidents which is highly important to the security industry.

For more information about our Compact CCTV, CCTV VMS, or Low Light CCTV and how they can be applied to other applications in the security industry, please contact us via our contact form.

Alternatively, you can email us via