The Cost Saving Way to Revolutionise Air Quality Monitoring on the UK’s Roads

MVIS is a company known for our expertise in providing portable VMS units & ITS solutions and now, once more, we are at the forefront of innovation with the introduction of our environmental sensor. The sensor, which can be seamlessly integrated into any of our products, enables clients to monitor the external environment and gather comprehensive air pollution data.

By combining advanced technology with a strong focus on sustainability, we are bringing our own values into our product range by providing a solution that revolutionises air quality monitoring at a time when hitting key environmental targets are a hot topic for the industry.

Recognising the urgent need to address environmental issues, we have made a concerted effort to develop solutions that align with its own commitment to sustainability. The environmental sensor is a testament to this dedication, providing clients with a powerful tool to monitor air pollution and make informed decisions regarding safety and environmental impact.

Enhancing Air Quality Monitoring

The ITS Integrated Environmental Sensor can be seamlessly combined with any of our ITS solutions, enabling our clients to monitor air quality in real-time. This innovative device utilises the latest generation of electrochemical sensor technology and LoRaWAN communication to collect and record data securely onto an online dashboard. With low power

 demands, the sensor is ideal for various applications, including temporary deployments where cost-effective and high-density ambient air quality monitoring is required.

The Environmental Sensor’s adaptability offers a cost-effective alternative to static air quality monitoring stations. Its versatility of being able to integrate with our entire product range allows clients to cover more space efficiently without compromising data accuracy. Whether it’s monitoring air pollution in urban areas, construction sites, or event locations, the sensor provides a discreet and simple solution that integrates seamlessly.

The knock-on cost-saving benefit? There is no need for an additional air quality monitor unit on site.

Data and Analysis

Data collected from the Environmental Sensor is displayed in real-time on an online management dashboard. Each unit’s status is clearly presented, allowing clients to monitor multiple sensors at once. The dashboard provides easy-to-read dials for quick insights, while more detailed graphs enable clients to analyse minute-by-minute and day-by-day data trends. This granular level of data truly puts decision makers in the know when it comes to understanding air quality patterns. This in turn enables more easily being able to identify potential issues and implement measures for improved environmental management.


Speaking of the sensor, MVIS Group Commercial & Operations Director, Anne Ashman, told us:

“The highways sector is facing more and more pressure to decarbonise, and we’ve seen a huge increase in focus across the industry compared to say, 5 years ago. Sustainability has been a pillar of our business since 2012, and providing a product such as the environmental sensor is an extension of who we are and the values we hold dear.

“By making the sensor available to our customers, it means they have a cost-effective, easily integrated solution to provide the date that can aid them in meeting the targets required by our industry.”